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FIU-Maryland Live Blog

Hello from gorgeous College Park, Md., where the 55,000-seat Capital One Field sits atop the campus' rolling hills.

FIU (0-2) takes on the Terps (2-1) in the Panthers' second of three straight non-conference road games.

Check back at 11:55 a.m. for the live blog.


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OK - - Can we now stop with the talk of FIU is ready to play with the big boys?

I hate to agree with a UM fan but he is 100% right.

The team looked undisciplined today, too many dumb mistakes. However, Maryland is much improved from last year, the freshman QB was real good played like an upperclassmen. FIU is getting closer to beating bcs teams but is a year and a QB away.

I have to agree. Either we need a new QB or receivers that are 8 feet tall....

Those were some stupid personal fouls. Lack of discipline is a sign of a poorly coached team...

I'm just saying....

No Jamarr Robinson? No problem. A true freshman goes out and burn us for 250 yards. Has anybody seen a slower DB than Tony Gaitor, again SLOWER not a good tackler. Now you see why he's not a CANE.

When they lose next week to Pittsburgh, (YES the same Pittsburgh that was crushed Thursday 34-3 by the REAL Football team in this town), will you please realize FIU is LIGHT YEARS away from THE U.

After an 0-4 start Cristobal and his staff won't be able to get this team's attention. At that time PG will have no option but to fire him or it will cost him his job.


0-3...another "moral" win for the blind followers....see you next week..at 0-4

I will say this UM is no world beater so some of you need to worry Clemson.

Cane2001 needs to stop being a Monday Night quarterback.... It's easy to pass your negative opinion, Than to share something positive. You must not Remember the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all....". I wish you and your Canes all the best for the season.

Wow, canes fans that feel the need to come on this board and leave negative comments, are just sad. If you feel FIU is so inferior then why come on the board and comment, it must be the only time you get attention in life.

I wanted to believe so bad. I had let a few close games convince me that we were a BCS buster team waiting to break out. I had blocked out previous performance and made room future hope. Boy did the truth hit me like a ton of bricks today.

I'll get to the problems with today's game later on, but first I wanted to take a step back and look at the big picture. The truth is "we are what are record says we are". The problem is not the talent, its the execution. Teams that are not that great have a way of "self-correcting" for over-performance. Let me explain what I mean by that. Let's look at Texas A&M for example - a team we all predicted we would lose to but somehow we managed to be up 20 to 6 near the end of the game. But then the "laws of football physics" takes over - Conservation of Mediocracy. The law states if a team manages to over perform in a game, they will in the, same manner, manage to underperform before the end of the game - hence "self-correcting".

It happen in the Rutgers game. It happened in the Texas A&M game. And it happened in the Maryland game too. It's time to face the truth. We DID get better from last year, but not BCS-buster better. More like Sunbelt-title contender better. We are what our record says we are! For god's sake we were 3-9 last year!!! We did we really expect?

Now as for today's game, the fault lies with Wesley Carroll and the Defense. It looked like a Ballerina Performance out there. Receivers running in full stride, leaping across the field with one hand outstretched trying to catch a football that was so overthrown even the deep safety couldn't catch it. Simply put, WC cost us COUNTLESS wide-open catches.

And then there was the D. Sure we can stop the run (maybe), but what is the point if we are going to give up HUGE plays right after?

Pitt will be a loss. I won't even try to convince myself otherwise. I just wish we could get on with conference games so that we can see how we have really improved!! (Which I really believe we have).

I think I will be a much happier fan now that I have made our gaols more realistic.

Go Panthers!! Go FIU!! Win the conference!


Welcome to Reality,(pun intended)..FIU is coached by a Guy who was a grad Ast 3 years before he was given the FIU job and it shows. Now for some reason the FIU faithful think these loses has prepared them to dominate the Sunbelt Conference...how foolish and why set yourself up for the heart break?..every team in the Sunbelt has gotten better including NT and UWK..if you fail to close games out of conference you will do the same in conference..what is the chance that this team coached by this coach run the table and beat North Texas, FAU, Midd Tenn, Troy, ULL, Ark State,ULM..without slipping up once or twice?..not happening..

