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Questions sent

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to suggest a question for coach Cristobal. I added a few more  than the five I had said in the last post. You can read the ones I sent below.

After a long and hot Miami summer I know FIU fans are itching to talk some football. Check back later tonight for my take on FIU's chances in the Sun Belt this season.


Q. There have been a lot of complaints against The Miami Herald by FIU fans for what they describe as  "a bias towards UM." As someone who went to UM and is now the head coach for FIU, how do you feel about the charges FIU fans are making against the Herald?

Q.  What have been some of the struggles of trying to turn FIU into a school known for football?

Q. What incoming freshmen has the best chance to start this year?

Q. How do you feel about starting the season with a bye week followed by four BCS teams? Are there plans to change that next year?

Q. How do you decide who will be your new QB after losing Paul McCall?

Q. What are you expecting from your offense?

Q. What happened to the panther walk before the games? Is that still going on?

Q. What have been some of the reactions of the recruits when you show them our new facilities? Any big targets impressed?

Q. In five games last season FIU was able to score over 30 points but struggled on defense. What are some changes fans can expect?

Q. What are some of the injuries to players you are having to deal with before training camp starts?

Response to comments 

@FIUJM I'll talk about the new coordinators in a few days.



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nice....now lets get someone there on the field next week to report how the team is doing in camp and get some info on the players!!!! we need some football reporting please! thanks go FIU #86

and hopefully we can get some pictures of the team/practice!!!!!!!!!

Ok. I get it, you don't know squat on FIU FOOTBALL. Thats fine neither does our 120k alumni or 30k of 40k enrolled students...
Dude just get our questions and call MC... He's approachable and eager to get publicity.... Again he just did Univision at night, so I'm sure within reason he'll be delighted to get correspondance with the local paper....
Just get it done already....whats the point of this blog?

Justin, I had a good question about defense? There is new coordinator and Galiano is out...not cool!!!


i think some people are sick of the amount of complaining going on about Justin "not knowing squat" about FIU football, and his facebook says he's a UM fan and blah blah blah. I am one of those FIU fans that will miss Pete, for he was with us on the blog since the beginning, but give Justin a break. This is starting to get ridiculous with the amount of comments towards him, let him be!

im going to second that... its nice to see justin is making an effort to get us information. i imagine "the point" of this blog was to keep the complainers at bay while waiting for a response from MC.

Hey Justin,

Can you tell Ron Weasely to take a break from his quidditch matches and write a darn article already. It's been 13 days since "Rumors swirl around FIU's Isiah Thomas" and still counting...

What kind of reporting is this?

These aren't complaints against Justin. These are complaints against UHerald and all their lies, deceptions and biases.

Sometimes it isn't easy for us fans to forget that this news paper makes an effort every day to hold back our school.

That is the sickening part... not the complaints.

Everyone just leave Justin alone already. The dude is trying his best and will get better at it once he learns a bit more about our school. I agree there is a bit of a bias toward UM at the Herald but come on....they have 5 National Championships and were the only winning sports team in town for many, Many years. We need to start winning football games and everything else will take care of itself. My $.02. Go Panthers!!!

There is bias...and it comes from the top of the Herald on down. However, I agree with the notion that Justin is new to covering FIU, and should be treated with respect and given a break.

Personally, I wish to get more and good information on my Golden Panthers, and in a fair way, without emphasizing the "darker" (critical viewpoint) side, as Beasley implied the newspaper business should do in his interview with Joel.

The Bad part is that Mario won't and can't answer a bunch of these questions.

Rumors swirll around Adam Beasley!!!

by the way, anyone know when practices are open to the public this week as no where in the herald can you find such information......shocking!!

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