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Starting in 5 minutes


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I told you that FIU wasn't any good


Maybe it's the beer talking, but it's time for Cristobal to go. Time to bring in Mike Leach....

This one feels like a punch in the gut man...

Incredible. You couldn't afford to supply Mike Leach's liquor cabinet, much less Mike Leach himself. Let go of the delusion.

I told you Shannon couldn't recruit

We gotta find Mario and FIU a better place to call home. It's not enough room in here...

Formenter, it isn't as if Leach is in a position to pick and choose.


Leach is the hottest coach out there. He WILL be able to pick and choose from real schools...he wont even consider this technical joke of JUCO school, get real.

Is it hot in here or is it me?

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