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Scrimmage report

Exciting day at FIU as the team played its first scrimmage of fall camp on Saturday. Practice kicked off a little before 8 a.m. with the guys stretching and doing individual drills. Before the scrimmage started, FIU coaches had the players do some 7 on 7s for 30 minutes or so.

Few notes on the 7 on 7s 

Wayne04 fiufoot05 sports nt On the second play, Wayner Younger (left) threw a nice pass over the middle to a wide-open WR Greg Ellingson for a score. Younger also had an interception on a tipped ball. WR Willis Wright made a nice catch in the flats and was able to turn the corner on the defense.


I was able to watch the first 30 plays before practice was closed. In total, I saw four offensive possessions  and four special teams plays.

In the first play of the scrimmage, OL Kevin Van Kirk hurt his knee and had to be helped to the sideline. After practice Cristobal said, that early indications are that it's just a knee sprain and that he'll miss about a week.

The defense dominated in the first three possessions forcing two punts and an interception.

The offense's first drive ended after six plays when freshman Jerrico Lee sacked Younger to force a punt.

In the next drive, Younger connected with TE Dudley LaPorte over the middle, but the drive stalled.

In the third drive, Emmanuel Souarin intercepted QB Wesley Carroll (right).  WESLEY11 FIUFOOT SPTS JWR

It took the offense four tries to break through the defense. Early in the fourth possession you could tell the offense had found its' rhythm. The drive started with Carroll scrambling to pick up some yards on a run. In the next play, Carroll connected with WR Wayne Times for a nice pick up. After a DB Franklyn Brown sack, Younger returned to the game and connected with WR Ariel Martinez. Martinez was hit hard by S Ash Parker who was waiting for him over the middle. Martinez was able to hold onto the ball. Unfortunately for the offense, they had to settle for a Jack Griffin field goal.

One00-MCristobal-LSPT-GDC Post scrimmage interview with Cristobal


"We moved the ball. Kickers were effective. The defense scored twice. We all know you can drive the ball 99 yards, but if you throw a pick or have a fumble, and it goes 6 the other way, it's all for not."

On the QB Battle

According to Cristobal, each QB saw between 48-50 plays. "Efficient for the most part." Even though Younger took the first snap on offense, Cristobal said that both played equal time with the first team.

Running game

"We had trouble getting the running game going. Credit to the defensive line, the defense. They won the line of scrimmage early. It was pretty even later on. The offense started moving the ball as well."


"On sometimes and sloppy on other."

On T.Y. being held out

"We had him do some stuff earlier in the 7 on 7s. We wanted to see certain guys play. T.Y. was not one of them."

On freshman Willis Wright

"One guy that really stood out offensively in the scrimmage was Willis Wright He caught a ton of balls was explosive, breaking tackles."

Defensive standouts

"Randy Williams is an intense, explosive football player. Anthony Gaitor is playing the best football he's played since being at FIU. One player that has impressed so far is [DL] Jerrico Lee"

Injury report

TE Dudley LaPorta hurt his foot during the scrimmage, but the injury does not appear to be serious. RB Trenard Turner was in a walking boot due to a sprained ankle. Turner will be out between 1 and 2 weeks.

Key stats

Wayne Younger: 9-16, 96 yards
Wesley Carroll: 18-24, 197 yards, 2TD, 1INT

Wayne Younger: 1 TD
Darrian Mallary: 5 carries, 31 yards
Darriet Perry: 6 yards 24 yards
Robert Boswell: 4 carries, 25 yards, 1 TD

Ariel Martinez: 6 catches, 135 yards
Jacob Younger: 2 catches, 57 yards
Willis Wright: 5 catches, 48 yards
Joey Harris: 1 catch, 3 yards, 1 TD
Ty Frierson: 2 catches, 22 yards, 1 TD

Special Teams:
Jack Griffin: 2/3 FG  Made from 40, 48  Missed from 50
Josh Brisk: 5 punts, 48.6 AVG, 52 Long


Sacks: Kenneth Dillard, Aaron Davis, Jeremy Jermin, Jonathan Jackson
INTs: Emmanuel Souarin, Jonathan Jackson (returned 35 yards for TD), Cain Elliot (returned 76 yards for TD) 
Fumble Recoveries: Emmanuel Souarin

Response to comments

@FIUJM What do you think of coordinators so far?

A. I think it's still too early to say. It's going to take a few games to see what they are going to do. One thing I can tell you is that the players seem to be really excited about defensive coordinator Geoff Collins and the new defense he has installed. 



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Bring on that scrimmage report!

Thanks Justin! Great stuff, glad to hear on progress of Sourrin, Manchild and Lee. Lee seems like to be built like a bull. Not tall buy strong!

Great comment on Gaitor. This is his senior year and last year he got banged up. Expecting huge year from him

What do you think of coordinators so far? Go FIU!

It seems that WY took a lot of snaps and both WY and WC got ints and sacks, how do you compare the performance of both qbs? who was the best decision maker? who was more comfortable leading the offense?

