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Congrats, FIU ... Now what?

So, we all know that FIU is headed to a bowl game.

But which one, you ask?

We'll find out in the next seven days, but if I was a betting man, I'd say put money on New Orleans.

Here's why:

First off, FIU is a great story. The Panthers are a first-time conference champion, playing in a big media market with a flair for the dramatics (see: Hilton, T.Y.).

Furthermore, while FIU fans probably won't pack the Superdome (heck, they couldn't pack FIU Stadium Saturday), with Louisiana-Monroe's elimination from bowl contention, none of the remaining eligible teams -- FIU, Troy and Middle Tennessee -- will bring more than a few thousand to the Big Easy.

One other point. It's the worst-kept secret that the GoDaddy.com has a Bieber-sized crush on Troy, what with the university some 150 miles from Mobile. So a back-room deal might be arranged between the two bowls and the Sun Belt, allowing Troy to slip to GoDaddy and convincing New Orleans to take FIU.

One scenario that looks less and less likely: FIU falling to Detroit's Little Caesars bowl. There's no way I can see the SBC allowing its conference champ -- and as Mario Cristobal called it, the best story in the country -- falling to a terciery bowl, and allowing the bowls with the top two tie-ins to pass it over.

One other point: Bowl invitations are officially announced this coming Sunday, but if New Orleans truly is interested in FIU, we'll probably pick up some serious buzz in the next couple of days. If all is quiet, it might mean NOB still has interest in MTSU, which could make Saturday's regular-season finale the "Escape From Detroit" bowl.

I'll keep you posted.


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Detroit is a waste land. Dangerous city and nothing to do. Please let it be NO. If they go to Detroit, they will never want to go to another bowl.

Adam good stuff with this bowl scenario talk and Mario's post game interview.

Keep it up!!


I was at the game last night, wish more people showed up but I teared up last night after the game. I teared up because I was so happy for our guys. I know how hard those kids worked for this and it is great that they are Champions as a result, they are winners either way.

What is great is that no matter how successful FIU is after this season, the 2010 FIU Panthers are the FIRST to go to a bowl and be Champions, and there is only one first.

I hear people (especially U fans lamenting about their "terrible" year, misery loves company) asking who cares about a SunBelt Championship? Well, those 60+ kids care, the students care,the coaches care and the alumni care, and that is all that matters. Our FAMILY, which FIU is, cares.

GO FIU!!! Beat Middle and lets party and celebrate our successful season!

New Orleans bowl would definitely be the best bowl to go to. The match up I hope for is in New Orleans against Southern Miss.

Lol at people saying that UCG should hire MC. I'm a MC supporter, but he's far from being a great coach. We've gotten a lot of lucky breaks this season, including about 3 last night. We could easily be 4-7. I do think it's flattering that people are even mentioning MC in the UCG coaching search.

I hate to make this a negative post, but I'm really really really disappointed at our school. Yes it was Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm almost certain that there were 20,000 people in Miami that could have showed up to our game. Miamians don't travel. Whatever, those people that were there sure made it an enjoyable experience.

I'm very excited though! I cant believe this is happening. Our season seemed doomed after our loss to FAU. Now comes the fun part, winning the next two games. Most importantly, winning our bowl game. This game will be on ESPN. On a Saturday night. On primetime! We need to capitalize on this. Let the whole nation see that FIU is on the rise.

Thanks for the write up Adam.

1) I thought we had the N.O Bowl in the bag (or at least 95% in the bag). It seems the winner of this weeks FIU vs Middle game will go to N.O and the loser to Detroit. Right or Wrong?

2) FIU needs to get a GREAT Travel Package ready for the fans. Make more then one package. Leaving Thur PM, leaving Fri AM, and leaving Fri PM for the working people.. Will this happen?

3) Great job for the Herald. I actually payed the $1.50 today! I wish you guys can start to see the magic this University actually has..

4) What happen to the fire works? How can FIU not have fire works in a day like this.. BIG MISTAKE by FIU!!

Go Golden Panthers!

seems like if FIU goes to N O Bowl we would be playing a banged up UTEP... UTEP being in fifth place in Conference USA. Now lets turn our focus on Dasher and his blue unicorns and finish the season off strong!!!!

It would be nice to go to NO. however, I would prefer any of the two other bowls which provide double the payout amount. The NO Bowl payout is, I believe, second to last in the payout amount with only one other bowl paying less. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

If we beat mtsu. ..... there is no Detroit as there would only be two eligible teams in the Sunbelt.... at that point go daddy will negotiate with NO and beg them to take fiu so that they get Troy.... NO holds all the cards.... but, we get to do the dealing....and this house won't lose.


FIU Love the bowl have changed as far as payouts right now NO bowl is paying out at about 600-700k while godaddy is paying out less than 500k

I'm going to party on Bourbon St.....go panthers (7-5)

Just beat MTSU and we are going to NO !
Let's buy those plane tickets !

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