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Scrimmage report #2

Hey everyone, bright and earlier at FIU for the last day of fall camp and it was hot. The guys started at their usually 8 a.m. with some stretching. After individual drills, the team moved to 7 on 7s for a few plays.

7 on 7s

Wesley10 FIUfoot MHS TMC A few plays worth mentioning. LB Kenneth Dillard intercepted Wesley Carroll (left) on the line of scrimmage and rumbled forward for a gain. Carroll complete a few short passes. Carroll also had a long pass attempt, but was almost intercepted when he threw into double coverage.

Scrimmage notes

I was allowed to watch the first 25 plays of the scrimmage or so plays before practice was closed to the media.

I watched two series, one with Carroll and one with Wayne Younger.

First series

Carroll started the scrimmage working with the first-team offense. 1st play: T.Y. Hilton ran a sweep to the outside and picked up a few yards. 2nd play: Greg Ellingson faked out CB Jose Cheeseborough off the line of scrimmage and was wide-open down the sideline, but Carroll over threw what would have been an easy score. 3rd play: Carroll to Darriet Perry over the middle for about 8 yards,

Unlike Friday's scrimmage, where the defense started off in control, the offense seemed to be able to move the ball to start.

4th play: CB Emmanuel Souarin deflected Carroll's pass. 5th play: Darian Mallary runs for 4 yards and picks up a first down. 6th play: Carroll scrambles for six yards. 7th play: Punt.

Defensive starters on first play of first series. DL: Tourek Williams, Jerrico Lee, Joshua Forney, Jarvis Wilson. LB: Winston Fraser, Toronto smith. DB: Ash Parker, Anthony Gaitor, Jose Cheeseborough, Jonathan Cyprien, Emmanuel Souarun.

Second series

Younger takes over with the second-team offense. 1st play: Jeremiah Harden rushes for 2 yards. 2nd play: Younger completes to Harden for a first down. 3rd play: False start. 4th play: Harden rushes for 3 yards. 5th play: Younger to Jacob Younger for 3 yards. 

At this point, facing a third and long, the offense seemed ready to punt the ball again. 6th play: Younger fires a strike to Wayne Times for a 10-yard pick up and a first down. 7th play: Younger scrambles for 8 yards. After two more short runs, the offense stalled. Younger was sacked on a bad snap and Joshua Forney batted a ball down on the line of scrimmage.

Coach06 fiu spts da Post scrimmage interview with Mario Cristobal

On fall camp

"It went really well. We had a bad injury with Kevin Van Kirk. But aside from that, we can heal. I think we are in pretty good shape. We are still three weeks out, so technically, we have another week of camp, we just have school. Overall our players know there is work to do and they are hungry to do it."

How has the defensive adjust to the new schemes?

"Real well, real well. They had a great night [Friday] night. They did a lot of things that made it confusing and difficult for the offense and capitalized with tip balls and what not and creating turnovers. [Saturday] the offense came out and kinda of counter punted but the defense came right back out again and counter punched them right back."

On evaluating potential starters

"Its all performance based, it really is. And of course you always tie in academics and doing the right thing off the field. But it truly is on film evaluation and part of it is practice because you do create the scenarios in practice that simulates a game and of course you tie in the scrimmage."

I'll post stats when I get them in a little while.

Response to comments

@FIU FPL We need your thoughts/impressions so far. While a play by play of scrimmage is nice...what did you think? Is Carrol better or is Younger IN YOUR OPINION? Is the offense the strength or is it the defense? HOW GOOD is OL Caylin? Do the defensive schemes IMPRESS YOU or NOT?

A. I like what I see from the defense, they are quick. But I'm going to hold off on what I think 100 percent till we get closer to that first game against Rutgers. On the QB situation, Carroll will most likely start but Younger will still see the field.

Justin Azpiazu


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Justin... we need your thoughts/impressions so far.

While a play by play of scrimmage is nice...what did you think?

Is Carrol better or is Younger IN YOUR OPINION? Is the offense the strength or is it the defense? HOW GOOD is OL Caylin?

Do the defensive schemes IMPRESS YOU or NOT?

Reality Check Time

Rutgers L
Rutgers L
Texas AM L
Maryland L
Pitt L
North Texas W
Florida Atlantic L
Troy L
Louisiana L
Arkansas State L
Middle Tennessee L

Wow...According to reality we lose to Rutgers twice? That is intense. I prefer the shock the world mentality.

