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FIU-WKU live blog


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Congrats FIU on your first win!!! GO Panthers!

This was not a game that displayed FIU true talent. FIU is a far better team and has to start playing like it if they wish to get to a bowl game. North Texas is much improve and this effort will not get it it done. Still I seem the 2-0 in conf play after next week.

FIU is who we thought they were..a very bad team with a well below average coach. Stop making excuses, it is what it is...1-4 wins a nail bitter over 2nd yr D1 WKU school at home. If WKU's QB had any accuracy FIU would have lost by 12 points.

If we were to assume IFs then FIU would be 3-2 if it weren't for the blown games against Rutgers and Texas A&M. And if Carroll was more accurate with the long ball we would've dominated WKU.
Reality is FIU won and that is all that matters, if they all the conference games in the same ugly fashion I don't care as long as they keep winning.


nice to know you were watching though reality

Reality is the U has not beaten a division 1 school with a winning record

Yeah, but Reality has a point. See what ESPN thinks.


I for one am sick and tired of reading articles like these in the media.
Penalties, defense collapsing in the fourth quarter, and lack of wins will catch up with Mario this year if things aren't cleaned up soon.

I see some improvement in the athletes themselves and what they could be capable of but most of our problems come down to coaching.

If we end up struggling or God forbid losing against NT next week then heads need to roll. Here that Pete Garcia, Heads Must Roll!!!!

Go Panthers!

hey justin or adam,

is there any word on hardens status for north texas?

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