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Reports: Two defensive ends commit after FIU's win

Add two more to FIU's growing list of commitments.

Defensive linemen Cody Horstman (Vero Beach) and Aaron Nielsen (Orlando Freedom) both committed to the Golden Panthers in the moments after their bowl-clinching win over Arkansas State Saturday.

Rivals.com lists both players as two-star recruits.

That puts their list of commitments from the Class of 2011 to 14 players two months shy of national signing day -- a list that includes Central quarterback Rakeem Cato, who led the Rockets to victory in a playoff drudge match with rival Northwestern Friday.

As for the players currently enrolled at FIU, they finish up the 2010 season against Middle Tennessee Saturday at 6 p.m. (ESPN3).

The Panthers asked us to pass along this message: Game sponsor Regions Bank is providing up to four free tickets for Dade, Broward and Monroe County workers with a proper ID. They can get tickets on game day at the R. Kirk Landon Field House Box Office.


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This is where we need to "cash-in" on our success.... Hit the recruits hard... Hit some of the UM oral commits...

WOrk harder.. WOrk harder...

Who want's to play for Gruden, he'll be gone by the time they get to start...

Hahahaha - FIU has never gotten a recruit with a UM scholarship offer!

You're "cashing in" on yet another season without a non-conference win with yet another season of only two star recruits.

11:40 didnt even go to UM...but that's ok we can all be a cane Saturday mornings at Sun Life right?

FIU- We win championships

I'm in class surfing the web as we speak actually, but it makes sense that you FIU grads would consider it impossible that someone could get into UM.

Your "championship" is a joke - there's a reason that it wasn't even mentioned on ESPN or even any of the local news programs down here. Nobody cares who the best team in the sunbelt is, you're all god awful.

FIU didn't even beat a single team that won a non-sunbelt game, you guys are like a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob, and FIU is the best humper of the bunch.

Welcome to the board haters.

Thanks for having me, I know you don't usually get haters because nobody but alumni care enough to read FIU blogs.

I usually follow UM blogs but I can't even stand to read those anymore because of all the trash talking from FIU fans. So here I am and here I will remain until you guys get over yourselves and stop hating on UM.

First of all Scum fan if we win next saturday we end up with the same record and going to a similar bowl game as the MUCH older UM program. Not to mention we have a conference championship something that you guys havent had in a long time. Last but not least if youre gonna be here till people stop hating UM you better get comfortable. Everyone knows theyre just a bunch of thugs that used to be great and all they got left is a rapidly evaporating reputation.

Uh no. That's like saying the Heat are doing just as well as the Patriots because they both have 9 wins - FIU's wins are all over teams from your pathetic conference.

And the bowls aren't going to be similar at all. UM is going to play Boise St. in the only bowl game on Jan. 9, the day before the championship game.

FIU is going to play the University of Texas at El Paso on the very first day of bowl games, a month earlier than UM.

UM football has been around for 84 years, has earned 5 national titles, and 9 conference titles. FIU football has been an FBS team for 5 years, and has finally managed to put together their first winning season/conference championship, and are off to their first bowl. However I believe within the next 5 years, both UM and FIU will be South Florida's main recruiters. The talent coming out of South Florida is the same whether your going to a rising program looking to set records/history (with a much better chance of actually playing), than playing for UM, a well established (full of depth) program going through a bit of a slump at the moment.

UM fans need to realize that FIU is rising, has an on campus stadium, and 43,000 students beginning to unite under the birth of a new conference winning team. Things are only going getting better from here. GO FIU!!

Wonder which one people will watch?

UM please STFU until you win ACC championship...

Only if you STFU until you beat a real team, get invited to a real conference, and win a real conference championship.

"Wonder which one people will watch?"

LOL obviously the one on TV. But with such a large pool of alumni, and students, where were the fans?? 26369 made it Saturday. I've never seen a more empty televised rivalry game.

FIU has played much more exciting games this season. I've never seen a team with more heart, and determination. FI Who, just leave and self loathe in your sad bandwagon program.

Welcome um haters # 23,879. Enjoy your staying like all the other scUM that have come and gone.

Oh and last I checked fiu 's first 4 star recruit last year , Willis wright, was a UM recruit. I'm sure you will say something like "we didn't want him anyways" or "he sucks" but you can keep your excuses

Miami fans are terrible, if FIU gets good enough to attract non-alumni Miami fans to their games they'll find that out.

You're a good fan, I'm a south Florida guy and I like a good underdog but I can't take the constant sniping and trash talk on UM blogs anymore. Apologies to you and fans like you.

Your bowl will be on TV by the way...

No, I'll just tell you that every part of that statement is false.

He is in fact a 3 star recruit (Rivals and Scout) and he was in no way shape or form a UM recruit.

No scholarship offer (from FSU or UF either), no visit (ditto), no contact from Aubrey Hill, and UM was not on his list of 12 schools he was interested in.


I think he meant that Larvez Mars was the first 4 star recruit in program history.

No I mean Willis, and you are right he wasn't the first 4-star, he was the first 4-star that UM wanted too:


Not visiting DOES NOT mean he did not have a scholarship offer. UM offered him a scholarship, he narrowed his joices to Nebraska, WV, and FIU.

If you're gonna hate, please come harder than that.

Thank you

You're wrong, he's a three star recruit.

I'm wrong, FIU has signed a player that UM offered a scholarship to.

Not that the star matters, but just like people go by the AP and not ESPN's power ranking, people go by Scout and Rival, not ESPN's player rankings.

You're absolutely right. Eugene "TY" Hilton was a 2 star out of Springs.

UM finds a new coach !!!
= It's Uncle Luke !!!

UM to play UCF, FIU, FAU in 2011 !!!
= Because UM can't win against ACC teams and wanna lose to all Florida college teams !!!


UM will never play FIU again.

They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to play teams as bad as FIU and FAMU and UM was embarrassed on national TV (and only UM because no one cares about FIU).

The final cumulative score of the UM FIU rivalry will forever remain 35-0.

UM will never play USF again.

The pay hundred of thousands of dollars to play teams as bad as USF and UM was embarrassed on national TV (and only UM because no one cares about USF).

The final cumulative score of the UM USF rivalry will forever remain 23-20.

God, you're like a three year old. Looks like you don't get much exposure to debate and logic with a second rate public education experience, huh?

I don't even know what to say to that, what point are you trying to make?

I'm guessing that a second rate public education doesn't offer much opportunity to learn the finer points of logic or debate?

You are the one acting like 3 yr old, writing negative responses on FIU blog every time someone write something. Please get a life...

Instead, why don't you write on UM blog about why you lost to USF, why you can't win in ACC, why you have no coach, and why Sun Life stadium was almost empty on saturday...

LOL I think FI Who is actually our favorite hater in disguise - Crazy Cane!!!

FIU - We WIN Championships.

Do you even know where UM is located??? LOL

UM is getting a little frustrated after having one of there own go to FIU and win a Conference championship in 3 years.

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