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Offensive breakdown

One00 MCristobal LSPT GDCWith only a few days before the start of training camp things are really starting to heat up at FIU. 

Coach Mario Cristobal and new coordinators Scott Satterfield (offense) and Geoff Colllins (defense) are in the final stages of preparation for the start of training camp on Sunday (Aug. 8).  

 As many of the readers of GPP know, last season the Panthers finished with a 3-9 record that was good for seventh place in the Sun Belt Conference. The team slid from a possible bowl berth in 2008 to a mediocre 2009 campaign that showed the program still needs a lot of work if they hope to win a SBC title.

  Here are some of my thoughts on what are some of the big issues the FIU coaching staff will need to address early in camp.

Concerns for 2010

Last season, statistically, FIU really struggled on both sides of the ball.  

2009 Offensive Statistics

Scoring: 22.9 points per game (6th in Sun Belt)

Rushing Yards/Game: 105 (last in Sun Belt, 107th in Nation)

Passing Yards/Game: 216 (6th in Sun Belt)

Total Yards/Game: 321 (last in Sun Belt)

2009 Defensive Statistics

Scoring: 35.3 points per game (7th in Sun Belt, 111 in the Nation)

Rushing Yards/Game: 232 (8th in Sun Belt, 116th in Nation)

Passing Yards/Game: 258 (8th in Sun Belt, 108th in Nation)

Total Yards/Game: 491 (9th in Sun Belt, 119th in Nation)

The program seems to have addressed concerns by bringing in two new coordinators to help Cristobal.  Offense coordinator Scott Satterfield, former passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach from Toledo, helped the Rockets to a 5-7 record in 2009. Offensively, Toledo was ranked 19th in the nation in passing yards and Satterfield 03 Fuifoot MHS PAB13th in the nation in total yards per game, so you know guy was doing his job. It is still to early to tell what changes Satterfield will make to the FIU offense. We probably will not know what tricks he has up his sleeves till early in the season.

2009 Toledo Offensive Statistics

Scoring: 29.7 points per game (2nd in MAC, 108th in Nation)

Rushing Yards/Game: 159 (5th in MAC)

Passing Yards/Game: 278 (2nd in MAC, 19th in Nation)

Total Yards/Game: 437 (1st in MAC, 13th in Nation)  

Offensive players to watch (6 returning starters)

TY11 FIUFOOT SPTS JWR WR: The Panthers return with a solid group of receivers anchored by FIU favorite T.Y. Hilton and Greg Ellingson. We all know Hilton is a special player but how special will he be this year? In 2009, Hilton was bothered with an injured knee for much of the season. A big key for Satterfeld will be turning Hilton into the electric player we all fell in love with in 2008. Also, look out for freshman Willis Wright (Miami Springs). I spoke to Wright before the start of the 2009 high school season and he is a big boy.

QB: Still unclear who will be named the starter but coach Cristobal said last week it will be decided before the end of training camp. THIS COULD BE THE SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE FOR THE OFFENSE. Both QBs Wayne Younger and Wesley Carroll have done well during the summer.

RB: Who will start the season at running back, Darriet Perry or someone else? FIU was one of the worst rushing  teams in the country last season.

JUSTIN - Part 2 (defense) tomorrow

ALSO the website Bleacher Report has a pretty good article that ranks the QBs in the SBC. They seem to like Carroll over Younger. Read here

Response to comments 

@panther viscosity Commits so far - TE Ya'Keem Griner (Bradford), WR Clinton Taylor (Northwestern), OLB Demetrius Allen (Northwestern), S Luis Rosado (Gainsville), QB Rakeem Cato (Miami Springs), OLB Lyndon Edwards (Northwestern).

QB Cato could have big passing season. Any of the Northwestern guys can break out. 


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Good job Justin.

@Panther97 Thanks

Finally some good information.

Let me say, from watching Wayne Younger play for years I find it disturbing that he is tied with Carroll for the starting job.

Isn't Carroll supposed to be some SEC bad@s$. I can tell you right now that Wayne Younger isn't an SEC badass.

Anyone else nervous?

Carroll was considered a decent but not great qb at miss state, just because he was from the sec doesn't necessarily mean he's better. Although the coach at Miss state Croom was known for developing Qb's poorly and having a crappy offensive system that was hard to learn.

I will agree with you fpl it does make me nervous younger and carroll are so close because younger is always good in practice but for some reason doesn't perform too well in games. It's probably mostly mental given that he has the talent to play Qb.

Either way if neither one perform well I would guess that medlock might get a shot if he's a fast learner.

Check out the link I posted at the bottom of the blog. BR breaks down Carroll a little more.

I wanna add more thing even though carroll may not be the greatest QB he usually finds a way to get touchdowns and win the game(younger being the opposite), as evidenced by his freshman season at miss state.

whats the news on the commits for 2011? any new ones? which ones do you think will be highly rated by the end of their senior season?

Carrol beat Alabama at Alabama and last year lit up our first team defense in practice while on scout team duties! I think this "battle" is just to bring out the best in both qb's unlike last year when younger seemed out of it during the season because he knew he was the backup.

Correction he beat bama at home... Still impressive to see the teams he beat as a frosh http://www.mstateathletics.com/SportSelect.dbml?SPSID=90890&SPID=10997&DB_OEM_ID=16800&Q_SEASON=2007
As a sophmore miss state changed coachig staff and he fell out of favor

alabama was 7-6 that year and loss to louisiana monroe, its an accomplishment but its not like he beat the same kinda team that fiu played last year.

auburn, and kentucky were the most impressive wins. Kentucky being the most impressive offensively for carroll.

