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The game of the year (so far) is here, sports fans. Troy (5-3, 4-1) hosts FIU (3-5, 3-1) in a de facto Sun Belt Conference title game.

Kickoff is 3:30 p.m. Live bloggin' begins five minutes before.

Also, I'll be providing postgame updates via Twitter. So, if you're not already, go ahead and follow me at @AdamHBeasley.

Should be a good one ...



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Been an FIU fan a long time!

For all you IDIOTS out there that said Turtle Thomas could not coach and Danny Price should still be there and for all you IDIOTS that said fire Cristobal and Strock was the better coach I say THANK YOU PETE GARCIA!! The Aceto, Henry, and Mello era's were a JOKE!

PG feel free to FIRE any other of the old guard you feel necessary!Sorry for Black Berry typos

Congrats to the FIU football team on a remarkable, program-defining win! A very proud Golden Panther here!

GP 90...you're an idiot..fire cristobal! he's a retard!

Lets savor this win.. but not forget that we have three HUGE games ahead of us.

FIRE.......up a new contract for cristobal

@jacktheripper33199 - You obviously have no clue... Don't be a hater... Who do you coach? NO ONE!

All fire Cristobal talk must now cease with this win, on top of ULM's. I too was calling for blood but he's now clearly earned next season at least. This team's play has undoubtedly been inconsistent, but we're clicking now at just the precise moment. Coaching must be given credit for that just as much as it did for the pathetic loss at FAU.

FIU, it's players and coaches, have redeemed themselves. Now it's time to seize the moment and take the conference. No overlooking opponents, just overrun them from here on out. Finish this.

FIU Nation needs to calm down. Everyone is thinking about winning the conference, I am thinking how are we going to blow this? Win the next game and lose the next 2? Lose, Win, and in the final game blow it?

Listen, until game 12 and the fourth quarter clock reads 00:00 then I will believe it. I am a fan who saw us one game to being bowl eligible and lose with a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter against FAU.
I saw 5 fumble games against NT. I have seen us minutes away from beating USF but to fumble it away late in the 4th quarter. Bottom line, I am jaded. We are a team that beat Troy, yes true, but we are also a team that got our butts beat by FAU.

Wow, what a game!! I was there watching and I have to say i am very proud of the Panthers!!! They came in there with "win" on their minds!!! (ps: i love the drenching coach Cristabal got!! LOL) Go #86 Harris!! very proud of the team, and coaches, Well done! Now lets keep it up and win their first conference!

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