FIU-Troy Postgame Quotes

FIU coach Mario Cristobal

On his reaction to the 52-35 victory:

We point out to our guys that Troy is 17-1 at home and that they are a great football team and have dominated the conference for a while, so we knew that this was going to be a true test of wills. We talked to our guys about trying to dominate each and every player and to understand that this is a team, that if you hit them in the mouth, they’re going to hit you right back. So expect that and expect yourself to respond. As the game continued to go on and on we did a good job of keeping pressure on them and staying ahead on the score board by a couple scores and causing them to throw the ball around a little
bit, and they did a good job of it. Our defense did a real good job tightening up and forcing turnovers and capitalizing on all but one of the turnovers, and that ended up being the difference.

On the threat of Troy scoring late:

[The score] was always really close to me because we know what they [TROY] can do. They had one scoring drive in I believe 31 seconds and that’s the nature of their offense; a great quarterback, great offensive line, and guys that can make something happen. Jerrel Jernigan is obviously a guy you have to target because he’s a great player and they use him phenomenally well. There is so much credit to go around its hard to pin point one guy. The staff as well especially for preparation for a game like this being on the road, and this is a tough place to play. Hats off to our guys across the board. If you look at the guys who made plays you would run out of room on your pad.

On FIU’s position at the top of the Sun Belt:

I wouldn’t say we’re the number one team [in the conference]. if we do have the lead in terms of conference place right now its fine but it means nothing. That’s an excited locker room right now but we talked about when we get on the bus we’re going to be excited and when we’re on that airplane we’re going to be excited, but when that plane lands in Miami, our focus has to turn to ULL, because if not all of this will have been for nothing.

On the potential for a conference title:

Honestly, we want to stay away from talking about crowns and just talk about the next step. That’s just our process and what we have to do. This is a huge step in what we want to do as far as building a program. We have a young offensive and defensive line, but soon we will have a more complete roster.

On the significance of the win:

I have to believe that this is the biggest win in program history. It’s a tribute to everyone in that locker room to find a way to continue to keep pressing on and fighting.

On running the reverse:

The play some man and do a good job of mixing up their coverages. It didn’t work every time. They do a great job of disguising their coverages. But when we hit them our tackles and our H-back executed perfect blocks. If you give T.Y. space, he’ll make it go.

On the rushing yards:

This offensively line has a bunch of pride. Coach Mirabal has done a phenomenal job with them. I wish you could have tailed them through the course of the summer to see what they’ve done. A ton of pride, a ridiculous work ethic. The running backs run hard. It’s not real flashy. But it’s helping us get better.

On the running backs:

We had had Boswell and comfortable with Seymour. Hopefully next week, we’ll get either Kedrick or Harden back. That’ll help us getting better.

On the Gatorade shower:

Uncalled for. Completely uncalled for. A complete setup. Luckily, there’s film, and hopefully we’ll be able to find the person who did that and return the favor. You always expect it, but you can’t look for it. And sure enough. I’ll tell you what, it really gets you.

I want to emphasize how proud we are of these football players. They’ve been through a lot and the day is theirs.

Wesley Carroll

On the rushing yards:

Unbelievable. The game ball, in my opinion, has to go to that offensive line. They got after it from the very first play. We rushed for over 400 yards, that’s unbelievable. That’s a big step in this program’s tradition, and we’ve got to continue that. We traditionally haven’t been able to run the ball, but the O-line opened up some holes and our running backs ran extremely hard.

We kept pounding it, kept pounding it. That’s what we talked about all week, that’s where we win the game. Those guys wanted it. Every lineman wanted them to run behind their hole.

On helping make a tradition at FIU:

Beating ULM for the first time since Coach Cristobal’s been here was awesome, and now beating Troy. It’s just speaking volumes of where this program has come from, as far as victories. Winning those big-time games. We’ve been in big-time games, but now we’re finishing in the fourth quarter, in overtime. It’s a big, big game next week, ULL there. That’s a big traditional school. We really have to play like we did tonight and have another successful night.

On the team’s bowl chances:

There are still three games left, and we’re not worried about the last game, the second to last game. We’re worried about this game. It’s the biggest game of the year. We have got to take care of business, take care of ULL.

It doesn’t matter. We still have three games left. We feel like the Sun Belt’s a great conference, because it’s whoever comes to play. Whoever shows up that day is who’s going to come home victorious.

Anybody can win any game in the Sun Belt. Every team is hungry, every team wants to get after it.

On how he threw the ball:

I feel like I threw it pretty well. Guys got open. Greg got off man-to-man, running backs hit that screen. A couple of real good play calls., the film study was right on with what they were doing. We put up 52 points against a great defense.

Ash Parker

On the significance of the win:

It’s very big. It’s a big boost for our program. We’re leading the Sun Belt, but we can’t let this get to our head. We have to enjoy it, but as soon as get back to Miami, our focus is on our next one.

On the program’s huge turnaround:

The past humbles you, and makes you appreciate the things you have now. It’s not easy losing all those games, but you learn a lesson through the process. Cristobal did a great job of taking a focus off the losing, and getting better.

On how the defense played:

That’s a great offense we played against right there. No. 3 is a great talent, but our impact players did better than their impact players. T.Y. did a great job.