Rutgers W 23-21 (saftey on blocked punt 1 min left)
Texas AM W 10-0 (Shut out the Aggies)...They are birds...Panthers eat birds.
Maryland W 35-17 (Turtles are slow...Panthers are much faster)
Pitt W 31-20 (Panthers vs. Panthers...Pitt interception late in the game...QB claims "I thought he was on my team"...Do what UCG won't be able to accomplish)
WKU W 55-3 (Because 56 points is just silly)
North Texas W 48-45 (Another bird...why do we play so many bird mascots?)
Florida Atlantic 100-0 (God I hope so...I will streak. Owl=Stupid)
ULM W 14-10 (War Hawk- It's what for dinner... Seriously this is bird number 4)
Troy W 3-0 (DEFENSE beats their little creepy trojan mascot.
Louisiana W 24-10 (As coach Collins says get your chili hot...Cajuns going down.)
Arkansas State W 21-17(Hilton Heave #2...Wayne Times 200 Receiving yards.)
Middle Tennessee W 35-0 (Their mascot is just like their team...a myth)

Deal with it.

Hahahaha! Love the prediction.

Also, thats awesome that we lose to the Rut twice!

In all seriousness, preseason predictions are useless. Every year we come up with our own predictions and they go out the window by midseason. Im super excited for this season though. I have full faith that Wesley will be ready on September 11th. While at Miss State this kid played against some good teams and he's played in front of big audiences. He'll be ready. Believe it. The only way Wesley isnt our starter is if he dislocates his neck. Other than that, he's our starter.

Who is UCG? I'm looking all at Pitt's schedule, I don't see them. I see a University of Miami, but I'm missing a UCG. Maybe it's a typo on ESPN. I have FIU pegged as going at least .500 in conference play, but most likely bombing OOC play.

Rutgers: Better overall talent, some good starters coming back, and Savage is a guy that is likely to make the jump to difference maker at QB. The good news is that this game is at home, and if FIU can keep the game close, maybe the home crowd can help steal it.

Maryland: FIU's best chance for an OOC win, due to the fact that they are unsettled at QB, and Friedgen is fighting for his job..If FIU beats Maryland, he's as good as gone. Maryland is the least talented of the OOC teams.

TAMU: Too much talent at WR, and a QB that can flat out play. Combine that with the atmosphere at Kyle Field, it has the potential to get ugly.

Pitt: Wannstache won't drop this game, period.

Best case scenario(2-2)
Worst case scenario(0-4)
Likely scenario(1-3)

I think Rutgers is the best chance for an ooc win. They have a relatively light speed d-line, not a very good offensive line, and the game is being played at home. FIU's offensive line lost weight just to be able to cover the lighter quicker DE's which will pay dividends in this game. Pitt and Texas A&M can get ugly, I'll be surprised if those games are close, (Pitt being especially nasty with Baldwin, Lewis, and Romeus). Maryland is a talented team that always seems to under perform. -On a side note Anthony Gaitor can really help his draft stock if he can lock down the receivers they are playing in OOC. Last year the Db's held Sanu to 36 yards in the game lets see if they can replicate that.

Reality check:

0-12 for the season. FIU will never be THE U!

FIU will never be UM; at 15 credits hours for a cost of 3k, I'm glad and hope we never will. In athletics, we will reach a level of success that will have a big bcs conference calling, and with that will come better recruits, more fan support, wins, and tv coverage.
And to be real, UM will never be the UM of old either, cause they no longer have the inner city guys to themselves.... Everyone recruits this area.... Everyone even us: local studs hilton, gaitor, WT, WW, KD,,etc... all born snd raised in this area, all front tier guys, all at FIU. And next seasons frosh includes the best statisticall qb in sfl.... cato, and hopefully more guys from central...
Panthers on the rise

Thank God FIU with never be the U! At least HurricaneFrank didn't post his racist comments this time that FIU will never be a tier 1 university because of all the "local" students.

U Scared. The I will dominate U.

Justin are we doing the game prediction contest to win a blog this year? That was very popular in the past and brough some passion to this blog.

Southpaw, I like how you misread what I said and won't leave it alone. The last time I checked, Miami isn't just people of color, but let's not let that get in the way. When you can't win with logic, or actual facts, just throw out the race card, it's worked for Al Sharpton for 30 years, it has to be effective. We're not even going to go back into that discussion, because there's just no point, numbers and stats are out, it's obvious, and it's not even close.

