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New Orleans Bowl official to attend FIU-ULL

FIU's critical game Saturday at Louisiana-Lafayette isn't just an opportunity for the Panthers to close in on their first conference crown.

It's also a chance to impress the New Orleans Bowl, which will have a representative at the game to get an up-close look at the Panthers.

The Miami Herald has learned that the bowl game, held on Dec. 18, has FIU on its radar, and the Panthers would be considered if they become bowl eligible.

The New Orleans Bowl has first choice of Sun Belt Conference teams, but does not necessarily need to take its champion. But if FIU gets to 6-6, it would be assured to play in either the New Orleans Bowl or the GoDaddy.com Bowl in Mobile.


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my friends and i all attend FIU... and if they become eligible for a bowl we will rent a party bus and ride it to either bowl... go panthers!!!

If we were qualify, I would love/prefer the N.O. Bowl.
The timing on both sucks...NO is december 18 too soon, and godaddy is jan. 6 too late.

However, N.O. will have a better opponent and a better opportunity to show C-USA that we're ready.

In anycase the final two games at HOME is the opportunity to showcase the 120k alumni we love to mention....


thats right chia!!!! lets get the bandwagon alumni fans out there and pack the cage

i hope fiu plays ucf in a bowl game to show case how the other schools not name um,fsu,and uf have came along this year.

The N.O. Bowl would be the best for FIU. I agree with Turtle hopefully they get to play UCF would make for an interesting match up. First however they must win the games remaining.

I hope that these last two home games sell out!!!! We need to show our support people!! They need to advertise and have special promotions for students/Alumni! anything to get the people in the stadium and fill it up!!! GO Panthers!!!! #1

One game at a time guys. First off, complete focus on ULL. After that game, then get everything together to face Arkansas State.

Nice info there, Adam.

Should a 6-6 team really be in a bowl? I think there are too many bowl games it appears.

YES. One game at a time, but we must also show our panthers that if they can deliver we will also deliver.
UCF would be a dream, but the NO Bowl seeds C-USA's 5th or 6th seed not its conference champ or runner up.
Tom maybe there are too many bowls, but the bowls provide a much needed revenue stream, brand recognition, competative balance, etc.... for smaller conference teams.
If that bothers you, dont watch and stay of the fiu blog cause apparently were not good enough for you....
Which leads to this 1 question: why visit this blog?

I prefer the N.O Bowl rather than the GoDaddy.com Bowl because N.O. is more likely a better place than Mobile, Alabama. Also, I do agree that the timing for both do suck, but I'll be out of school for December 18th, GO FIU!

no time to worry about whos watching.. or which game you would PERFER to go.. either bowl works for me... but the truth is... we need to focus on the game at hand.. bring on ULL lets stay focused

Everyone would prefer the NO bowl for obvious reasons.

1. Bigger payout for FIU
2. New Orleans has more strip clubs than Mobile, Alabama (site of GoDaddy Bowl)

I honestly don't care which one they go to as long as we can have a big crowed of supporters at our first Bowl Game of the programs history. Talking about crowd size, I hope that we can have over 12K people in the stadium next Sat. I have to say that its not the students that are not coming out. They are actually doing a great job, but the Alum's sre the ones missing. They need to go out there and see history happend. FIU has to find a way to get body's on those seats.


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