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FIU vs. Rutgers live blog


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Wow... I dont know what to say about this game.

The defense had a great showing tonight. Very good defense. Definitely more aggressive and exciting. However, the offense was still tame and vanilla. I hope Wesley was injured because I dont understand why Younger was put in for the last drives. He missed a wide open TY in the endzone. Wide open!

Good turnout today, but it seems like the cluelessness of the crowd still persists. Making noise and chanting when we're on offense? Come on! Its basic knowledge that when your team has the ball you stay quiet. There were people pumping up the crowd and making noise while we were near the endzone! That just cant happen. We need smarter fans in there. Im glad to see they showed up though.

The atmosphere is still very weak. Roary stood around doing nothing and the music selection continues to be terrible. This was the first football game that one of the people I took ever attended and she pointed out that she felt like she was in a club. She said "I thought football games were supposed to be exciting and loud". When a person thats never been to a game before realizes somethings wrong with the atmosphere, thats just sad.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and it was a good game. Im not sure if the game was close because Rutgers isnt good this year or because we really improved, but if we play the way we did tonight during SBC games we have a good shot of getting a lot of wins this season.

Younger has a run first throw second mentality, might as well put TY at QB.

WY is athletic, but not a quaterback! Sorry WY but u suck as a quarterback. We should of used u for another position! Damn, I'm still mad we lost...

"They are what they thought they were, and we let them off the hook!!!!" Just like that ex-viking coach said

Thanks for nothing Mario...tick tick tick

That was a lost opportunity for sure. Why did they pull WC? Did he get hurt? I thought he was showing some things in the first half and the offense was threatening to start clicking. After they put WY in there, same old, same old.
I think Younger is too quick to check off all his receivers and tuck it and run. At other times he'll just sit back there forever until the line collapses. I don't want to see him get picked but it seems sometimes like the game is moving too fast for him.

I hate to bash the kid, I know he's trying. Maybe Satterfield can find a way to use WY's athletic ability in some other way. Or maybe both QB's need more real game experience before they start to click in this new system. They really did seem close at times. It's a shame, we definitely let Rutgers off the hook last night. I think after that 17 point line Rutgers fans and players were happy to just get out of here with the win.

They should have never pulled WC. The kid wasn't doing so great but he moved the ball and did score 2 TDs when it counted. Then he was pulled and left out even though WY was clearly ineffective. Some decisions by our coaches were highly questionable. What was up with the 4th qtr punt from our 40yd line into the end zone with 5 minutes left? Our defense held but they could have held as well from the 40, they should have gone for it.

It's hard work being a fan of this team year after year.

Thoughts about yesterday:
NEW HOSTING BAR - The "S" Sports Bar:

Very nice bar and the wings are very similar to The Sports Grill. Also much bigger than The Sports Grill and great deals too. I’m glad this is the new sports bar for hosting FIU games.

Not a lot of tailgating, but I assume this is because everyone went to a bar to watch the UF / FSU / UM games before our game instead of tailgating.

The fly-over timing was way off.

The band was hard to hear from the other side of that stadium (I was sitting in student section and they were playing on the other side during the flag presentation). One of our goals should be to grow the band, twice as big over the years.

I liked that this year the band was sitting much closer to the students. That way we can fill students to the left and the right.

The band was more involved in the game and with the students. I really like the Faster-Tempo music they play during a kickoff. Do that everytime it rocked!!! And during chanting sometimes a Tuba player chants along. Do that everytime too!

Most packed I’ve ever seen the student section. I walk into the stadium at 8PM and could not find a seat. Last year it would not get packed until 30 mins into the game.

Forcing everyone to leave the stadium through one exit IS DUMB!!! Let us use the other exits damn it.

I’m so upset. We were the better team and yet manage to lose the game. Rutgers was our best chance to win out of the first four games. And when you have a chance to beat a BCS and breakthrough to another level you have to take it! RUTGERS WAS NOT GOOD! We have to close them OUT!!! Now all we have is a chance to beat SunBelt teams because we are not gonna beat the remaining BCS schools. Extremely upsetting.

Why are we playing Younger at the end of the game DAMMIT? They could not stop our deep throws, so bring Carroll in and let him pass it!!! Last play we need 9 yards and we try a short pass and have them run it the remaining 6!??!?!? Give yourself a chance by throwing it at least to the First Down marker. DMAN ITITII11!>>!>!>!>
Good news is our O-line is finally holding up. And the defense looks amazing.