We didn’t play as well as we wanted to, because we didn’t shut them out. That’s our goal every game, keep them from scoring.

Turnovers are great. When we didn’t get the turnovers, we struggled a little bit, like we did against FAU. But when we get turnovers, it motivates the offense, motivates that defense.

T.Y. Hilton

On how the offense played:

We had a phenomenal game all-around. Offense, defense, special teams. Everybody came together. We bought into the program and executed it out there The O-line stepped up incredibly. We all bought into it.

On breaking the FIU’s all-time TDs record:

It feels good, especially with these group of guys. Everything from the offseason to now, it’s paying out.

Significance of the win:

It’s real big. You should see the locker room. They haven’t lost here in I don’t know how many years, especially on homecoming. Biggest win, and we’re ready to do more.

Darriet Perry

On how the offense played:

We just went out there and played. We didn’t know it was coming. But we had a feeling that it was going to happen. We saw on film they had a lot of gaps in their defense. And we could take advantage of it.

Our offensive worked hard, they go out there and practice hard every day. I think we can beat anybody with our running game.

If the first touchdown set the tone:

I don’t think they expected it, but we just went out there and executed and did the best we could do.

On playing in Homecoming:

Maybe they’ll stop picking us for homecoming from now on. Don’t like it, but you just have to go out there and play. I don’t think nothing else is better than [silencing the crowd], and letting them know where here to play our game.


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Good win, i'm glad you guys knocked off Troy.. BUT, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT FAU OWNS YOU!

Shut your mouth you filthy little dirty bird.

FAU is on the decline, the only bowl game u guys will taste is the one you guys played against FIU.

What decline? didn't we beat you? We have the same wins and losses.
You are 4-1 and we are 3-3 in the conference. You still have to play ASU, ULL and MTSU.
As you could see, nothing is 100% sure. The Owls are getting their stadium next year, so why in decline?
Congratulations on your win, it shows a lot of weaknesses from Troy.
In my opinion your team can win the title, but Troy is right there.
Good luck.

Great win! Stay grounded guys. Please! Dont let this game get to your heads. Our team has to stay humble and they have to remain hungry. They cant let up. The coaches have to make sure that the players dont get big heads. We are our own worst enemies. Need proof that getting cocky and complacent can hurt you? Look to the UCG. A talented team that cant win big games because theyre too concerned with "swag" and all that stuff. FIU, dont let up. Keep playing hard.

This is really exciting and Id love to hear all the MC detractors now. Last week and the week before the calls of "FIRE MC" were loud, but, so far, everything is nice and quiet.

So, now on to ULL and we'll go from there.

FIU Nation needs to calm down. Everyone is thinking about winning the conference, I am thinking how are we going to blow this? Win the next game and lose the next 2? Lose, Win, and in the final game blow it?

Listen, until game 12 and the fourth quarter clock reads 00:00 then I will believe it. I am a fan who saw us one game to being bowl eligible and lose with a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter against FAU.

I saw 5 fumble games against NT. I have seen us minutes away from beating USF but to fumble it away late in the 4th quarter.

Bottom line, I am jaded. We are a team that beat Troy, yes true, but we are also a team that got our butts beat by a bad and pathetic FAU team.

Very true FIU needs to bring it every game, ULL is next, let's wait and see how that goes.

broward king:
Why in decline? because FAU has an old coach who can't recruit. It will eventually catch up to FAU. Stadiums don't recruit coaches do, of course it helps but not a deciding factor.

Hey forget the records and open your eyes! FIU is clearly a better team/program then FAU now. Waaayyy more talented across the board. FAU played a great game against FIU but FIU made every mistake possible and was still in the game until the end.

The fact is that FIU has been and will continue to when the recruiting battle. FIU has much more to offer right now (program-wise & as an institution) and even if everything about FIU and FAU was equal, recruits will pick South Beach over Boca Raton every time.

FIU vs. FAU will always be a great hard fought game (no matter the records of the teams). But FIU has matured and in the future will dominate this rivalry on the field and in recruiting.

The only reason FAU got the upper hand from the start is because they were a year ahead of FIU and because Schnellenberger is a much better coach then Strock was and he left the program on NCAA sanctions which it is still recovering from.

Don't fall into mindless banter with trolls from other schools, in this case from FAU fans.

One game at a time guys, one game at a time. All focus should be now on the Ragin Cajuns of ULL.


why am i being banned by this 1st amendment newspaper?

how do you know i am THE pete pelegrin that exposed this newspaper for its unfair FIU coverage?

pelegrin is a common last name in Italy.

Why is anyone talking about FAU? That's dumb/so 2 weeks ago. Don't get distracted on the real prize. Bring on the Cajuns!


You have 1st amedment protection from the government, not private entities such as the Miami Herald. They can limit what you say as much as they want. Im just pointing that out because people invoking 1st amendment rights when it isnt appropriate is a pet peeve of mine.

no one should be mentioning anything about FAU and their decline.. they have the same Overall record as us.. and beat us... untill we beat them everyone needs to STFU. u all know i bleed gold and blue but respect where its due. eitehr way there is no need to talk about them because our ONLY focus should be on ULL and thats it! i dont think we have won at the Cajun Stadium ever so lets worry about breaking that streak too.. btw FIU this year is 3-1 in Homecoming games... just saying

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