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Cato still mulling options

Good news: Central quarterback Rakeem Cato has the Rockets on the verge of their first state title.

Bad news: Those talents might be taken away from South Beach next fall.

Cato, who verballed to FIU over the summer, told the ubiquitous Andre Fernandez Friday night that his commitment is not strong and he will take visits to additional schools.

Guess we'll know for sure in a couple of months ...


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Ash Parker has be nominated for this years Rudy awards. I would love for Adam H. Beasley or Justin Azpiazu to write an article about this and ask people to vote for one of our own as he deserves our support.
Here is the link to for him.


Was Rudy the retarded one or the one who sucked at football? Either way I don't think we want to win this one...

Voted, and will continue to vote. Ash has been a great story and a big part of FIU's success.

Thank you FIUer, was nominated last year and its a great honor that I believe ash deserves

Ash Parker is what the FIU program is all about. Never giving up and overcoming obstacles in the face of naysayers who say that you can't come back from two ACL injuries. Most would have hung up their cleats, but Ash came back for a great senior season. D'haiti had the same never quit attitude that will serve both well for the rest of their lives. Thanks to Ash and all the seniors who never quit and were responsible for a FIU's best season ever.

Voted for Ash!

Lol at the "Rudy" comment by Pantherz.

Um, so has noone else see how serious this Cato story is? We might lose a chance at a great QB. I though Cato was solid. I guess all the recent hires around the country may be causing him to change his mind. Ugh...

Please come to FIU Rakeem.

Relax... Cato is OK. He is not that good. He is 5'9 max and has a decent arm. I dont see him playing QB at FIU. It is not that big of a story. FIU needs big ugly guys up front. Alt7787 have you ever seen Cato play in person.

No way he is 5'9" he is at least 6'. He could turn out to be a bad qb like jacory harris or a good one like jeffrey godfrey, never seen him play in person but the stats he has racked up have been ridiculous. If he hits the weight room a little harder I guarantee his arm strength will get significantly better. The part you can't really teach is the decision making aspect of a QB which he seems to have. I agree with you though that Lineman should be the main focus it is a necessity to win.

I love it, all y'all are on UM message boards hating on their head coaching hire and this is what you come home to!

A two star prospect with a weak arm - but all he needs to do is hit the weight room! That always works! Fortunately for you the only other offer he has is from Marshall, you better hope a real team doesn't offer him the opportunity to play WR!

He's a three star, and he has another offer from Cincinnati. I actually thought UM made a decent hire with him. I think most people hating on him are the canes fans, most canes fans wanted a flashier name.

Look past the "stars" and see the player. He played 3 yrs at Miami Springs.. and still racked up amazing numbers.
He transfers to Central and leads the Rockets past Godfreys accomplishments, with Godfreys players...
The amazing part isn't what he's doing with talent around him, it's what he did against that talent while at Springs. and Yes, he's 6'0" and we need him for two reason. Talent, competition, and stablish relationship with Central (stronger ties with the community). See Central's players dominating C-USA and would beat most Big East and ACC teams, specially the middle of the pack teams.

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