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Cristobal: FIU linebacker Mars to redshirt

Just got off the weekly conference call, and got this bit of news on Larvez "Pooh Bear" Mars, who broke his ankle in a car wreck over the summer."

Mario Cristobal: "It’s gong to be a redshirt year for him. We were hopefully throughout the entire process, and we really pushed it as much as we could. It’s just to the point now that he wouldn’t have been anywhere close to his capabilities at this point in time to help the team, so we’re going to redshirt him."


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Mario, could you please become the Canes next coach?


Mario has a message for all of us !!!


Canes60 - why would anyone take that train wreck of a job, much less Mario who is just climbing out of his own train wreck he came into here. Candy Randy is your man.

Documented TROY humiliation!

Mario is not going anywhere. He's going to be the greg schiano of FIU.

MC is not going to UM, coach RS is staying for at least another year.

What we need is to focus on this season, we still have 2 games that we can lose. But we are playing well, at every aspect of the game.

I am proud of this team, we might not be in a Super BCS conference and we have not been playing football for very long lke Michigan, OSU, or even UM, but for the 70 plus kids who wear the FIU uniform and who put in the hours, it is a BIG DEAL! That is why I am going to the game, I want to see those kids win and bask in the glory, and become legends. FIU will continue to grow and win, but there can only be one first, who can say "I started the great winning tradition at FIU." These kids have that chance, and I think they will take it.


Where is CrazyCane? He has been silent for some time.

Mario is doing a great job, and the boys in Blue and Gold are playing harder than ever. There were some questions after the FAU game, but it seems we have turned a corner, we have learned how to win, now we just need to keep on doing it!

Pooh Bear will be back next year, bigger, stronger and faster than ever.

Haven't seen much of Reality either...hmmm?

CrazyCane vowed to never return after Pete was fired

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