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FIU-Rutgers recap; new TV info

Wow, what a game. Too bad FIU could not pull out a close victory at home against Rutgers. Don't worry Panthers' fans, there are many positives to take away from the game.

Defense, defense, defense. Coach Geoff Collins seems to have the Golden Panthers' defense performing at a high-level. It was nice to see how quick the guys looked out there.

The defense is going to be a big help this year. I was not sure how well FIU would do this season but if the Panthers' defense can keep playing like this, I do not see why a 6-6 or possibly a 7-5 record is out of the question (I say this with a lot of caution). I would not be doing my job if I did not question the fact that the Rutgers' offense is not that good.

Even though I think the FIU defense is much improved. I still think we need to see what happens against Texas A&M and particularly Maryland to see where the defense truly stands. With that said, I do not want to take credit away from the job the guys did on Saturday. They really played very well and showed some great things.Statistically, FIU limited Rutgers to a 172 total yards (96 pass, 76 rush) which usually means a win. FIU is currently ranked second in the nation in total defense behind California, a pretty remarkable feat after last season.

Consistent line play. Both the d-line and o-line played well. The Panthers offensive line was nearly flawless...except for a sack. I felt for much of the night both Wesley Carroll and Wayne younger had a good amount of time in the pocket to make plays. Offensive line coach Alex Mirabal and coach Cristobal have done a good job of filling in the hole left by Kevin Van Kirk's injury. The o-line was also able to open enough holes for the Panthers to have an effective run game for most of the night.

Offensive flashes. One thing you can take away from this game is that this offense has the potential to move the ball. The score would have been a lot different if the Panthers didn't turn the ball over four times, including three costly fumbles. Running back Jeremiah Harden had a solid 88 yards on 15 carries, but he also had a drive ending fumble. Cristobal about Harden in Saturday's game. "Explosive guy made some nice plays, but you can't put the ball on the ground. He had some real nice runs. He also had the catch for a touchdown. I don't want to point out at him. I know they are a good team, they tomahawked [the ball], stripped it out."

If Harden can keep his hands on the ball the kid could turn into a major play maker for the Panthers.

FIU fans show up. The game attracted more than 19,000+ to the stadium. Let's see what happens later on in the year when the team starts SBC play how many show up. A large crowd like Saturdays can only help your team.


QB play. The quarterback play was erratic from both Carroll and Younger. That being said, I feel Carroll played much better. Carroll, 12-22, 166 yards, 2INT, 2TD, was able to move the offense. Younger (5-10, 38 yards) struggled to find a consistent rhythm. All preseason FIU fans have been waiting to find out will would be the starting QB. And now we know. Expect to see more Younger and Carroll in games.

During Saturday's post game news conference Cristobal said about Carroll, "He was hot and cold." About the QB battle Cristobal said. "We'll always play the guy who is playing best. If both guys are playing equally well or close to it, we'll do whatever is best for the offense. Very similar to schools like BYU or some other schools around the country they have to go to the same system because they are in a similar predicament." When asked if there has been separation so far Cristobal said, "Absolutely not."

Penalties. FIU was sloppy in the penalty department. FIU had 14 penalties for 126 yards compared to Rutgers 3 for 15 yards.

Turnovers. Along with 126 penalty yards, four turnovers will cause any team to lose.


FIU versus Maryland (Sept. 25) will be on ESPNU. Game time noon.

Justin Azpiazu


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Rutgers L
Texas A&M L

Hey Reality (Douchebag)

We are building a program over here, you got tired of licking your wounds from that beat down by Ohio State and come over here to make yourself feel better huh. SNIFF SNIFF...

Yeah...Pure scUM.

You're ALWAYS building a program.

Talking trash about UM losing at Ohio St when FIU loses at home to Rutgers?? Hahahahaha!


Memo to MC, open your eyes, WY is no qb, give either Metlock or Schirripa the game experience, WY can be the qb for the scout team.
The biggest problem with FIU football is that we haven't had a real head coach with experience and with a vision for x's and o's.

Recap for those who missed my preseason post;

Rutger L
Texas A&M L
Maryland L
Pitt L
North Texas W*
Florida Atlantic L
Troy L
Louisiana L
Arkansas State W*
Middle Tennessee L

* Games Mario will try to give away

FIUBLACKNBLUE- I could care less about UM, with that said they would beat FIU by 55 points.

0-12.. hmm? Why are you even wasting your time with an 0-12 team? Get out of this blog!
I'm so pissed about the rutgers game that a bad season would help get MC out! Starting to think that time can't come soon enough....
Not sure if turning around our academics, improving the quality of recruits (evident from Sat. game),and tireless promotion of FIU football is enough to keep him around!
Lets see you rebound MC, you can still make it right! Play to win and come out 1-3 in OOC. Go 6-2 in conference play...