We weren't getting every inner city Miami kid back in the 80s either, but we were getting the elites. I am not seeing a lot(If any) of Scout/Rivals/ESPN Top 100 kids on the FIU roster. Yes some kids developed for you, but it's rare that you're winning a head to head battle with Miami/UF/FSU for an elite kid in this area. You are really taking the kids that would have ended up role players at SEC schools like Auburn. And even then, you aren't able to consistently beat the teams in the Sun Belt.

Maybe that will change, but odds are it won't. Hoping and praying for conference changes are laughable, just because if the chips fall where they are most likely to fall, Miami/FSU would get invited to the SEC if the 16 team super-conference concept happens, which would mean that USF and some of the Big East schools would end up in the ACC, and I doubt FIU would even get into the Big East, especially with UCF and FAU being ahead of you athletically, and academically. Therefore, you'd be stuck joining CUSA or something, which isn't a BCS conference. I just find it hilarious that some FIU fans can be this irrational when it comes to their program. Yes, you're a growing state school, but so is North Texas, and they won't be beating TCU or even SMU anytime soon. The point of the matter is, unless Miami decides to de-emphasize football, or cut the program, FIU will always be a midmajor, a low midmajor. You can point at Boise all you want, but even Boise had something that FIU didn't have. That's an actual football tradition before going D1. They were a very solid D2 program, they were dominant at that level, and then moved up..You can't expect to strike gold repeatedly like they did in regards to coaches(Koetter,Hawkins,Peterson), it can happen, but the odds are pretty low.

Southpaw, what's there to be scared of? FIU couldn't beat arguably two of the worst Miami teams of the last 30 years. I can't think of any sport in which FIU has consistently beat us, maybe baseball, and even then..The respective records of each program speaks for themselves.


Do you just make stuff up as your write in hopes we will just believe it?

I guess you have no idea that FAU had the second-worst admission scores, only worst was FAMU.

I guess you have no idea that FIU was one of the only 5 schools in the state allowed to charge higher tuition rates due to their high-research level status. (UF, FSU, USF, FIU, UCF)

If FIU is so bad then why does UM have an UM/FIU shared doctoral programs where students can go to either school to earn credit hours??

If FIU is so bad, why did more Miami Valedictorians choose FIU over any other school?

# ^ Travis, Scott (2007-02-13). "Region trails in college graduation rates". South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
# ^ Travis, Scott (2007-09-18). "FAU hopes tougher admissions standards will increase graduation rate". South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

To be fair those statistics are over 3 years old...

FAU does suck though.

Also, the emphasis being put on these stupid USNews rankings is beyond ridiculous. Why should people care what a low circulation magazine that noone reads says? They shouldnt. The most important thing that universities should be measured on, and which USNews doesnt do, is post graduation employment/success rates. Just like FIU graduates, I know a hell of a lot of UM grads that are struggling to find good jobs. The upside is that while the average FIU student graduates with less than $7,500 of debt, most UM students graduate over $50,000 in debt so theres less immediate loss for the FIU student.

FAU is not ahead of FIU academically, according to who. FIU created a law and med school before FAU. Regarding recruiting FIU is way ahead of FAU just look at rivals or espn, eventually talent will trump coaching isn't that what shannon is depending on. FIU landed Willis Wright who could've gone to Nebraska and chose FIU. In regards to conference expansion, Miami wouldn't get invited to the SEC the gators hate the canes and won't even play the canes.

What What...The U was featured in the front page of the Sunday Miami Herald. In case u missed, it we are the top school in Florida, and the 47 best school in the nation...It great to be a Miami Hurricane! It sucks to be a FIU Girly Panther! Hahahaa

FIU no band...FIU half stadium...FIU no fans!! FIU Isiah Thompson...hahaha FIU the laughing stock of the state!

FIU will always be a midmajor, a low midmajor. The same thing was said about USF not too long ago, no tradition, but the prospective market was enough to move them to a new conference.

FIU HAS a band, read up homer. I have nothing against the canes but it's canes posters like these guys that give canes a bad name. Go on the cane blog and lets see how many fiu fans post there, surprise none.

If U are a fan of the U and didn't attend the U, then U are a LOSER. Period.

Alot of L_U_SERS seem to be cruising around this FIU board. I find it amusing how scared they are.

I see us getting 5 wins... With victories against WKU, North Texas, Louisiana Monroe, Arkansa State, and I have us upsetting Maryland...

