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Live blog - FIU-ASU


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Arkansas State is a joke. Sunbelt is a joke. FIU is king of the jokes.

Sunbelt is a joke, Arkansas state is a joke, FIU is king of the jokes.

USF is a joke, UMiami lost to USF @ home. That's SAD...

Rutgers won one Big East game this year, and they beat FIU.

That's SAD.

Bin Ho Na Lo Juingtang Po Kow Loo!!!!


Proud to be a Golden Panther!

Mario Lopez: LOL...Pitt beat FIU 44-17...Miami beat Pitt 31-3 @ Pitt...please, you FIU'ers keep making fools of yourselves.

OK, congrats, you won the Sun Belt..I never knew there WAS A SUN BELT CONFERENCE, I swear!

Please, don't try to act as if this is some worldly achievement....win some national titles IN SOME SPORT, then talk smack.
Till then, shut your mouths...you people know nothing about college sports....PERIOD!!

Now, go and enjoy your "big win" and stop making fools of yourselves, really.
You winning the Sun Belt is equivalent to, let's say, Western Michigan winning the MAC, and then saying that they are going to "take over" Ohio States recruits.....!!

Keep things in perspective....who does the Sun Belt Conference play in the bowl game...just curious.....Northern Idaho Tech A&M Consolidated Baghdad College....??

Now, poof, be gone..ur boring, really.

UMike ur an idiot. do u know how old fiu's football program is? this is the biggest win for them ever! r u really goign to put them down? they r a relatively new football program that is coming up little by little. no need to talk crap, ur probably just another miami bandwagon fan anyways.......

Wow the haters and the typical "UM fans who have never been to college" showed up here in record time. Pathetic.

Congrats to FIU. Great game. TY Hilton was MONEY!!!

One of the 120,00 FIU alumni

FIU going bowling. ScUM going no where... The time will come when Miami is all Gold & Blue.

FIU won their conference, UM didn't.Go FIU!!!

UMike and FICC are classic haters. For such a young program that is a major victory if u don't see that then take off your orange and green colored glasses.

I guess Mike is a UM fan, and thus reminds me of why I have hated UM for so long, and will never ever root for that school in any sport. This is a big moment for FIU, and hopefully this is the beginning of FIU's football program becoming a letigimate player in the state of Florida. Winning the Sun Belt is the baby steps necessary for a growing program. But the arrogance of UM fans prevents them from seeing this. They ridicule us for being letigimately happy at our school achieveing an important first. Well, who cares! UM fans are the most pathetic haters I have seen in any sport. They are all talk and no action. If you love your team so much, THEN AT LEAST SHOW UP at their home games!

As a FSU fan I'm glad to see another up and coming Florida school. Good going FIU congrats and keep up the good work!

Let's stop hating UM, UF, FSU, USF and give FIU the congratulations they deserve.

Youngest school to go to Division 1 in the time they did and the best season they've had.

Congratulations to FIU!

For being irrelevant, FIU sure does take up a lot of space in UM fans' heads. Just an observation.

I would say T.Y. single handedly won the conference title game tonight if it weren't for TWO critical blocked field goal attempts by Mattox! Incredible!

Huge leap forward for our program. This is EXACTLY how a snowball begins. Conference titles, bowl victories, better recruits, bigger conference, more conference titles, even better recruits, then BOOM. It began today.

I can understand why scUMlovers react how they do on this blog. I remember back when we first started football, scUMlovers would say FIU will never be D1, they'll always be losers...those same people are swallowing a huge pill tonight and starting to hear footsteps. U suck. We rise.

Go FIU CONGRATS !!!! You guys are the sh&@$!!!!

MC is one hell of a coach, can't wait to see what recruits he reels in with actual proof and promise of winning becoming a reality.

To Fans of University of Coral Gables,

I didn't know you guys cared this much about our team. Instead of coming to our blog and writing stuff, you guys should go to your blog and write about why your team lost to USF. Because if your team continue playing like this, you guys gonna eventually lose UCF, FIU and FAU. And maybe lose to FAMU by 2015.

Good luck, cause you guys need it.

Congrats to FIU!!! A major step was taken today and I happy as hell to have been there to witness it!

Now the next major step is to win next week and try to win the bowl game.

Winds of change folks...Winds of change....

scUM, you are not the only game in town anymore...


USF Beat THE u

Shanon Fired!

The real U (USF)beat the broken U. Meanwhile, the I continues to rise. Beautiful day in South Florida. U better get used to it.

What a fun day! I'm so happy.

Remember though, we still have 1 game left. 6-6 is not a record to be proud of. 7-5 is what we should be aiming for.

These last few days have been amazing though. Nice FIU stories on the front page of the herald, UCG tucked away at the bottom of the page. I CANNOT wait to see tomorrow's sports page! We should enjoy this because success is fleeting.

Guess you missed the relevant south Florida news story tonight.

You're going to be sorely disappointed tomorrow if you were hoping for an FIU front page with UM "tucked away at the bottom"!


I wouldn't be proud to make the front page of the herald considering that "dah u" just had a mediocre season and their coach just got fired, but I guess you'll take that over giving FIU credit for winning their conference. Good luck the next four years rebuilding the mighty thug u, while MY school keeps winning.

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