Way better Justin. I was kidding about not picking my question. I realize many questions for MC. I agree with Chia though, coach is good guy and easy to approach.

Glad you'll have more on defensive coordinator.

As for this blog, Hilton should be a beast this year. Running game will improve because O-line should be better. This is most talented team FIU has ever had. Like I've said before, We can go At Least 6-6. No more excuses.

Nice read. Thanks Justin.

One more thing, Carroll needs to start next year. I find it hard to believe starter and Wayne Younger in the same sentence.

Good stuff Justin. On my personal behalf, welcome to the Golden Panther Blog that Pete built. Thanks for the info and work, as it is always appreciated.

BTW, FIU has another "known" commitment in Clay HS (Green Cove Springs, Fla) RB Shane Coleman, as per rivals.

We'll consider that your first real blog and give it a thumbs up.

Great stuff. finally. thank you


This effort passes the sniff test. Good stuff. Keep up the good work...ap

Justin, pushing your intro and and yesterdays pointless post, I will also consider this your first real blog.
And a fine first effort.. congrats!

It shows that you're putting in the effort to read up on your subject matter. Pete was so close to the program that he shared his personal thoughts.... so through this blog we bonded with him.. hope you can take it to that level.
Below is WY fiu career... and I must say that only to this head coach is Younger still in the running. If WC cant beat this than we've wasted a.other scholly.

FIU FOOTBALL HISTORY: WY:................. '06 scout team, '07 Starter 9TD-17 INTs (forget record), '08 back up (our best season), '09 back up with 4 INTs, 1 rushing TD.....

Sorry Justin but your reporting wasn't much. In fact, I was completely dumbfounded that your running back breakdown was Darriet Perry and no metnion of #6 Jerimiah Harden, Syracuse Transfer and Wesley Carrols old teamate at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Come on brother...we need more than that!

Good job Justin. Can't wait for the info on the Defense

it was a good start to a tough summer for FIU fans. however i somewhat agree w/ FIUpikes in that most of the players mentioned were some that we already knew.. (although i do like that he mentioned Willis "man child" Wright for the wr) Justin in the Defense see if you can pick out a name that may suprise us... (although if Darriet Perry wins the starting job i think we all would be suprised at this point) also see if while at camp you can tell us the OL and DL battles shaping up.. cause if either struggle it looks like another poor season for FIU. hope my 2 cents help

lol Pike, this was a solid initial contribution man give him some time, let him grow.

I'm sure the Herald isn't approving much as far as travel reimbursements are concerned, so his only real resource for now is most probably the internets. This compared to Manny, Dan, Susan, and the rest of the Herald staff who are probably chauffeured to the University of Coral Gables campus in stretch Hummer limos stocked with top shelf sauce to conduct their research.

LMAO !!!

You people are killing me. Listing stats and national ranks. We already knew this...Where is the thought and analysis ???????

This passes the sniff test ? C'mon folks that guy on fiugoldenpanthers.com brings it with those position previews and analysis.

Sorry Justin that I expect more, but I realize you're probably locked out and not "in the know" - got show the folks at FIU and MC something special before you get that access to write up decent updates.

The QB situation can be a good thing. If Younger is actually a little more accurate this season we can use him as a "WildPanther" formation very effectively. Then have Carrol can be the main QB. As for RB I think its a two man race with Perry, and Harden (with Harden being the front runner by an inch).. Like EVERYONE has already mentioned its all about the 5 big guys playing OL.. We can have Montana and Rice and it won't mean anything without those 5 guys.. I also think TE will be a big improvement with 4guys competing for playing time..

Overall Offense ranks Top 50 in the Nation
Overall Defense ranks Top 75 in the Nation

Nothing to brag but an improvement..


This is what FIU Football is becoming. This kid is very mature for a sophomore and will be a leader on this team. Wants nothing more than to stomp and dominant whatever is in front of him...Great addition to the O-line by this staff !!


The story and article has been posted at news.fiu.edu as well.

Thanks for the article Justin, hope to read more in the near future.

No one ever mentions Shrippa when you talk about Qb's because he's a walk-on. He has a stronger arm than Wes and Wayne , is a better Athlete than either one, can run throw but does'nt have Wes' experience. I think they hide him because they may have to give him a scholly if he performs. Watch the practices
& see for yourself...

At this point if WC can't beat out WY, than maybe the Kicker can QB... Wait, didn't Wayne Times QB Northwestern for 6 games after Harris Graduated....
I don't care who it is.... WC, Shrippa, Medlock... or the guy at Coral Park HS...

I know it sounds bad and I'm not picking on the guy... really...but WY is a good change of pace guy but def. not an every snap starter! If you want a complete option QB might as well give WT a shot at it...

chiaPanther, I agree with you about WY.They have to talk up WY because he's a senior.The plan is to go with WC who has the SEC experience that they brought back from Mississippi. They won't let anyone beat him out
unless he does'nt do the job..

I agree with Danny Ryan. That kid Shirripa is real good. The kid has a chip on his shoulder and is real scrappy. If they give him a shot, watch out. Like DR says, look for him at practice. I think he wears #10. Everytime is see him he is making plays. Reminds me of Grothe from USF.

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