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Weekly FIU news conference; QB battle

QB battle

As many of you might have suspected, Coach Mario Cristobal named Wesley Carroll (right) the starting Wesley10 FIUfoot MHS TMC QB. Even though Carroll will start, expect to see Wayne Younger play. Cristobal said he was not happy with the way either QB played against Rutgers and will use which ever one he feels gives the offense the best chance at moving the ball. 

On Wednesday Cristobal said about the QB situation, "Wes has done some good things. Both quarterbacks have done some good things. We think going into this football game and going forward with this season, [Carroll] has earned the right to be the starter."


Coach Cristobal touched on several points during Wednesday's news conference.

Opening remarks

"The Aggies are a big and physical football team. Obviously a Heisman Trophy candidate at quarterback. One of the top offenses in the country. On defense they changed what they have done defensively to what Air Force did last year with the new coordinator [Tim DeRuyter]. They are very aggressive. Tremendous challenge to us and something our players have been looking forward to all summer."

On the defense

"We are very multiple defensively. And I think the ability to adjust is really going to help us as the season goes along."

Louisiana Tech Texas A M Football(7) On Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson (left)

"He does it all well. Whenever the ball is in his hands, there is danger. He can run it, he can throw it. He makes stuff out of broken plays. He can scramble. He's a very large individual at about 250 pounds. He's a triple threat guy."

On cutting down on mistakes

"We have to get better at that. Us not turning the ball over, obviously along the lines of creating turnovers and we also have to cut out the penalties. Especially the pre-snap ones. Those can put you in bad downage situations."

On Aggies WR Jeff Fuller (right)

"He's a big man. He's a complete wide receiver and certainly we are aware of him." Louisiana Tech Texas A M Football(3) 

On communicating in a hostile environment

"You practice for it. What you don't want to let it surprise you. You don't not want to practice something during the course of the week that you can not communicate on Saturday. We've been practicing today and tomorrow with noise level, making our players aware of the heightened level of communication, how it comes into play in a game like this. I think we have a good plan going into it"

On the offensive and defensive lines

"We took a big step this past week. You'd like to eliminate the penalties, all the penalties but the physical nature of our play has certainly improved and has to keep improving for us to be the team we want to be. And certainly in a game like this, the tone is going to get set up front, we have a big challenge and we have to come out and play."

Tune in Thursday - Texas A&M scouting report, Friday - FIU scouting report, game prediction.

Justin Azpiazu


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Justin, Josh read about the new basketball recruit, Darnell Harris, committing to FIU either on rivals which he is rated a 3* or on the espn basketball recruiting section where they have him rated as a 95 and part of the ESPN 100. This is a great get by Isiah!!!

I not sure everyone has had a chance to check out the Press Conference at FIUSports for the upcoming Texas A&M ...


But here is something I noticed: Ashlyn Parker (3rd video down) mentions how the stadium was so loud he could not here the plays his coach was calling.

I FOR ONE am very glad to hear this!!! Makes me proud that we can bring that kind of noise to the Stadium we need to make sure to continue bringing this type of support.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/09/fiu-versus-rutgers-breakdown-new-tv-info.html#ixzz0zdvjpzLE


read it on rivals main college bball recruiting site, not the FIU one run by Mark Stampini. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Looks like Antwan Space is going to Arkansas. Anything new on Deonta Abran another big body out of Texas. Also, with 7 guys leaving after this year on scholly, what are the numbers as far as schollys go next year? TIA.

MC, please leave Wes in the entire game. Unless he is injured please just leave him in. Aside from that, everything else is great. This team had some first game jitters, but I imagine those will be sorted out.

I loved the jam packed Cage. I hope that we can pack the house again on October 4th. It felt like a real college football on 9/11, and we need to keep that going.

Let Coach Satterfield decide who plays quarterback. The guy is a former QB and QB coach for crying out loud, and a great offensive coordinator. Hire the right guys and then get out of their way!

Another copy and paste job by Justin. You're not ashamed to copy and paste and put your name at the bottom?

Not a huge fan of the "cover the spread" poll. I understand being realistic, but this is like asking FIU fans how much they think their team will lose by this weekend. In fact, it IS asking FIU fans how much they think their team will lose by this weekend. Not sure of the value in that.

Agreed on the "cover the spread" poll. Justin needs to have some foresight on how his readers interpret what he writes. Remember who's your audience.

Danny Pike instead of coming here calling out what is "copy and pasted" stay where you read it the first time or live in that feel good world of PP..

Thanks Josh for the info.

The cover the spread poll is asking a specific question. Not if you think the team will lose.


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