Hey guys,

Im sorry about my anger and frustration. My gf left me for a Panther and it has made me sad. My Canes and JETS can't win a big game and since we beat FIU a few years back it gives me something to talk about. It's not easy rooting for a team that once was good. I will make more of an effort to be kinder to all of you. I am super scUM.

anyone going out to College Station for the game? if so, right across from Kyle field is a parking garage open to the public, you can tailgate there no problem. Also, if loog for a good BBQ place, try C-n-J's very good, very close to campus. Had a blast out there for the UM game a few years back. Should be a good game, need to contain TAMU QB to have a shot. will def be another good measuring stick to see how the program is shaping up

Under the guidance of Mario Cristobal and Pete Garcia Your FIU Football Golden Panthers will win 11 games:

1 game in 07
4 games in 08
3 games in 09
3 games in 10
11 wins!!! GO FIU


Did Mario steal your girl freind?

Mario is a good recruiter but his coaching has been questionable. Clearly Carroll is the QB here not Younger, a guy who has not won any game he has started.

You're ALWAYS building a program.

Talking trash about UM losing at Ohio St when FIU loses at home to Rutgers?? Hahahahaha!

Posted by: FIULoser | September 14, 2010 at 06:54 AM

There you go, reason to rejoice. Now go celebrate that moral victory on the UM board

I love the haters coming here. You know what guys we did lose thanks to a boneheaded coaching decision that lasted 3/4 of the second half. What we did show, however, is that despite still not being at full strength we could statistically out play an AQ school. Now we just need to keep Wes in and cut down on the mistakes and this team will win, and it will win this year.

I may be mistaken, but didnt MC also keep WY as starting QB over PM for the majority of the 2007 season with the reason being that WY had shown he was the better QB? Wasnt the only reason PM even got the starting oppurtunity, and eventually the only victory of the season, was because WY was hurt?

I dont know what MC's fascination with WY is. He continues to insist on starting him. Is it because he doesnt want to admit that WY is at best a change of pace QB? MC needs to realize this is not a good QB, will never be a good QB and does not need to be playing significant snaps in the second half of a game that FIU has a chance to win.

This is year 4 MC, these mistakes need to end or your career at FIU may be soon over.

WY's place in the offense is for a change of pace qb. he has not shown he can run an offense. WC was nervous/rusty. so what. it was his first real game in over a year. the reality is the OL played well and WC gave us a chance to win. MC, go with your talent. WC is the best qb we have. I think Medlock has all the tools to run this offense, all he needs is time. As fas as the game, section 112 was upset with the lack of direction provided in the second half of the game. Please, WC all the way.

Im a huge Cristobal supporter, but I have to agree with mostly everyone about his really bad call of putting Younger in the game.. When I saw him go in the game I thought it was a great idea because I was expexting two or three trick plays with his mobility but then I noticed he was going to stay for the rest of the game.. Extremly bad call. I think we can use Younger in a play here or there but 95% of the game should go to Carrol. Can we still go 6-6 absolutly.. Can we go 7-5 probably not..


FIU hoops talk, Isiah Q&A:


Cristobal is the MAN!!!! Keep up the good work !!!

FIURage, Mario has done amazing work with this program. He has brought in two talented coordinators, and has seriously upgraded our on field personel. That said he has to be held accountable for the WY decision, it was just boneheaded and cost us the win. Wes had settled down, the turnovers had ceased, and we were moving. We could have put another TD or two up with Wes under center.

I love what Mario has done with the program, this is a better team, but he made a mistake.

NEW BBALL commit class of 2011: Darnell Harris, 6'7 out of Humble Texas, Christian Life Center. Same school as Chris coleman, more of a three than a four. Held offers from FIU, Providence and Loyola (ill). Not a bad pick up, now have him, Coleman (6'10) and former UM commit Yvan (6'11).

I not sure everyone has had a chance to check out the Press Conference at FIUSports for the upcoming Texas A&M ...


But here is something I noticed: Ashlyn Parker (3rd video down) mentions how the stadium was so loud he could not here the plays his coach was calling.

I FOR ONE am very glad to hear this!!! Makes me proud that we can bring that kind of noise to the Stadium we need to make sure to continue bringing this type of support.

NEW BBALL commit class of 2011: Darnell Harris, 6'7 out of Humble Texas, Christian Life Center. Same school as Chris coleman, more of a three than a four. Held offers from FIU, Providence and Loyola (ill). Not a bad pick up, now have him, Coleman (6'10) and former UM commit Yvan (6'11).

Josh - Where did you read this?

Justin he read it either on Rivals or on ESPN basketball recruiting section, he's rated 95 on ESPN and a 3* on Rivals. Great get by Isiah!!!

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