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FIU receives 11 midseason All-Sun Belt Conference selections


Safety Jonathan Cyprien, cornerback Anthony Gaitor and wide receiver T.Y. Hilton.


WR Greg Ellingson and center Brad Serini. KR T.Y. Hilton.


OL Caylin Hauptman, OL Cedric Mack, K Jack Griffin, DE Jarvis WIlson, LB Winston Fraser.

Complete list

1st TEAM 2nd TEAM 3rd TEAM
QB Corey Robinson, Troy Ryan Aplin, Arkansas St Kolton Browning, ULM
RB Lance Dunbar, North Texas Alfred Morris, FAU Phillip Tanner, Middle Tennessee
RB Bobby Rainey, WKU DuJuan Harris, Troy Derek Lawson, Arkansas St
WR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy Allen Muse, Arkansas St Luther Ambrose, ULM
WR Lester Jean, FAU Greg Ellingson, FIU Jason Bruce, Troy
WR T.Y. Hilton, FIU Taylor Stockemer, Arkansas St Dwayne Frampton, Arkansas St
TE Rob Housler, FAU Ladarius Green, Louisiana Jack Doyle, WKU
C Tyler Clark, Troy Brad Serini, FIU Ian Burks, Louisiana
OG Kelvin Drake, North Texas Ryan McCaul, ULM Cedric Mack, FIU
OG Preston Bailey, Middle Tennessee Sifa Etu, Arkansas St Esteban Santiago, North Texas
OT Victor Gill, North Texas Wes Jeffries, WKU Derek Newton, Arkansas St
OT Mike Williams, Middle Tennessee James Brown, Troy Caylin Hauptmann, FIU
KR Willie McNeal, WKU T.Y. Hilton, FIU Roderick Hall, Arkansas St
PR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy Eric Russell, Middle Tennessee Orkeys Auriene, Louisiana
1st TEAM 2nd TEAM 3rd TEAM
DE Jamari Lattimore, Middle Tennessee Ken Dorsey, ULM Mario Addison, Troy
DT Bryan Hall, Arkansas St Shavod Atkinson, North Texas Dorvus Woods, Arkansas St
DT Kelvin Jackson, North Texas Amos Draper, Arkansas St Jarvis Givens, FAU
DE Jonathan Massaquoi, Troy Cory Henry, FAU Jarvis Wilson, FIU
LB Craig Robertson, North Texas Xavier Lamb, Troy Jason Edwards, ULM
LB Thomas Majors, WKU Daylon McCoy, Louisiana Jeremy Phillips, North Texas
LB Michael Lockley, FAU Malik Eugene, FAU Winston Fraser, FIU
LB Darin Davis, Middle Tennessee Javon McKinnon, Arkansas St Cameron Blakes, ULM
CB Anthony Gaitor, FIU Robert Nelson, ULM Dwight Bentley, Louisiana
CB Bryan Willis, Troy Chris Pickett, Troy Rod Issac, Middle Tennessee
S Willard Ross, Troy Jeremy Kellem, Middle Tennessee Lance Kelley, Louisiana
S Jonathan Cyprien, FIU Marcus Bartels, FAU Alex Ibe, ULM
K Michael Taylor, Troy Alan Gendreau, Middle Tennessee Jack Griffin, FIU
P Josh Davis, Middle Tennessee Mickey Groody, FAU Will Goggans, Troy




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3 O-Lineman is good to hear! Where's WC??? Something is wrong.

First year.... he needs time.

TY hasn'd done much as a WR this Yr.



Maybe FIU FPL, but it's Caylin's and Griffin's first year in SunBelt also. WC played for SEC teams and has great numbers so far. I'm interested to see which 3 QB's in SunBelt they 'think' have been better than WC! I guess it doesn't matter now, just at the end of the year. Still can't agree though.

I have to agree with FIUJM about having 3 OL picked.

That has been the BIGGEST change in the offense this year. Keep up the hard work with the fat-uglies..

If there is a "Coordinator Award" then that should be a VERY easy pick. Our D.C is not only getting the chili hot but his working magic with the boys on the field.. Keep it up!


I posted the complete list above.

Sorry dude, but WC can blame his own success in first half of games for not making the conference midseasson list. Due to 6 quarters of run control football trying to kill the clock (WKU, UNT, TexasA&M) and 2 quarters where WC didn't play (Rutgers), he is currently 5th in total passing yards and the mid-season awards went to top three (in order).
1. Corey Robinson-TROY 290.0 yds/game
2. Aplin, Ryan-ASU - 264.1 yds/game
3. Browning, Kolton-ULM 214.0 yds/game
4. Masson, Chris-ULL JR 212.5 yds/game
5. Carroll, Wes-FIU JR 209.5 yds/game

i agree w/ chia... right now WC is not the best QB in the conf.. but he has plenty of time to prove it

BTW am i alone in that i dont like the new comment section on articles... i dont see a post link and i know im logged in

the post comment on section articles sucks...
It appears it's not working.
Also, I keep getting those pop-ups from their advertisers, must of closed the airplane pop-up five times before proceeding... Felt like I was visiting and adult site...LOL

Chia, you should know better not to base only on YPG. If anything I agree with you on blaming coaches with decisions made especially against Rutgers. FIU may be 3-3 if it wasn't for bad coaching, but that's water under the bridge now. Whatever, still long season to prove he's worth of being Top QB in Sunbelt.

WC will put HUGE numbers at Lockart next week.. one game at a time boys/stats will be there in the end.

The difference in preparation and performance of the offensive line is remarkable and the reason the Panthers are having succes. Coach Alex Mirabal is a flat out genious, remember only one player returns from last years team and they have had their share of injuries. Pay attention to the techniques and line strategies and you will see what I mean about Mirabals genious.

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