I'm saying we have a great chance to win.... CHANCE. can we slip up.... of course, just like every other team. Yes every team has gotten better .... including FIU. Don't try to turn this into something it is not with your blind hatred.



boy FIU stinks! just move to D3 already...

Don't HATE the messenger..

A UM fan reading your blogs,

I have to admit that there are some fans here who look like they know what they are talking about.

My gripe, bloggers using the term Haters, in my experience that term is used when someone has a weak argument and refers to that term to try and make their argument stronger, it is also used to try and intimidate. It doesn't work but some insist on using that tactic anyway. You don't agree with this or that so you are a Hater, it must be, because you are not as enlighten as I. That is so weak and pitiful. And it is the one calling someone a Hater, that is usually doing what they are critical of another for.

Havent checked this blog for a whle and now I notic that it's just a bunch of Canes talking about FIU

There is nothing wrong with your coaches!


Canes on this blog is a compliment son!

I think we are getting better and we are showing pretty good effort. The game day coaching is not the best, but the fact of the matter is we can't afford to get Urban Myer in here. The proof is going to come in Sunbelt play, if we are getting our butts handed to us then the AD needs to take a hard look at the program But, the fact of the matter is we played a Big East, Big 12, and ACC team and we were competitive into the 4th quarter. Could we have said the same thing 4 years ago?


Yes the 2006 Team Played with Good Teams until late in the 4th Quarter

8/31/06 at Middle Tennessee L 7-6
9/8/06* at South Florida L 21-20
9/16/06* vs Bowling L 33-28
9/23/06* at Maryland L 14-10
10/7/06 at North TX L 25-22
10/14/06 at Miami L 35-0
10/28/06* at Alabama L 38-3


Canes on this blog is a compliment son!

Posted by: Gator Hator | September 26, 2010 at 01:26 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/09/fiu-maryland-live-blog.html#ixzz10fGRK9i4

Canes on this EARTH is a shame, even more so on this blog.


You make a great point and is essentially what my long winded post is about.

The fact is we are getting better and while these close games with BCS teams have been heart-breaking, the truth of our improvement will be shown in conference games.

That being said, Carroll had an awful game yesterday and Harden seems to be a great running back.

First things first, some of you UCG fans are real punks. I guess since you cannot beat the OSU's of the world you feel the need to come here and talk trash about a program 1/10th the age of your's to feel better about yourselves. Keep in mind that when your program was in its early stages you were getting blown out by schools like Bucknell and Temple.

To our own fans, while the losses sting I definitely see a program moving in the right direction. We aren't beating the BCS schools yet, but neither is UCF and they have been playing football for 31 years. This is a developing team, which happens to be situated in the most important city in the best football state in the country. Recruits are taking notice, and if we can do some damage in conference then we will definitely bring in even better players and build the depth we need to beat these BCS schools. We are a good team, but we are still about two years away from being a potential BCS buster.


Save it..the excuses and wait til next year is growing old. This is Miami every team, coach, and all players get beat up when they don't win. Just be glad people are paying attention to FIU, because trust me FIU is not easy to watch.

What are your thoughts on Dylan Warner apparently commiting.

or should I ask this on a UM blog...

HERE'S some truth about MARLO THOMAS and her Danny dad. WE were young marrieds,and my husbands boss lived next door to Danny Thomas in Laguna beach at that time. We were at the bosses for a swim, and Danny shows on the other side of the fence,, He was alone and not busy, so we were excited and asked if he would please autograph our daughters coole type hat she had on,,,,,He glared at us,and walked away, he was so nasty mean, I never wanted to ever see his show again. He was not nice folks really. , AS WE WERE WALKING DOWN ON THE BEACH there in Laguna, we also saw Danny's daughter Marlo, this was when she was a teen, with a nose like her dad's,,, I was quite shocked years later to see her new nose, she did look %100 better, she ran off with some friends into the water.
I think we believe that hype often times, that these stars are what they "seem" on TV, when in person they may be nasty mean and arrogant.
I never forgot that time in Laguna,when "make room for Danny" ended up NOT any longer my favorite show due to his REAL SELF.

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