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Wednesday practice

Hey everyone, because of the rain Wednesday's practice was closed to the media.

Few notes from Tuesday

TE Jonathan Faucher is almost ready to return to full practice according to coach Cristobal. Look for Faucher to fully practice by the end of the week.

TE Dudley LaPorte is healthy and ready to play.

LB Pooh Bear Mars is still out recovering from his broken ankle. Cristobal not sure when he will be ready.

DL Jason Fitch needs further evaluation.

FIU Blog the Prowl

I want to congratulate Pete on his new job and say I welcome the competition.

FIU Notebook

I wrote yesterday's FIU notebook on Faucher and his return. Story here.

I also had a note in the FIU rail about DB Jonathan Cyprien Story here. 

Response to comments

@FIUJM If you have a beef with Jorge Rojas fine. Feel free to call or email him. Adam is just doing his job. There's no reason FIU fans should be bashing him. He's a good reporter that has shown he is dedicated to cover the FIU beat.

I accidentally made two of the same post. I deleted the first one. Post your comments below.

Justin Azpiazu


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I am glad to see that you are good sport, and I think you here and Pete there can bring a lot to the FIU family.
In case you haven't read his blog, he can't post on recruits or other things because NCAA, but you can, also the competition would make both of you better bloggers and that would be great for FIU fans, I am speaking for myself, but I think you have proof to us that you take pride in your job and you are trying your best.
Keep it up Justin.

Competition is always good, but not necessarily for the vendor. Pete is Walmart, while this blog is now mom-and-pop. The venerable Herald is now clearly second-rate in this niche, hope those shoe laces are on tight, got a lot of catching up to do.

Competition....hmmm...not sure there will be much competition, but give it your best shot ;)

I'm thankfull for more coverage....
And actually think Justin/Beasly can created a product for us to read. We know theres stuff Pete cant address....

What an incredible change and chain of events.... and the trigger wasnt so much pete's farewell address, it's FIU finally caring out its brand, image, and reach. Great changes come from within. Step two care for your students before they become resentful voiceless Alumni.... and finally hit your alumni and not with requests fir money.

Justin, not sure why my post was removed? I actually said you were classy congratulating Pete. I think Adam has improved, but we can't forget his first articles he wrote about FIU. I think he had no choice but to be fair about what he writes going forward. No need to get so sensitive.

As for this blog, you should network with hs coaches to try to get recruiting information or get interviews with players that have committed.

Thanks for the updates Justin

Pete,s blog can be found at WWW.fiusports.com visit him now and check out his first blog.

you are being a good sport justin

Kudos to you Justin for acknowledging Pete's new gig, way to take the high road. As has been said at both sites, you and Adam are doing a fine job and the Heralds' coverage in general has been much improved. On a side note, the new rules on Pete's blog make me wonder if this blog is going to be totally overrun with haters once they find they are blocked from Pete's place.

You think Beasley is getting a bit annoyed with you always having to write defending him Justin? Is he asking you to do this? He's a big boy so I doubt it. He has to work his way out of the perception he's worked his way into. That's life. First impressions are hard to overcome. You having to come to his rescue all the time is only making it worse for him.

I think JM makes a great point about focusing on the things that Pete can't. This could be a complementary blog to Pete's.

Good point FIUer ... that is of his own doing. no need for Justin to baby him.

Can someone please post the link to Pete's site?


Actually check that. I found it.

You're a good sport Justin. Also, thank you for updating us as often as you have been.

rivalry is always good. the only caveat is avoid the bs, alot of the bloggers here are pretty knowledgeable

thanks for the info justin

Blog two is up on Pete's site, I don't know if he can maintain this intensity. The blog is stuffed with data.


By the way, you have to register to post.


For the record I had you at:
Justin - 1, Pete - 0... as of 3:30 pm...
Pete must of gotten mad and put up his blog... I'll be back with a revised score...
I know you had three articles in the mean time, but rain out, JC were small blurps.. so I gave you one point not three.

see you soon

Ok.. Forgetaboutit!
Weight Gains... I love Weight Gains.... It may not always translate to field performance but it show's work ethic and desire to get better and for the writer it is indepth coverage... Plus, the TT teaser.... leave me wanting more...

I award:

Justin -1, Pete - 3(4-1 subtracting one for tardiness) LOL.........

The Prowl is making it easier to post now. You no longer have to register at Pete's site.


I'll reiterate some of the stuff that's already been said here because its worth mentioning again, thank you for taking the high road and congratulating Pete on his new position. You welcomed the competition and that makes the FIU fans the winner and you can adress stuff that he can't.

Good stuff, Justin!

Can you post on Pete's Blog? That 12 page report that he put up was AMAZING.. I could not figure out how to post a comment.


Are you going to go over the predicted starters in each possition. We are only 2 weeks away..

Go Golden Panthers!


Is this your full-time position? Pete posted 1 blog and it's filled with more information than you or Beasley have ever been able to come up with.

I don't see any dedication.

FFS quit the negativity. Jesus Christ, you're making the entire FIU fanbase look bad. Just stop it.

Don't expect the FIU community to swoon for Adam/Justin... did you already forget the amount of B.S. articles we had to deal, the amount of unfair journalism, and the hidden agenda to make sure FIU never had positive news at UM expense?

Has Adam still apologized for that? NO! They treat our school like crap and you defend THEM?!?!

I don't want to sound like the typical negative fan, but I have to agree with LonePanther.. It seems there is very little info in these blog ever since Pete left. The stories are extremely short, and it just does not give you a good idea of what is happening out there. I hope (thinking positive) that once Season kicks off the blog will to.. As for Pete's Blog that was just Pete being Pete.. The man is damn good as his work, and more importantly his dedication is off the chart..

I ask again... Does anyone know if you can post a comment on Pete's new blog?


I heard Dasher from MTSU is in legal trouble. Is this true?

Yes, you can post a comment on Pete's blog.

No need to sign in ANYMORE!! :)

Hit the "Comments" link to read the blogs and post one yourself!

Justin, just do your job and give us information. You guys have improved, blah, blah, blah; but at the same time let's get real. 90% of your stories are still crap. For expample that story of Willis Wright. I dont know what that is? It's 90% picture and a quote from Mario, C'MON MAN. You could have written about the Miami Springs thing, maybe even got a quote from him on how he is adjusting to college life. You and Adam are reporters and that's it. Quit trying to be our friends. We dont want that. We just want you to do your job.

then when they report news that you don't want to hear you guys get up on arms with pitch forks ready to linch them.
Let them do their job, Justin is not Pete, let him be his own writer and develop his own style.
Lets move on with this anti Herald crap and lets enjoy the upcoming football season. I hope we are improved from last year, but by the comments in practice it seems that the D is getting better while the O is still strugling.
To be honest I am very concern about the mix review from scrimage, I can't wait to see the first game to have a better idea where we are, new cordinators are good, but we still have teh same head coach.

Justin and Adam great job..it's hard to please born losers!!!

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