We get 5 wins and unlike last year we build off this year and at least get 6 wins next year(depending how we close)... TY is great but unless he gets like 1300 yards receiving(because we know he'll get a bunch of return yards and I expect 4td returns) he's not leaving early... But 5 wins and moving forward...

anyone going to TAMU? Kyle field is a blast.

WC will be the starting QB even if he gets hit by a bus and has to play on crutches...

That's the worse case scenario, and it's still more favorable than WY taking the field.

Who will be the starters?

#14 Younger
#13 Carroll (my pick)

#6 Harden
#26 Mallary (my pick)
#28 Perry

#82 Ellingson (my pick)
#2 Mertile (my pick)
#5 Times (my pick)
#4 TY (my pick)
#89 Vann
#83 Martinez
#80 Frierson

#17 LaPorte (my pick)
#15 Anderson
#49 Delpe
#86 Harris
#30 Faucher (my pick)

Go Golden Panthers!

i think willis wright could start.

Gooch7 you have picked 8 skill players which would leave you only 3 players on the O-line..get a clue

Justin, with all the conference shuffling going on, what is the FIU administration doing to position FIU for a move up (maybe to C-USA). Have there been any discussion (especially if the rumors of Hourston leaving CUSA to the MWC are true, which would create an opening in CUSA). This is where Pete Garcia earns his salary, what's he doing? Go F I U!

Here's a pretty cool preseason outlook on HighSchool Football...
Just to let you know, MaxPreps ranks Central led by Cato as the No. 1 Division 6A program in state.
Central lost to Miramar last year in the State Playoffs (round 2), after finally getting past Northwestern, they had a disappointing finish.

Cato is the only QB in the district with better no's than Bridgewater, however in the Heralds' HighSchool podcast, Bridgewater he is by far considered the best player in the County. They point to his great experience in national games and under large crowds... Well, that didn't help the bulls beat Central last year in the playoffs. Cato, gets little love (hence why he transfered from Pacheco's Springs Team to Central). Cato will give Central a Championship, and will bring more Central Guys to FIU... Along with best LB's from Northwestern....

How's that for recruiting Front Tier Studs and not backups at "Auburn"... Miami-Dade & Broward take notice, there is another option in South Florida....so stay close to home, play infront of your familly and community, play college ball were you will be a founder... Play at FIU.

From the Heralds pages to the Football Gods Ears....

Lyndon Edwards, LB, out of Northwestern.... "Auburn" wished they could get a guy like this... but hey, some people never realize whats going on until it's right infront of them!

Um.. ha

So.. how does Boise State compare to FIU? The better FIU does, the better Um will do, it's a natural competition. The "racist" comment was only being compared to the usual bias UM fans have when coming to this site.. Frank..please don't be so insecure. After watching UM beat the **** out of ohio state im am heading to FIU to witness the Rutgers game.. GO FIU!

I love that some people who have never attended a certain institution feel the need to come here and talk trash. If there wasn't a little bit of fear they wouldn't be doing it, end of story. These guys aren't going to FAU's page and talking trash, they aren't going to FAMU or BCC, that's Bethune Cookman for some of you, and disparaging those teams.

As for the college rankings, they are what they are, and what they are is biased. The actual numbers, SAT scores, GPA's etc do not reflect any great difference between FIU and that school across town.

Also, ACC has more players in the top 150 who are draft eligible than any other conference.. why would a 'super-conference' of a two team SEC (Gayturds-bama) be enticing to anyone? get a clue.. ACC is much more balanced than the SEC with the addition of VT BC and MIAMI. PERIOD. more like tropical storm Francis..

I just read the comment from the UM fan about expansion and FAU having a chance. That's basically his opinion, but here we have the FIU biased students/fans who think that their school is better than FAU overall. Wake up people and don't buy everything you read or listen.
Both schools are tier 4 and pretty much occupy the same spot nationwide, so before you go all crazy and proud beating your chest, stop and think. I am not gonna start crying or not living my life because a bunch of losers from Florida Incompetent University believe they are the Ivy League of the south with a losing football team and an empty stadium. Be proud of your school but don't turn into an arrogant individual just because you ASSUME one school is better than the other.
BTW, our cafeterias are much better than yours!
who really cares?
Enjoy your summer, support your team and stop talking so much trash because that's why you always lose.

FAU you can talk trash now but wait till the lack of recruiting catches up with you guys. Coaching can only take you so far, your last recruiting class didn't look so good and so far neither is this one. :(

LOL...Now FAU fans really believe they have such a grandiose attendance difference from us....My goodness.....

