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Lousiville, Florida State highlight 2010 hoops sked

2010-11 Men’s Basketball Schedule

Date    Opponent    Site    Time (ET)
12 (Fri.)    FLORIDA MEMORIAL    Miami, Fla.    8:00 p.m.
15 (Mon.)    BARRY    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
18 (Thurs.)    FLORIDA STATE    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
20 (Sat.)    UTAH VALLEY    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
27 (Sat.)    CHATTANOOGA^    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
29 (Mon.)    at Marshall^    Huntington, W.Va.    TBA

1 (Wed.)    at Louisville^    Louisville, Ky.    TBA
4 (Sat.)    at Jackson State^    Jackson, Miss.    TBA
12 (Sun.)    at Bowling Green    Bowling Green, Ohio    2:00 p.m.
18 (Sat.)    SAM HOUSTON STATE    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
22 (Wed.)    FLORIDA A&M    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
28 (Tues.)    at Utah Valley    Orem, Utah    TBA

2 (Sun.)    at ULM*    Monroe, La.    4:00 p.m.
6 (Thurs.)    ARKANSAS STATE*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
8 (Sat.)    SOUTH ALABAMA*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
13 (Thurs.)    at North Texas*    Denton, Texas    8:00 p.m.
15 (Sat.)    at Denver*    Denver, Colo.    6:00 p.m.
20 (Thurs.)    UALR*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
22 (Sat.)    at South Alabama*    Mobile, Ala.    TBA
27 (Thurs.)    WKU*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
29 (Sat.)    MIDDLE TENNESSEE*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.

3 (Thurs.)    at Troy*    Troy, Ala.    8:30 p.m.
5 (Sat.)    at Florida Atlantic*    Boca Raton, Fla.    TBA
10 (Thurs.)    LOUISIANA*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
12 (Sat.)    at Middle Tennessee*    Murfreesboro, Tenn.    6:30 p.m.
19 (Sat.)    FLORIDA ATLANTIC*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.
24 (Thurs.)    at WKU*    Bowling Green, Ky.    TBA
26 (Sat.)    TROY*    Miami, Fla.    7:00 p.m.

5-8 (Sat.-Tue.)    at Sun Belt Conference Tournament    Hot Springs, Ark.


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WELL, WELL, WELL...........I know we are out of the baseball season but looking into some old baseball for FIU, guess what????? This goes for c_UM and roary and all the great FIU fans that followed the much critized JORGE MARBAN....he is now a TEXAS RANGER do to the way he played in Alaska Summer League...WOWOWOWOW. You can check in MiLB.com and just type in his name......INCREDIBLE. I wonder what happened????
Good Luck to Jorge!

sorry I meant to put *criticized*

he probably pitches better against wooden bats than aluminum bats its a different beast.

Well, but the money is in the wooden bats not in the aluminum....and the players at the Summer Leagues are better players as I understand.....

People need to learn the difference between a critic and a hater. There is a huge difference.
So over the summer he worked on his delivery and earned a free agent contract like scotty did two months ago.... great for him... go Jorge.
Isn't that the point of criticism, too improve.
I played golf with a guy who was ranked #3 in fl in hs. Couldnt put so save his life, guess what 20 yrs later and 1000 putters and still cant putt. .... yes I know golf....lol. listen to critics and work your game.

Agree with you chiaPanther.....but what that poor kid got last season were not critics, it was hate in all the expression of the word, if you look at his record at the Alaska Baseball League, I don't think he had much time to work his delivery, it was the same he had when he left Miami, you don't work in a week something than in 3 months has been constant..and in FIU he didn't pitch for a while....

Hey Panther Viscosity, when you strikeout someone, does it make any difference what type of bat you are using?

So is Jorge your brother or your son? Haha. Good for him, hope he does well.

neither FIUer, just a perfect fan! HAHAHAHA!

I'm glad that Jorge made it, for his own sake and his family as well. It would've been nice he could have shown that great form he displayed during the Summer while he was at FIU, but hey, it is what it is. Congrats to Jorge and good luck in the future!

Yes PerfectFan, we are all so stupid that we hated on Jorge even though he was striking everyone out, never gave up walks, never gave up game winning hits and always converted on save opportunities (that is sarcasm in case you missed it). The reason he was being criticized is BECAUSE we thought he had the talent but at FIU he couldn't put it together. We wanted him to succeed, we wanted him to pitch at FIU the way he did in the Summer League. Bottom line, he didn't, and you don't have to believe me, check out the numbers. I for one am glad that he found his stuff and is doing well, not one FIU fan wants these kids to fail, good luck to him and I hope he becomes the next Golden Panthers in the majors. Go F I U!

Athletes are a wierd people.... GW batted .240 last summer and we all know what happened next. Maybe it finally clicked, maybe he ralated better to the pitching coach in summer ball.. TT pitching coach was not an ncaa pitcher and jorge had issues with that.
In anycase add him to the list at fiugoldenpanthers and lets hope he makes it.

That was an opinion .... meant to add a maybe.

