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Projected offensive starters; countdown to Rutgers


Wesley10 FIUfoot MHS TMC QB: I think most FIU fans know who will be the starting QB this year. Just in case you don't, expect junior Wesley Carroll (left), to play most of the game against Rutgers. Wayne Younger has had plenty of work during fall camp and will most likely see some playing time. 

RB: There is still some confusion as to who will be the Panthers' starting running One13 fiuscrimmage MHS ADD back. Junior Darriet Perry (301 yards on 103 attempts 2009), sophomores Darrian Mallery and Jeremiah Harden (right) are all battling for the stating spot. Mallery has been practicing with the first-team lately. Since I have to pick one guy, I'll go with Mallery, but I would not be shocked to see him split carries with the other running backs. 

WR: Junior T.Y. Hilton and senior Greg Ellingson are the only two wide receivers that are guaranteed to be starters. Junior Mertile, Willis Wright and Wayne Times are battling for the third spot. At the moment, I'll say Mertile will be the third WR against Rutgers. I don't think Willis Wright, as a true freshman, will start the game. I think it is very possible that Wright will be a starter in the near future, just not the first game. Senior Ariel Martinez has put together a nice fall camp and should see some playing time off the bench.

Faucher29 preview MHS AU TE: Jonathan Faucher (left, during his years with Cypress Bay) will most likely be the starter (since Dudley LaPorte is still dealing with his foot injury) but it is still to early to tell if he will be physically ready to play. Faucher is also dealing with a lower leg injury that he sustained early in fall camp. If Faucher does not play, junior Colt Anderson will take his place.

Offensive line

C: Brad Serini (right, no surprise here), LT: Caylin Hauptmann, RT Rupert Bryan Jr., 200 fiu SPTS ADD OG: David Istanich, OG: Giancarlo Revilla.

Response to comments

I think Mack could start at guard or is he still out of shape?...Panther Viscosity

A. Mack has lost a lot of weight. He could definitely be a starter. He's a big guy listed at 6-4, 320 on the roster. Cristobal told me last week that he has really slimmed down and is getting into better shape.

2010 FIU iPhone App is ready

The app is free for the first 30 days, then it's 1 month: $0.99, 3 months: $1.99, 6 months $2.99, 12 months: $4.99.

Deadspin catches up with Isiah Thomas

Deadspin.com caught up with Coach Thomas after a U.S. Open match. Story here.

Tomorrow defensive starters.

Justin Azpiazu


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I think Mack could start at guard or is he still out of shape?

He is still out of shape like the rest of the panthers. Miami wins against OH state & FIU lose to Rutgers. Oh well some things in life are not fair. Its all about the U!

the only thing in life that is not fair is that god gave you a small willy and so you feel compelled to come to the FIU blog and swing some imaginary big ones behind the anonymity of the internet... you weasel.

its also unfair that he's the world's biggest fan.......of a school his probably never step foot in. sucks to be such a phony like him.

Cedric Mack will be starting at LG, the only battle is for RG between Istanich and Ceedrick Davis.


FYI - Football Pep Rally this Thursday night at 8pm with players/coaches in front of Fraternity Row (Fiji/PIKE) Houses......Music, Prizes and Special Guests.

FIUBlueandGold that's is what I thought I had heard.

Ced lost 45lb for the season... he sitting somewhere between 310-315 right now.

"A bigger concern for Schiano is the change in coordinators, though FIU now lists its offense as a spread and its defense as a 3-4."

according to a rutgers article in the star ledger, i thought we still had a 4-3 d?

After watching Maryland, Rutgers, Texas AM, Pitt, FAU and North Texas this past weekend..it's possible FIU could be 1-6 by mid season..WKU is no gimme but I think FIU will pull that one off.


There is a much greater chance of your scUMbags having a losing season than FIU.

That's the reality.


"7. Rutgers
Yeah, the Knights opened with a 31-0 victory. No, no one in Piscataway is celebrating. In handling lowly Norfolk State, Rutgers may have raised more questions than it answered Thursday night, executing poorly and looking ill-prepared. While you don’t want to get too worked up about an opener, clinging to a 6-0 lead midway through the third and struggling to pass protect against the Spartans might be harbingers of things to come."

What game were you watching?

I wouldnt be overly confident either... we really have no idea what weve got with our 2010 Panthers. Rutgers will not make those mistakes again.

reality is probably just lookin at results... but thechampionunderdog is right.. we dont know what these panthers are so lets not get overly confident

It is funny how UCG fans feel the need to come here and talk trash, but many of those same fans never went to college. To those guys who love to flash a fake gang sign I have a movie for you, it is called Big Fan, you are the Paul Aufiero of the college sports world.

Dan Lebatard (UM Alumnus) started his Friday show with a funny rant about the fight and made fun of UM fans, the empty seats and how none of the people fighting in the crowd have a UM education (or any education for that matter). You might want to go listen to it TheU it is precisely about YOU.

We've been waiting all year for this... reading up on RU and their summer/spring issues... seeing our weight gains/improvements, getting our best Freshman Class in our history. Finally getting a highly regarded Jucco that can actually play the season opener and hopefully a full season.... Seeing the horrific start by RU.
We do know somethings about our team. We know the previous DC is gone!! We know just from the limited scrimmage that friday night that GC will bring the Heat and force Savage to get rid of the ball quickly. We know they have only one receiver who head to head had 35 yds against us. And we know our DL is better and Stronger than last years... at least healthier with both JJ's playing. We know we have a true 320+ lb (DT) who'll be available.
On Offense, we know we're not starting two true sophmores at OL. We know we have a heavily recruited D-1 QB (even it it was a few years ago) finally starting. We know CMack will play from the get-go and not in 8 weeks.
That's all I need, you ask not to be optimistic, there's no other way not to be!!... GO BLUE & Gold!!

meant to say two true freshmen starting!

There is a much greater chance of your scUMbags having a losing season than FIU.

That's the reality.
Posted by: Quijote

History shows FIU has never had a winning season...now that's reality

Your momma's never had a winning season.


great post!!

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