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Glance at Sun Belt Standings

Friends, hope you enjoyed your bye week. For the first time since Labor Day, actually had two consecutive days off. But I'm back and energized for the stretch.

And by the looks of things, it's gonna be wild. Thanks to Western Kentucky's 54-21 stunner AT Lafayette, Florida Atlantic remains the Sun Belt's lone winless team. Yes, the same FAU that hosts FIU on Saturday.

Much more on that game in the days to come, but first, here's a look at the SBC standings:

Troy 3-0
FIU 2-0
MTSU 2-1
ASU 3-2
ULM 2-2
ULL 2-3
WKU 1-2
UNT 1-3
FAU 0-3

In the words on a friend who's seen his fair share of Sun Belt games, "A lot of [bad] teams clubbing each other."

UPDATE: Just got word from the Golden Panthers that FIU's home game against ULM on Nov. 6 will appear on the Sun Belt Network, shown locally on CSS. Kickoff is 7:30 p.m.

UPDATE NO. 2: For those of you who had an issue with my buddy's assessment of the Sun Belt, here's something to mull over.

The highest-ranked Sun Belt team, according to Jeff Sagarin, is South Alabama, which won't formally be part of the conference in football until 2013. And that's at 100th place in the country.

Truth be told, these aren't very good teams. Not by a long stretch. But that doesn't mean FIU playing for a bowl berth isn't exciting -- or newsworthy. Just trying to keep a little perspective.


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Not sure a bowl will take a 3rd team from this conference..FIU controls its bowl fate..getting in the top two spots is a must

I don't think Troy, FIU, or even MTSU are "bad teams clubbing each other." You probably could've done without adding that little tidbit from your friend.

Yep the little tidbit should have been left out.

Not sure what the point of that tidbit was.

He had to...

In the words on a friend who's seen his fair share of bad Herald Sports articles, "A lot of [bad] writers clubbing each other."

Too bad those ratings are a total joke. USA has not played a single FBS opponent in it's history. Sagarin looks way too much into wins and losses and doesn't exactly look into who those wins came against. Again, the issue is not with your friend saying that... It's with you adding it to your post. Completely unnecessary. You may try to make it sound better by saying you were maintaining perspective but it seemed like a jab to me. You should have left it out. No need for it.

Bad teams? not evey level of sports has to be nationall ranked top 10 for its fans to care about it. you should have learned that in Journalisnm School.

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