I'm still hurting man...

We had them

"They could not stop our deep throws" True if receivers are out strength why not lob it up there and let them make a play on the ball.

The advantage to this blog as opposed to Pete's is that we can say very loud and clear, "WY sucks as a quarterback!" Gosh he pisses me off, WY can u just graduate already? Or at least play another position...

Tough, tough, heartbreaking loss.

We had this game won with WESLEY CAROLL. NOT Younger. Worst decision ever. HORRIBLE DECISION there.

BUT, I did like some things:

1) the no huddle was awesome, but the team needs more work to avoid stupid penalties
2) Using TY in the WildCat = AWESOMENESS
3) Our O Line is AWESOME. We had some great RUNS!
4) The DEFENSE is absolutely AMAZING!!!! They are nasty!
5) The game environment was awesome. Best time i've had at FIU game ever.
6) Why is the band and cheerleaders pumping up the crowd on OFFENSE? Dont people know you have to be quiet for your team to do well and hear each other out there?

Teach me how to dougie. Teach, teach, teach me how to dougie.

Teach me how to dougie. Teach, teach, teach me how to dougie.

This song is stuck in my head, Help...



We own the Prowl. That is why we have our name on it...

FAU will win the Shula Bowl again this year!

^^^^ Didn't you hooters get your butts kicked yesterday? That team of yours looks pretty weak. Rutgers would have blown you out.

FIU has more TV time: http://fiusports.typepad.com/the-prowl/

And apparently there might be some news regarding the QBs...


Just noticed you had a blog up with predictions before the game...
The Golden Panthers will have to come ready to play if they hope to stop Rutgers. Unfortunately for FIU, I see the Scarlet Knights taking an early lead and not giving it up. I look to the Rutgers defense to limit FIU's chances in the first-half. FIU will find its offensive rhythm early in the third quarter but it will prove to be in a losing effort. RU 21-14."

LOL... Right on the money.. Almost...Hey can you post Lotto Numbers tonight...LOl.
"The Golden Panthers will have to come ready to play if they hope to stop Rutgers."
We were not, not as a team anyway... Two consequitive Turnovers in first two drives... Thank god the D held or it would of been bad.
"Unfortunately for FIU, I see the Scarlet Knights taking an early lead and not giving it up."
Early Lead yeah, but they did give it up when WC settled down and took the lead 14-13.. two offensive TD's agains a BCS Conference program... Too much exitement for Mario Christobal.

"I look to the Rutgers defense to limit FIU's chances in the first-half. FIU will find its offensive rhythm early in the third quarter but it will prove to be in a losing effort."
Flawless, like a crystal Ball!!!! LOL... Exept you left out the, remove WC and tank the rest of the 4th part....

Yeah, the news is: WY is going to start against Aggies.... LOL...

Top 10 Reasons for WY starting:
10. Reason WC is pissed and wants to transfer...LOL... oh, no! we such again!
9. WY didn't lead a drive!
8. WY didn't throw a TD
7. WY hasn't won a game as starter, and we have a good chance of pulling this one out!
6. WY needs reps for the Terps Game.
5. WY hasn't been given an honest chance to earn the job.
4. WY has experience against Sunbelt Teams while WC only played in the SEC
3. WC gives the team the best chance to Win.
2. WY holds the long snap laces out! while WC holds the FG attempt Laces In!!
1. Jacory Harris is comming to FIU.. Oh, no! we suck again...LOL

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Any thoughts on the game? Quarterback controversy?

This stuff about the Rutgers D showing a favorable scheme for Younger might be a good explanation to use him in one series but certainly not in the subsequent ones, especially the last one when we needed to drive a considerable distance to win the game. Younger should only be brought in a third and short situation where the run / short pass options he provides are good.

Unfortunately Mario missed a great opportunity to win a game against a BCS opponent in front of a packed stadium and get some press because of the same stubborn insistence on Younger that he showed in year 1. I hope this experiment is over.

Texas A&M and Pitt are going to be much tougher.

What a game. What can I say, Cristobal lost this one for us. And for him to be quoted in the paper the following day saying he would do it again, is purely stupid. WY has never won a game as a starter. Caroll is a proven winner.

Cristobal, a am disappointed. I will be the first to begin booing you if you put in WY and ruin our chances of winning.

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