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Isiah Thomas wants local recruits

Here's a writeup from Thursday's men's basketball media day, but one note that didn't make the paper:

Isiah Thomas' Hall of Fame credentials and dogged salesmanship has made FIU a viable option for talented recruits from across the nation, like transfers Eric Frederick and DeJuan Wright and freshman Richaud Pack.

Yet Thomas hasn't had the same success convincing the Sunshine State's best to consider the school.

"For so long, they looked at FIU as a place not to come to, in terms of the basketball program," Thomas said. "We'd like to have some success here locally to also go along with what we're doing nationally."


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His Recruiting abilities are oustanding. I also think he makes for a very good college coach if he was given some of the tools. Regardless I think we will be a .500 team this year (better then last year), and we might even make the Semi's for the Sunbelt.. Teams like WKU are just to damn good right now to compete. But if he has just one more recruiting class like last year then be very careful WKU fans!

Note: 30hours till kick-off!!


We don't have the depth or height this year to compete with WKU or UNT, but he is bringing in an even better recruiting class next year with a lot of height. 2011 should be a 20 win year for FIU basketball.

Didn't we beat UNT last year?

I meant the tournament. Yes we did, but they won the SBC tourney.

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