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More quotes from FIU's loss to Florida State

Here's my game story, but you want more? You get more ...

FSU coach Leonard Hamilton on why he agreed to play at FIU:

"I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for Pete Garcia. We worked together at the University of Miami. He was interested in the game. I didn’t see the real harm. We had to play somebody. Maybe in the future they’ll give us a free room at South Beach. We have a lot of alumni and fans in this area. We think it’s good to play on the road early. It prepares us to play in a hostile environemnet. But this is a business trip. I like to come in and out. Talking to a whole bunch of people doesnt get a whole lot done. This wasn’t a social trip. It was a chance to come down and play against a well-prepared team. But I'm not really sure we played as well as we’re capable of playing."

FIU coach Isiah Thomas on Chris Singleton's pick on Phil Gary:

"Phil got hurt because it was our fault. Our defensive man was up to let his teammate know a screen was coming. They made a good basketball play and nailed our guy. I told my guys that you can be mad and upset all you want, but it was a good basketball play."

Thomas on the lack of movement during early signing period:

"We’re hoping that if we can have a good year, we can attract better talent. With the crowd that we had tonight and the crowds that are showing up, hoping that at the end of the next recruiting period, we'll be able to attract some better players that see a program that’s on the rise. Hopefully they’ll want to come and be a part of something we’re building."


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