El Monstrou was traded to the Eagles! Any thoughts? I think he'll definitely get more opportunities, but not sure how quickly he'll be able to pick up their defensive schemes. If that at all matters.

This is somewhat surprising since he had really stepped up his game this preseason and showed a lot of promise at the end of last season. I guess the Ravens felt they were too stacked at the OLB/DE position.

Well, I think ChiaPanther he is getting there.. to almost make it. But you know what this tought me a lesson and like my father used to say, your trash will be somebody else's treasure.....talk to you next year, when Baseball starts again! and I hope next year the pitching staff will be much better...

Where there's smoke there's fire..word is out that compliance director leaves FIU..seems like NCAA is looking heavily into FIU Baseball and Basketball....Turtle and IT I knew it wouldn't take long..

In my humble opinion jORGE Marban found that an athlete needs a place to apreciate his talent and teach him,this game is 75% mental and do not cast doubt,Iam sure he was wanted to finish in FIU but ,Jorge make the best decision,The best for him.

"NCAA is looking heavily into FIU Baseball and Basketball...."

What's your source? It seems these days the NCAA is looking at every school. Come back when you actually have news to tell "reality" not just some unsupported rumors.

Facts are out that a former UM booster and reputed scammer, had relationships with several UM players, coaches, and administrators, shelling out thousands of dollars in direct violation of several NCAA rules. Now UM, and their defenders like FIU-hating Greg Cote, are in full motion to deny and defend....UM sports...knew it wouldn't stop....

Now, that's reality.

O wait reality is the same source that the Herald used for the report of IT becoming the Knicks GM or Coach.

if you play at FIU and dont step up while you are wearing the uniform, this FIU Fan WILL call you out in the blogs and in the game (section 112). Good for JM for putting it together. Would have been nice if he stepped up while at FIU or in the CWS tournament. Other than that, good luck in pro baseball..

Well Roary nice seen you back, if I am not mistaken he did stepped up while at the CWS tournament, but he was not allowed to continue...he pitched at A&M and he stroke out two players and then that was it....don't believe me like they say check the records.....the only bright spot in the CWS against A&M was him....check the articles...and I am sorry to be back...I said in my last post I won't see you all till next year...:-)

Are you serious Fanatic? You don't think if there was a grain of truth the NCAA would be all over it? They were on top of us for the academic cheating scandal before it even broke.

You know zero facts, just taking the words of a ponzi schemer as gold. You make yourself look worse and worse month by month on here.

You don't need a fraudster to confirm scUM and their fans are, well, scum. Proven again on 9/2/10...


Well, well, well...Now Fomenter...alias "I change my points and do not accept I'm wrong"..(hint: Willis Wright was offered by Miami) comes here to defend the U. As I've said, if it looks like a cat, likes to follow rats, does not get along with dogs...and meows like a cat....it must be a cat.

Here, he accepts (finally) he is a fan of UM. Here is what he had to say when talking about Miami

"They were on top of us for the academic cheating scandal before it even broke" Hmmm...looks like a Miami fan. Talk about a liar pretending NOT to be a UM fan, and who looks worse every time he opens his mouth....Wow...LOL>>>

Accept "reality".

....and I understand it happens at many of the major college btw, those NCAA infractions, including FSU as well.

Why would Shapiro out the school that he so loved and contributed millions to? He would only do this if he had real dirt. Plus, its common sense. As a college football player at a large program if you had some rich guy coming up to you offering you perks, would you take them? Many would. I suspect that Shapiros allegations are true.

You clearly aren't anywhere near as intelligent as you'd like to think. Clearly I'm talking about the school I root for, but you like to insist it's UM, but there only issue, academic wise, was something with one of their WRs a decade or so ago that resulted in no infractions. I understand the inferiority complex you hold is strong and will never get over it, it's okay. One day, you'll come to terms with it. Your unoriginality won't hide it.

From everything I've been told from those within the UM program, Shapiro is upset because he promised money, never gave it, and UM stripped him of any public recognition.

Why would a ponzi schemer "out" a school he loves so dearly? Well, if it's not for the book deal he's trying to get I really don't know what the reason is (insert obvious sarcasm here).

P.S. Wright was never offered by Miami as a receiver, not like he had the grades to get in there anyway. He's lucky FIU was able to squeeze him in and he didn't have to go JUCO.

*their only issue...

Actually forget it, you guys are right. You know better than the NCAA, which has taken no action. After all, you have the word of a ponzi schemer lol. Way to really strengthen your position. Never hate your enemy, it clouds your visions little boys.

LOL....Fomenter is living in his own little world, and he still thinks he is smart and above "normal message board posters"....Goodness. He can't accept, unfortunately, he was wrong there, since he was repeating verbatim what was being said in UM's blogs....Poor lonely soul....Pobrecito.....Que bruto es!

Fanatic, where pathetic meets public education. Really sad.

Pobrecitoo....living in his own dream world. Snap from it and maybe you can become a productive, positive person, instead of the bitter, negative, and "more important than you really are" individual you portray here. I truly hope so, for your own sake. Que bruto es!

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