Pretty interesting.


Posted by: Dade | August 14, 2010 at 01:45 PM

The self-proclaimed venerable university of coral gables ranked # 293 in this ranking. Equally impressive. It's easy to come on a blog and show only one side of a BS ranking. Douche.

Those college rankings are a joke. Nothing more than popularity and political contests. Ever wonder why privae schools are always at the top of the "rankings"? If you cost 5 times what a public school costs you'd better find a way to make people think you're special. UM costs 10 times what FIU costs and is only equal at best academically. Inferior in many disciplines. Who would pay 10 times for the same or lesser quality education? You guessed it: morons. That's why the vast majority of the student body at UM is rich white kids from the Northeast looking for a vacation while going to school. UM's student body doesn't represent Miami at all.

On a more positive note, Justin and Adam have done a much better job over the past week, and it is appreciated. I hope this type of coverage continues throughout the season. It seems like you guys are finally starting to learn a little about the team and school before writing your articles and blogs. Keep it up.

Thanks for the report. I guess Ariel Martinez is doing anything possible to get some snaps come game time. Good for him! I also read in the fiusports.com that Wills Man-Child Wright was downright a beast running through some defenders after catching some balls. Too bad about Van Kirk, and hope he can come back soon, as we all know we need depth and experience...besides talent...over there.

Speaking of lines, good to hear that Jerrico Lee has been a bright star so far, as we need all the pressure that we can exert on opposing offenses. Jonathan Jackson, who didn't play last season, appeared to have one heck of a scrimmage as well.

Good stuff, Go Panthers!

Lee is gonna be a great player on the D-line. Im glad to see we have a lot of talent on receiver, thanks for the report guys.

I thought we were going to see other players taking some snaps at RB.. Great news that the defense can actually stop someone (even if its just our offense). We might start going back to when FIU was all about Defense. I remember we had a 2-3 year window that our defense was Top 50 in the Nation.. With the LB's and some of the other guys they brought in our Defense should be pretty damn good.
Like everyone else, Im VERY worried that there is a competition for QB.. I think Younger is probably the BEST option QB in the Conference, and can be among the Top 10 in the Nation when it comes to scrambles. But unfortunately he has made some really UGLY decisions in the past. I know that everyone deserves a second chance so I hope his accuracy and decision making has improved drastically..

Please give us your opinion about who the front runner seems for QB, and RB? I know its SUPER EARLY but just an idea.


based on the stats of the scrimmage today i would say that carroll did better, 75 percent completion versus the 56 percent younger had.

It looks like we had a good running game today judging from the stats. Almost every RB had an average of 5 yards per carry. I honestly believe that our OC coordinator is going to have special packages for Wayne Younger (which i think should get about 30% of the snaps this year)but the starting QB is Wesley Carroll. WC is a true passer and seems to read coverage better while Younger is much more athletic. I say play them both!!! Go PANTHERS!!!!

i would say WC wins this round... even though he had 1 int.. he had 2 TDs... and 100+ yds passing... WY while didnt have any mistakes didnt score... something about a 9-21 td to int ratio screams that he cant be the starter at QB

Great report! I'm so excited about this season. I cant wait for MC to come out and say "Wesley is your starter" so the offense can get some real work done.

In regards to those rankings, they mean nothing. After going through the law school application process I've come to find out that rankings mean very little outside of the top 25 or so spots. Also, when you rank over 500 schools, chances are that after the top 100 spots many were put in random order. So, put no stock in these rankings.

Wayne Younger: 9-16, 96 yards
Wesley Carroll: 18-24, 197 yards, 2TD, 1INT

Yeah, I think WC is the starter.

About the rankings? seems like a private school who boasts a teacher/student ration in the teens, costs as much as an ivy league school, and considers itself as such "ivy league of the south" should be better than 293.

I like that our defense really stepped up. They weren't making plays like that last year, and it was good to see both Lee and Jackson make some big plays off the line.

Carroll seems to be in the lead right now, and he will most likely be our starting QB if these numbers continue to repeat themselves.

I would have liked to have seen a little more from Harden and Hickman, especially since I think Greg will be integral in our defense's ability to get penetration and stop the run.

If the rankings are rigged to benefit private universities, then explain how the following State Universities are ranked ahead of Miami in most of the major rankings. I'm not even going to name them all, just the major players

Cal Tech(Which IMO does the best job educating in the country)
UNC Chapel Hill
UT Austin
UF(Even though we're about even in a lot of rankings)

It's not the rankings that are killing FIU, it's the cutting of important programs that are killing FIU . And the late 70's called, they want their "Suntan U" description back. The undergrad student body usually has anywhere between 35-40 percent kids from this area. That's way more than what you'll find at places like Duke, and the Ivys. How many kids from Rhode Island are over at Brown?

