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Walter Pitchford leaning towards FIU

According to a story on Chicagotribune.com by Fred Mitchell and David Kaplan, former DePaul recruit Walter Pitchford is considering playing hoops for FIU and Isiah Thomas. Full story here.

The 6 foot 9, 205 pound center was released from his commitment to DePaul in July.



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hope he commits would be a good pick up.

Looking forward to basketball season, many Isiah haters bringing up last years record. They don't realize he of loading up and we will see major improvement.


Those are people....like Cote...that even knowing the fact you've just espuosed, resort to this "quick" smart fact in order to make and justify the comment they really wanted to make. The good thing about all of this is that we are going from 7 wins up.

Let's see what happens this year...


Are you kidding me. Cato? I dont think you know much about that kid, but if he makes it to FIU he will never make it at QB. I have seen him while he was at Miami Springs and he has some real character issues. If he makes it to FIU he will probably play some other position.

Posted by: bwill75 | August 11, 2010 at 01:35 AM "

@ bwill75... i may not no much about the kid personally (most of the time i dont think the herald reports on behavior issues for HS Students) however i do know the kid has produced at QB on the feild the last 2 years at springs... and one of his best targets from last year is currently on the roster (WW) and from 2 years ago you TY that he also played with... he also produced against what can arguably be stated as one of the best if not best HS division in the nation (S.Fla teams have gone on the road to play teams around the nation and have beat them).... so personally no i dont know the kid... but im not blind to his production... if this oral commit sticks... it will be for QB.

@ danny i agree w/ you that noone should be handed the title of 3rd string or what not.. i was just saying that if he is as good as the coaches think he is by stating it i think the QB competition between this year and next will be incredible. i agree though.. everyone on this team should work for it because no1 besides TY, Davis, Gaitor, & Cyprien have really proven anything

How anyone can argue against Cato's QB production is beyond me, this season he will break all Dade-County Records (currently belonging to UM's QB Harris). Now if he has issues it would be to qualify academically, from what I hear from former Miami Springs Student Athletes... But, if he can qualify academically there is no way he plays anything else but QB! Here's last seasons performance againts Dade's best:
here's Cato Against the best:
Against NorthWestern:
Cato completed 19 of 38 passes for 376 yards and finished with three touchdowns. Wright caught five passes for 195 yards.

Against Central
Cato, who finished with four touchdown passes. Here's the stat line.
Rakeem Cato 16 31 276 4 1

Against Hialeah:
Rakeem Cato finished the game with three touchdown passes
Rakeem Cato 16 22 264 3 1

Don't know about you but everything here reads 4-Star!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome to FIU Cato.

This would be a great pickup after losing Christmas to 'Cuse. Depth at center in the SBC would be huge, no pun intended!

Cato is probably the best QB in Dade County, no offense Teddy. He has the arm to throw 45-50 yards downfield, has amazing numbers, and is very athletic. Height and size might be an issue as he is listed at 6'1" 170, but his numbers are literally second to none.

I am still not giving up on Christmas, he might be going to Cuse, but he might still come down here.

As for Pitchford, I hope he comes our way. He can play this year and give us more height and another elite level athlete in the key.

hey Justin anything new on the Blog Front? what happen to that interview w/ OC SS?

There are rumors (NY Daily News blogger) that David Stern will allow IT to maintain both positions but will keep a close eye on his situation.

Not only am I rooting for FIU, but I'm rooting for IT to succeed as well. Lets go Panthers!!!

Let's hope this tie-in with the Knicks actually helps us!!!

You know, I read where Tennessee Volunteers women's basketball coach was a paid consultant with a WNBA team for several years as well. So, if this tidbit I read is true, there was already precedence in this "special" arrangement.

Thanks for the info, FIUFan...

IT will not be a consultant for the Knicks...

Good article, I was ok with duo role. But this is for tbe best.

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