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Chattanooga-FIU tipoff moved to 7:30 p.m.

In what should be an exciting doubleheader on campus, game time for FIU's game Saturday against Chattanooga has been moved to 7:30 p.m.

The game has likely been pushed back so it doesn't overlap with the Panthers' highly anticipated game against Arkansas State, which kicks off at 3:30.


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Probably a good idea.

Another exclusive!

Not sure who to root for. Both are my alma mater (FIU and Chattanooga). Screw it...GO PANTHERS!

Listened to Sedano today! First time I've heard an FIU betting line on the radio.


Play the 11/24 6-8AM section (if you stream it, let it queue up completely....it will show 80:14 once it is done).

At 76:30, Sedano mentions that FIU has its biggest game this Saturday and that Andy was jumping on the FIU bandwagon (the UM fan/graduate, Executive Producer) and will be going to FIU stadium on Sat to go see a winner (since there won't be one at Sun Life stadium.)

At 38:00, Sedano brings on Paramount Sports/Miami Heralds's Lee Sterling to talk about college football. He begins his interview by who jokingly asking whether the Heat Parade will compare to the parade that FIU will throw on 8th street if we win our first even conference title. He breaks down the game, predicts a score, and mentions he will be out at FIU Stadium TOO

FIU Fans!! Thanksgiving is over!!! Get ready for the Biggest Football Game in FIU History!!!! Bring Everyone you know!! THIS GAME WILL BE EPIC!!!!!!! 48hrs and we will be clearing the stadium and rushing the field for our Sunbelt Champs!!! (If SunBelt Officials Let Us) Let's Go FIU!!! I better see you there!!!

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