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FIU-Texas A&M Live Blog

Hello from muggy College Station, where the afternoon highs reached the mid-90s.

The heat didn't put a damper on Texas' unofficial state sport: Tailgating.

Frat boys and sorority girls camped out overnight in massive tents, the first to arrive on the grounds of the massive Kyle Field.

FIU (0-1) looks for its first win of the season after a gaffe-filled loss to Rutgers last week. Texas A&M (2-0) hopes to remain undefeated ahead of its Oct. 30 Big 12 opener against Oklahoma State.

We'll have a live blog at starting at 10 till 7, but here's a warning: It won't be a play-by-play account of the game. I've got two stories due the second the game ends, so while I'll keep you posted on the game's ebbs and flows, if you want the actual play-by-play, I recommend ESPN.com.

See you at kickoff.


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any link to this game?

how can i watch the game live ?

THanks for the live blog for soem reason I couldnt post any comments. GO FIU, the SBC is in trouble this year.

Congrats on a fine effort. Y'all sure had us worried. Hope you enjoyed your visit to College Station. Good luck the rest of the year.

Two weeks in a row we choke, :/ hope this trend is over for next week.

We should have won this game, we had them and let them slip away. A&M must not be pleased, their team does not appear to be a power house this year, unless our D is just that good.

I'm an FIU Alum Class of '07, currently getting my master's at FIU.

I'm very proud of how the team is representing our school. It's only a matter of time before we start winning these games!


Our D is that good.. Just we've gone up against two good D's... Rutgers in top three in Big East Defense, Texas A&M's D had dominated the first two games... and Dominated us as well... Don't forget we have three sophmores on the lines... Getting better but not excellent yet...
Great game... Let's dial up Maryland now... With this D, we will be in every game!!! Hey, no more blow outs... that's a huge improvement.

I literally, had nightmares about this game last night.

We were not suppose to be in that game... and yet, we should've won.

Exactly. We were not supposed to be in that game, we came 3 yards shy of either going to overtime or perhaps winning the game, yet we were all disappointed last night, because we should have won. Guys!...that's progress against a team we were supposed to lose by 28 or 29 points, according to the odds.

Keep you head high FIU!!! That was a hell of an effort, and our time will come soon!!!

Go FIU!!

Forget soon! Our time comes next week. This a bowl team here been saying it since spring, just have to finish and show the rest of the world. run game is not bad so the passing should come. just hope the def can hold up. This type of tough play can wear on a def. Maryland will not look past us so we have to come out hot and force them to play our game.


FIU has just received 2 verbals from ESPNU Top 100 BBall players. Would you maybe like to do some reporting on that? After all, that is the ONLY, advantage you have on Pete when it comes to FIU news. Go F I U!

It was a tough loss and I have criticized MC in the past but we are getting better, no doubt about it. Three years ago we would have lost 49-0. The problem is we don't have that depth to go mano a mano vs a BCS school yet.

Looking forward to see how we respond vs Maryland, will indicate the character of this team.


Don't get me wrong! I am very proud of the way we're playing. Everyone should be proud to sport FIU gear after that performance.

Our D is the real deal. Geoff Collins is the real deal.

But when I saw the score was 20 - 6 in the 4th quarter, I got way too ahead of myself. When I saw A&M grabbed the lead, I was severely disappointed. When I saw we turned the ball over on downs to finish the game at their 3 yard line, I was devastated.

Hopefully the coaches learn that unless the score is 49-0 with a minute left in the 4th quarter, they should continue to do what they were doing. Being conservative and running the football when there is still an entire quarter left to play and when youre up by 2 scores is not good strategy. Keep passing, play action, draws, whatever. Dont just start running the ball because the opposing defense is expecting that and they will stop you. We saw that happen on Saturday. One can only expect the defense to keep you in the game for so long before the other team starts scoring.

In any case, this defense has been very impressive. I had doubts about them because Rutgers isnt exactly an offensive monster. Those doubts were erased on Saturday. This oculd be as good or even better than our 2006 Killer B defense. If thats the case, there is no reason why we cant win the remainder of our games. Maryland has to be a win. No excuses. This team has been weak over the last 3 years and is not particularly strong this year. We almost had them in 06 and 07. This year we get the job done.

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