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FIU-Pittsburgh Live Blog

Now THIS is what football is supposed to be. Crisp, clear October afternoon in Western Pennsylvania.

Temperatures in the 50s, with a (seemingly) big crowd on hand.

The FIU Golden Panthers (0-3) look for their first win of the season, while the Pittsburgh Panthers (1-2) are looking to bounce back after an embarrassing home loss to Miami last Thursday.

Kickoff is 3:30 p.m. Check back at 3:25 for the live blog, which admittedly will be a little light, as I'm again a one-man-band on the road.


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I like this no huddle the defense is sucking wind

I told you so

0-4 - - - - I have seen this show before.

I love how you smug SOB's come out of the woodwork now... It takes vision and guts to be a fan of a young program. Stop being little maggot internet bullies and ride off on the little plastic horses you came on.

yes, u tell them Champion!! I am proud of FIU and #86 and I know we will turn around and start winning!! GO FIU!

They will do well in conference play.

Mario is clueless, I am convinced, how did we get stuck with this guy?

Yes, viscosity... I agree... After the tough showing these first four weeks, I think they have a great chance at running the table with their remaining Sun Belt games... We may very well be witnessing the true birth of a major football program right now, regardless of the 0-4 start. If they play the way they've been playing with their Conference opponents, they stand to salvage what's left of this season in a big way... Go Panthers!!

This team practice losing, they will win 2 or 3 sunbelt games, but they won't run the table. They don't have the right coaches in place to do so.

Enough of UM and FIU comparisons. FIU looked cluesless against a team The U dominated.

What happened to a receiver named TY Hilton?. Wasn't he the greatest thing since sliced bread?.

Enough of UM and FIU comparisons. FIU looked clueless against a team The U dominated.
What happened to a receiver named TY Hilton? Wasn't he the greatest thing since sliced bread?
What about Cody Pellecier, the greatest linebacker ever signed at FIU. How about the 6 kids from state champion Booker T. Washington?
Could we agree that MC is basically inflating his status as recruiter and coach?
When is he going to take responsibility for a loss and say it publicly?

Who are we losing, o sorry, playing next week?

TY Hilton is hurt, you would have been able to read that at 3:00am when you wrote your drunk spew on our message board, but I guess that is asking much for a canes fan to do. No one is comparing FIU to UM, you and the other cane's fans are the ones who bring it up. Does it make you feel more like a man to state that UM who has been playing football since the 20's is better than FIU who started playing football in 2002. You have to be a real genious to figure out that this would be the end result, but I guess beating your chest on an FIU message board at 3:00am is the best thing you could be doing at that hour. Looking forward to the start of conference play.

Is this why they raised tuition fees? This is robbery!!!

Another year another 0-4 start. Sun Belt victories better start raining or everyone's throwing out the kool-aid.

Wow the scUM trash is polluting this blog.

Let's see how game 5 turns out for us. This is a must win game, if not, a seat will start to warm up. Go Panthers!

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