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Exclusive: Little Caesars Bowl still in play

Life's full of surprises.

Like this one I got from the Sun Belt Tuesday: FIU could win the conference, yet still end up playing in the Little Caesars Bowl on Dec. 26.

As recently as Monday, league reps had said that FIU, if it got to 6-6, would be assured a spot in either the New Orleans or GoDaddy.com bowls. But I just received this clarification:

"The Sun Belt Champ does not have to go to the New Orleans Bowl or the GoDaddy.com Bowl as long as those two bowls know that the champion has been accommodated by another bowl game.

"For example, if the Sun Belt champ were going to a BCS game or other game of their choosing, New Orleans or GoDaddy don't have to take the champ.

"If [Little Caesars] is open then it is in play. Doesn't have to be a bigger bowl necessarily."

Little Caesars, held in lovely Detroit on Dec. 26, is slated to take a third Sun Belt team if there are not eight bowl-eligible squads from the Big Ten. There are that many teams (and will be no more, as Purdue, Minnesota and Indiana all have seven or more losses), but with Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin all in the Top 10 of the BCS standings, two teams could get a spot in one of the five BCS berths -- leaving the Little Caesars Bowl without a Big Ten rep.

Oh boy ...


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What does this mean for us? Better competition? Larger national exposure? Because I like all of that.

This is more complicated than learning Chinese! Just win the next two and we'll figure out which bowl benefits FIU most.

hm.. big easy on the 18th.. or detroit on the 26th?... i think i like the big easy lol but any work for me so long as i get to see us in a bowl !

We're going to die up in the Caesars Pizza Bowl. Lets stick with GoDaddy.com Bowl or the N.O. Bowl

It can be the freaking La Carretta Bowl. As long as it's a bowl and we're on TV, that's all that matters. We've never been to one so it really doesnt matter.

Although, too bad we dont have any here in Florida. It would have been nice to drive to one instead of having to buy airfare and all that stuff.

I think little caesers bowl is good because it would be the #1 mac team vs. #1 sun belt team. FIU could help out the sun belts reputation by beating the number one mac team. On the flip side however the travel costs are more expensive, and the weather is terrible.

Bowl the day after Thanksgiving, I want to see FIU in a bowl, but I wont be able to travel on that day, and I think a lot of people are in the same boat. Also that would mean that we have to play on FAU home, since they played home in Michigan this year, and we know what happened the last time we played at their home field. ;)

detroit on dec. 26.... :/ dunno about that.

The Only Bowl FAU is going to Play is the Shula Bowl! xD


I prefer the Islas Canarias Bowl. They make better croquetas....

Pack the Cage!!!!




Realistically, very few FIU "fans" will travel to this game. Very, very few. Regardless of where it is. I hate to say that, but it's the truth. If we can't get people to travel a few miles to 8th street, no way are they traveling to New Orleans or Detroit. So, send us wherever we're accepted.

On that note, I really hope we don't have a letdown this week. I hope our team comes out strong like it's been doing in the last few weeks. We need to dominate. Thinking of possibly playing a Big Ten team scares me. It doesnt matter that our possible Big Ten opponent is 8th in that conference, they'll destroy us if we don't fix our problems on defense. This week and next weeks games are opportunities to tighten up on defense and make sure people have their assignments down.

Lets make it out to the game this Saturday guys!

Listened to Sedano today! First time I've heard an FIU betting line on the radio.


Play the 11/24 6-8AM section (if you stream it, let it queue up completely....it will show 80:14 once it is done).

At 76:30, Sedano mentions that FIU has its biggest game this Saturday and that Andy was jumping on the FIU bandwagon (the UM fan/graduate, Executive Producer) and will be going to FIU stadium on Sat to go see a winner (since there won't be one at Sun Life stadium.)

At 38:00, Sedano brings on Paramount Sports/Miami Heralds's Lee Sterling to talk about college football. He begins his interview by who jokingly asking whether the Heat Parade will compare to the parade that FIU will throw on 8th street if we win our first even conference title. He breaks down the game, predicts a score, and mentions he will be out at FIU Stadium TOO

FIU Fans!! Thanksgiving is over!!! Get ready for the Biggest Football Game in FIU History!!!! Bring Everyone you know!! THIS GAME WILL BE EPIC!!!!!!! 48hrs and we will be clearing the stadium and rushing the field for our Sunbelt Champs!!! (If SunBelt Officials Let Us) Let's Go FIU!!! I better see you there!!!

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