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Kickoff for MTSU game set: 6 p.m. Saturday

We now know when FIU will put a bow on its Sun Belt championship regular season: 6 p.m. Saturday against Middle Tennessee.

The game will air on ESPN3.com.


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With the exception of the texas A&M, louisiana, and FAU games. Every other game this season has either been televised or on espn3.com.

Stay hungry Panthers!

Ok, this is garbage. I was watching Sports Final on NBC tonight and there was ZERO mention of FIU. Not even a single peep of our SBC championship. Nothing, nothing, nothing. This is ridiculous. It's not just them though. It's most of the local news stations. My parents, 48 year old non sports fans, know that Randy Shannon was fired from UM, but have no clue that their sons alma mater won a championship. Ridiculous!

I sent a polite, but stern email to the NBC Miami people asking them why they didn't even mention FIU sports. I know this is whiny and adds to our "whiny fanbase" reputation, but enough is enough. What do we have to do to get a teeny bit of respect from the people in this city? I'm not asking for every single news outlet to devote all their coverage to FIU. Im asking that they at least mention us. I urge everyone to contact NBC Miami. Let them know that there are plenty of people around that actually want to hear FIU football news.

alt 7787, this is why I loathe UM so much. The arrogance of these UM fans has now surpassed that of Notre Dame fans, if that was ever possible. Those losers are all talk and no action. At least Notre Dame packs its stadium every game, win or lose. Yesterday's attendance of 26,000 was simply embarrassing. But of course, no mention of that on NBC6, channels 4, 7, or any other station in South Florida.But don't fret, because we are on our way, and who knows, in 10 or 15 years, we'll surpass those UM blowhards. FIU has to reach out to its alumni, and basically say--this is your school, support it, because now, we are winners!

Email of nbc Miami?

Try beating a team outside of your pathetic conference before you complain that you get no respect.

Your Sunbelt "championship" is not relevant to college sports fans, or even to Miami fans. It's only relevant to you alumni.

Stop crying, you want to be relevant, beat just one real team and people will talk about you.

11:43 again....let's examine your logic here....you say FIU isn't relevant so thus people dont talk about us and "it's only relevant to you alumni" (excellent grammar by the way)...but yet you countinue to talk about FIU...what does that say about your relevance?

FIU- We win championships

That is correct grammar, I didn't mean your (FIU's) alumni, I meant you alumni (bloggers).

My only goal on this blog is to make it as unpleasant to read as all the UM blogs with the trash talking FIU fans are right now.

alt7787, This is our first season with .500 record or better. This is our first season as conference champions. This is our first season playing a bowl game. We need to continue this so more people in S. Florida will give credits to FIU. If FIU keep winning and UM keep playing like this year, I see bright future for FIU fans.

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