FIU fans, until you disown morons like SouthPaw, you'll always be looked upon as a bunch of people who carry a grudge because they received a thin envelope from UMiami, instead of the thicker one back when you were a teenager. I know that a lot of FIU fans chose FIU, and aren't jealous contenders, but it's hard to believe that when people like Southpaw are running amok in your fanbase without any censure.

While some points are well taken, there are several points that need to be adressed.

First, nothing is killing FIU. In its relative short history, FIU has accomplished amazing things and instituted hundreds of academic programs, including some that not even most of these respected (and obviously, deservedly so) institutions achieved in such a short period of time.

Second, every college message board has different type of fans who express things the way they see fit, I may not agree...or even like...what they write with some of them, the same way many do not agree..or like...what I write. That doesn't mean he..or anybody else...has to be censored because it offended you...a passionate fan of another local college who didn't like ONE post in this whole thread.

Third, someone came here throwing that link in order to precisley bring about every type of response, including yours, which also has an element of disrespect and out of place comment and now threatens to "hijack" the topic of the blog and the rest of the posts.

Fourth...have you tried to censor anybody on some of UM's board? Now, talk about some really ridiculous and "damaging-to-a-fan base" (most of the UM grads I know are nice, knowledable, and "normal"), comments. Start on your house first before coming here with such a condescending attitude and calling people names.

Fifth. Please, don't compare Brown and the Ivies with UM to make a point. They are not the same type institutions and do not serve the same type of students, and are at totally different athletic (UM's is much superior) levels.

FIU belongs in the WAC conference, because they are simplyy WHACK!! Hahahaaaa

FIU will never be UM, get the point u nerds!!

Case closed.

He may have the right to make those comments, but I didn't see one FIU fan say "Hey, we're talking about our scrimmage today, that's what's important". by not saying anything, it's akin to agreeing with the point made. The reason I used Brown as an example is because we have a lot in common with Brown. Two elite, private universities located in pretty metropolitian areas. I also used Duke in the same analogy, and they're a founding member of the ACC. The point of the matter is, the college rankings, while flawed, do not punish state schools, it punishes schools that aren't there yet, and FIU, isn't there yet. 20 years from now, it's possible, but you don't rise to elite status overnight, especially in this state a state that doesn't take postsecondary education seriously.

The point of the matter is this, the link provided could have been easily ignored, or erased(Which it should have been). It wasn't, and let's not pretend that this is the first time such comments have been made. Be it the "University of Coral Gables" nonsense, or the "UMiami Herald", this blog has always had an underlying current of disdain for a University that you rarely play(or beat), and you will most likely never be in a conference with. What beef should you guys have? I can't think of a reason why FIU fans should dislike Miami..We're in two totally different worlds in regards to athletics, we're different in regards to our educational emphases.

I agree with Frank we are not at the same level in Football. FIU needs to focus winning at our level. However, FIU UM talk will exist and continue to do so.

F the(I) U!

Do a search on Forbes site and in '08 FIU was ranked 397. Since then medicine & law have been added. So drop to 500+ is crazy.

And please dont insult Brown. There are only two elite programs in UM (med. & law) and both are grad program. Everything else is only an elite price tag.

Moving forward and back to sports, anybody see Tebow last night?
One missed int, one fumble for 6 the other way ruled an incomplete pass... and one beautiful 2 minute drill ending un his first nfl rushing td, on which he got pounded.. mans got big balls.

HurricaneFrank, you show your blissful ignorance when you write "this blog has always had an underlying current of disdain for a University that you rarely play (or beat)..."

Do you know why FIU doesn't play UM? Let me educate you. Because your beloved 'Canes REFUSE TO PLAY FIU! They are scared to death of FIU. Pull your head out of the sand and wake up, pal. Why would a University located 11 miles away decide to not play FIU in one of the major sports? Go back and look at the game film of the first 3 quarters of the first FIU/UM football game (before the brawl and massive ejections) and you’ll have an answer.

And then there’s this comment from HurricaneFrank: "[FIU's] undergrad student body usually has anywhere between 35-40 percent kids from this area. That's way more than what you'll find at places like Duke, and the Ivys." This is a blatantly racist statement and is despicable. And you think I should be censured from this blog? A school with mostly local Miami students can’t be a world class academic institution? That’s pure racist garbage.

U can’t hide from the truth any longer, UM fans. Those days are over, son.

Paw, I think he was referring to ucg with the percentage of kids from the area; everybody knows that FIU is 90% local.

That being said, there is nothing 'elite' about ucg (other than its price tag and size of ego). Even the two Law Schools are quite comparable. What should be scathing about that Forbes report is 'private' ucg is #293...Whoa! Where's the value there?

In last year's U.S. News and World Report database, UM had only 26% of students from the state of Florida, let alone the Miami area. Even if HurricaneFrank was talking about UM'student body, his statement is just as deplorable. He would be saying that UM isn't in the class of an Ivy league school because they have too many Miami students. What?

scUM an "elite" university? Delusions. You're not the old spice man, get off your high horse. Proceed to mount donkey.

Man, all the fact flew over his head....Oh well...

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