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UNT coach fired after loss to FIU

In a move that most everyone saw coming, North Texas coach Todd Dodge received his walking papers Wednesday, four days after FIU thrashed his Mean Green 34-10 in UNT's homecoming game.

Offensive coordinator Mike Canales will take over as the program's interim coach, taking the reins of a team that has lost six of its seven games this year.


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Go Panthers!

First Sunbelt Coaching Casualty.


Listened to a good portion of the news conference video..

The similarities are insane.
Dodge was 6-37 in 3.5 yrs.
Improvement in APR
Improvement in skill
Improvement in recruiting
Improvement in Graduation
Overall you get a great guy who couldn't win. It's important for MC to have a winning sunbelt record this SEASON. This just made MC seat alot hotter!!!

Lets go Panthers... Play and win for your COACH!!

Maybe FIU Administration should take a hint on this and get us a real HC! Fire Mario so we can win some games!

Not yet !
UNT was not decimated from an 18-player suspension. Many of whom never dressed again for FIU.
UNT did go thru the multiple sanctions due to ineligible players, gpa's, etc....
Mario's gotten a pass from PG because off all the improvements in all other aspects... But, after this comming recruiting class FIU will FINALLY have all 85 scholarships available. Then and only than can we evalutate his depth, skill players, and so forth...
I think FIU will challenge for a Sunbelt winning season this year... a 5-3 season or better will keep Mario's job.
But, if Butch is available after this season, than PG must go after BUTCH DAVIS....just saying, they have a lot of history together.

I'd rather keep Mario even if he only wins 3 games a year than bring in Butch Davis who has brought shame on UNC who were the poster child for doing things the right way. Why should FIU bring in this type of SCUM into the program?..to win the New Orleans Bowl?..not worth it.

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