Looks like FIUsports.com will debut their own sports blog on their site: The Prowl. I think it's great. They should have had 1 years ago. More coverage for us. You guys agree?


A birdie told me that the FIU blog is going to be run by a once very popular FIU Beat Writer. Looks like PG and the administration are listening to us...

BTW you guys saw the Panther Points system unveiled today for students? If i recall correctly that was also an idea that has been brought up in this blog before. And the prizes for the kids sound awesome - NO EXCUSES FOR THE STUDENTS, GO TO THE GAMES!!!

The Prowl at FIUsports.com? Fantastic. Love it. If it's Pete P, Pete G is the man!

You cannot stop the cream from rising to the top.

wow. the fiu iphone app was updated. thanks herald!

It's obvious who will run blog at fiusports.com! Great news. Mr. Rojas probably not happy.

Justin, you good guy. I'll drop by sometimes but I can see The Prowl being great. As for Beasley, you've improved but ways to go to make things good.


From FIUSPORTS.com's "The Prowl" advisory:

"At The Prowl, you good people can get exclusive..."

YOU GOOD PEOPLE... hahhaha Pete Pelegrin is BACK baby!!!

The more coverage the better, the fiu administration has taken it up a notch in regards to listening to the students.

I still think adam and justin have been doing a good job over here as well. IF pete really is doing a blog, it's a good thing to see as he gets the most inside info on FIU sports. I hope he'll talk about recruiting, not much info around on that.

Yesss!!! Go Pete!!!! The prowl, FIUSports!! PP is the man!!!

An official FIU blog from Pete! Sorry but as soon as he has it , I won't be coming back! If the herald loses all their fiu fans, it is no ones fault but their own

Just confirmed it starts tomorrow... see u good people the other side. I'd say I will miss the hates but I won't. We can finally get back to blows with substance vs the ones that give a list of how many yards each running back got. TDAOS. fiuSports.com here u come.

as for me, I am just going to read both blogs. I really dont care who writes this stuff as long as someone is covering FIU.

The Heralds coverage of FIU has done a full 180. Justin has picked up a lot since start of camp and Jutin's tone is greatly improved. I for one are glad to add another bookmark to my droid HTC HERO.
Always remember that the target audience should not be ourselfs. We know we are fans! Maybe too much fanatic at times.... We need to not loose sight of our "need" of positive Herald coverage as they are the largest media source in sfl and the 120k+ fiu community will not look elsewhere for coverage.
It is a business, they supply good unbiased reporting and webring readership. We cannot discard the progress we've made at this Paper just because one of our favorite sons is back.
I will follow up with both and more, just like the GPP. IF THE sentinel wants to add. coverage, thats another bookmark!
Having said all this, I'm glad Pete is back and FIU should of done this years ago.

Who says you have to read just 1? I read info about Canes on multiple sites, planning to do the same with FIU.

Gold, chiaPanther, FIUfantastic, you took the words right out of my mouth. We need to support anyone and everyone who supports us. Can't wait till tommorrow but I'll tell you what, if the Timbuktu Times starts covering FIU I'll be over there too.

I will read both, but will try to stay out of the comment section on here as much as possible. The SCum clean up in this place is seriously lacking. Go F I U!


PP is back writing articles about FIU... now employed by FIU :D

So how do we get to Pete's homepage?

Really exciting stuff!

I think that justin should exclusivley cover recruiting if he wants to stay at least relevant.

I will still read both...We can get the recruiting info here...Plus Justin & Adam have been doing a good job lately...

Go FIU!!

Yep, the only thing that the Herald will have over Pete is prospective recruiting, otherwise, they are done. I mean, Justin is still waiting to get his 5 questions answered by MC. PP will have DAILY blogs and here we are on the 3rd day of classes and there hasn't been a post in 4 days. Go F I U!

You think UHerald was going to be posting something every day?

No way. They had to do damage control after Pete left hence the 20 post in 20 days, but as soon as we forget and forgive, it will go back to the status quo... same old philosophy - any UM news, no matter how insignificant, will be covered before any FIU news.

FIUSPORTS.com's "The Prowl" will be a bust just like Pete Pelegrin..The Herald reaches a broad audience whether they are FIU fans or just news reader. The blog will only serve for the 25 or more FIU fans who follow the Golden Panthers..It will flop it will be a KOOL AIDE drinkers dream. Pete never took a hard stance on what was so obvious to the rest of the college sports world which is FIU athletics on a whole STINKS.

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