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Q&A with Coach Cristobal

Hey everyone, greetings from Los Angeles. I've been out of town since CORRECTION-Hidden-Hollywood

Thursday checking out the west coast. I'll be back on the FIU grind Wednesday morning. 

On the last post, a reader asked about a live chat with coach Cristobal. I am still trying to work out an opportunity to have him on GPP. In the meantime, I'm going to sendOne00 MCristobal LSPT GDC him a FEW readers questions.

Post your questions in the comment section and I'll pick five good ones. The first day of practice is only a few days way so get ready.



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Ask him what he thinks about the Herald's bias towards UM.

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

wait that will probably be a better question for B!tchley to answer

How does you feel about starting the season with a bye week followed by four BCS teams? Are there plans to change that next year?

Point for you Justin. At least you put name below sentences you wrote. Let us know you're not the weasel. So you're just going to send him the questions? There is no guarantee that he would even answer it.

I got question. What kind of improvements should FIU fans see on defense with new defensive coordinator? Thanks , if you pick my question or if you even get him to answer it.

As for Gooch's questions in previous blog. I expect Aaron Davis to lead defense and take it to another level. Crowd for opener will be 18k, Rutgers has strong alumni base in South Florida. Think it will be 12k FIU, and 5-6k Rutgers.


I know Davis not breakthrough player but I'm expecting him to be a monster on defense. I'll throw a name at you guys as breakthrough player...DB Emmanuel Sourrin will step up this year. He has two years under his belt and will make plays being nickel cb. You heard it here first!

Can you guys tell I'm in football mode?!

1) Will we see an improvement to the O and D line? If so, what has changed since last year to give you that impression.
2) What does he think about the herald bias in favor of UM.
3) Can he please roll the dice a little more this year and call a few more trick plays that could result in swinging the momentum pendulum in our favor.
4) What ever happened to the panther walk before the games? Is that still going on?
5) What has been some of the reactions of the recruits when you show them our new facilities? Any big targets impressed?

Which incoming freshman have the best chance of becoming starters?

Just scheduling him will be an acomplishment for the new post-Pete-GPP?
He was on Univision (spanish TV) two days ago, so that tells you the conspiracy that no other news outlet is bringing him on to ask questions or just promote FIU.
But, he is relentless!! I take back some of my hard criticism towards you MC. It's very clear that you are fighting and uphill battle with one hand tied behind your back!!
I heard while doing his cameo on UNIVISION, that he talked about Wayne Younger's improvement... and knowledge of the Spread offence.... this is scary....
SO my question is:
FIU has ran spread as far back as I can remember and WY has had poor statistical season, what makes him think that WY is better prepared to run this new version of the Spread Offence over WC? Also considering that WC was with the team all last season learning the previous Spread?

This sucks. No coverage in weeks from anyone and then a vacation update.


Guy, no OFFENSE...but OFFENCE is not correct. It's spelled "offense" even in sports.

Had to point it out, you are representing the FIU community, don't mean to be the grammar and spelling police, but seriously. Thanks.

Do you realize that your "promises" to make FIU a power have failed and you should be ousted?

What is FIU doing to get support from alumni and students and fill up the stadium?

Is Adam Beasley in hiding?

What do you thing think about Adam Beasley bashing FIU Sports? Should the Miami Herald fire him?

Yeah right Q&A with Cristobal. Five questions??? what an awsome interview. I bet it takes you 10-14 days to get something posted. This blog is horrible....

Well in this case it's only grammar. And as i do all my blogging off my HTC hero.... I'm ok with it....
And in FIU's defense (lol), I did not acheive an A in enc 101..

Definitely ask him about the Herald's bias against FIU. I would say that's the most suggested question on here.

Also, http://www.fiusports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=11700&ATCLID=204972564

You missed a great opportunity for a great article that was suggested on this blog numerous times in the last few weeks. FIU now officially does a better job of reporting FIU news than the Herald. Kudos to fiusports.com for picking up the slack!

Coach, how involved are you in the play calling? Can we expect to have the offensive numbers that Toledo put up? How come you dont like section 112?

ask him, to give me an unhearlded player that we should know by the end of training camp/ game 1 vs. rutgers

Coach, will you allow a true competition to play out ? Meaning the best players will play
regardless of their status (freshman, soph, etc.)or will politics win out ?

I like the question about the bias Herald as well..

FIUsports did a great job with the info that was posted about the baseball players. Nice little update on those guys.

Is it just me or what... Its so damn hot in the early afternoon, I just hope Cristobal has the team practice early in the morning instead of the middle of the day. Another great idea would be to get a big team scrimmage under the lights and open it to the public. Even if 500people show up that's great.. I can't imagine anyone going out there at 1pm to watch guys practice. It seems they never practice under the lights. I realize it cost millions just to turn on the damn lights but maybe once or twice before the season opener.

Go Golden Panthers!


1.) Coach, what is your opinion on UHerald's garbage excuses regarding UM bias?

2.) Coach, do you think Justin's two post so far deserved Pulitzer prices??? CUZ I DO!!

3.) Coach, if Pete was blamed for being "too close" to FIU, did they fire Manny when he wrote "his heart was" with UM while covering an FIU game? Hmmmm.... I goes that's not too close huh, Coach?

That is all Coach. Thanks

Cry me a river over here people ... they should have the violin playing in the background at this blog.

FIU FPL -- the Mandingo does an excellent job at the Hurricane Blog, can you at least admit that?

On a serious note -- who thinks $40 for football season tix are much too expensive? Have you seen some of these home opponents? you've got to be kidding me ...

Is Adam busy covering the World Cup? Because that ended a month ago. Or covering the Miami Fusion, because they don't exist just like the Heralds coverage of FIU.

Hey Yo! Considering your school gets all the coverage needed and some, I can see where you dont understand why people are voicing themselves like this. Have a little consideration.

Hey Yo! Pete got fired for doing 'an excellent job'. See the bias here?

Beasley is doing what I'm sure he was told, which is the exact opposite of what Pete did (an excellent job).

I really hope that we get some good coverage of Football camp that starts on friday!!! We didn't get any coverage of spring training....:(( I hope things shape up soon! This is ridiculous...I live up near Gainesville and thats all u read up here in the Gainesville sun about the GATORS ..... GO FIU!! #86

"i mean Sunday"

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