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Complete All-Sun Belt teams and awards

Player of the Year: T.Y. Hilton (FIU, Jr., WR)

Offensive Player of the Year: Bobby Rainey (WKU, Jr., RB)

Defensive Player of the Year: Jamari Lattimore (Middle Tennessee, Sr., DL)

Freshman of the Year: Corey Robinson (Troy, Fr., QB)

Coach of the Year: Mario Cristobal, FIU

First Team All-Sun Belt Conference


Ryan Aplin (Arkansas State, So., QB)

Lance Dunbar (North Texas, Jr., RB)

Bobby Rainey (WKU, Jr., RB)

T.Y. Hilton (FIU, Jr., WR)

Jerrel Jernigan (Troy, Sr., WR)

Ladarius Green (Louisiana-Lafayette, Jr., TE)

Brad Serini (FIU, Sr., OL)

Tyler Clark (Troy, Sr., OL)

Victor Gill (North Texas, Sr., OL)

Derek Newton (Arkansas State, Sr., OL)

Esteban Santiago (North Texas, Sr., OL)


Bryan Hall (Arkansas State, Sr., DL)

Jamari Lattimore (Middle Tennessee, Sr., DL)

Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy, So., DL)

Jarvis Wilson (FIU, Sr., DL)

Demario Davis (Arkansas State, Jr., LB)

Toronto Smith (FIU, Sr., LB)

Craig Robertson (North Texas, Sr., LB)

M.D. Jennings (Arkansas State, Sr., DB)

Anthony Gaitor (FIU, Sr., DB)

Rod Issac (Middle Tennessee, Sr., DB)

Jeremy Kellem (Middle Tennessee, Sr., DB)

Special Teams

Alan Gendreau (Middle Tennessee, Jr., K)

Mickey Groody (Florida Atlantic, R-Jr., P)

T.Y. Hilton (FIU, Jr., Return Specialist)

Jerrel Jernigan (Troy, Sr., All Purpose)

Second Team All-Sun Belt Conference


Corey Robinson (Troy, Fr., QB)

Phillip Tanner (Middle Tennessee, Sr., RB)

Darriet Perry (FIU, Jr., RB)

Lester Jean (Florida Atlantic, Sr., WR)

Luther Ambrose (Louisiana-Monroe, Jr., WR)

Rob Housler (Florida Atlantic, R-Sr., TE)

Tom Castilaw (Arkansas State, Sr., OL)

Sifa Etu (Arkansas State, Sr., OL)

Ian Burks (Louisiana-Lafayette, Sr., OL)

Mark Fisher (Middle Tennessee, Sr., OL)

James Brown (Troy, Jr., OL)


Dorvus Woods (Arkansas State, Jr., DL)

Tourek Williams (FIU, So., DL)

Ken Dorsey (Louisiana-Monroe, Jr., DL)

Mario Addison (Troy, Sr., DL)

Javon McKinnon (Arkansas State, Sr., LB)

Michael Lockley (Florida Atlantic, R-Sr., LB)

Thomas Majors (WKU, Sr., LB)

Marcus Bartels (Florida Atlantic, R-Jr., DB)

Tavious Polo (Florida Atlantic, R-Sr., DB)

Jonathan Cyprien (FIU, So., DB)

Darius Prelow (Louisiana-Monroe, Jr., DB)

Special Teams

Zach Olen (North Texas, Fr., K)

Josh Davis (Middle Tennessee, Fr., P)

Jerrel Jernigan (Troy, Sr., Return Specialist)

T.Y. Hilton (FIU, Jr., All-Purpose)

Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Confernece

Dwayne Frampton (Arkansas State, Jr., WR); Allen Muse (Arkansas State, So., WR); Tarvoris Hill (Florida Atlantic, R-Sr., DB); Jeff Van Camp (Florida Atlantic, R-Sr., QB); Greg Ellingson (FIU, Sr., WR); Winston Fraser (FIU, R-So., LB); Orkeys Auriene (Louisiana-Lafayette, Sr., DB); Spencer Ortego (Louisiana-Lafayette, Sr., P); Kolton Browning (ULM, R-Fr., QB); Cameron Blakes (ULM, So., LB); Eric Russel (Middle Tennessee, Junior, RS); Dwight Smith (Middle Tennessee, Sr., DL); Brelan Chancellor (North Texas, Fr. RS); Will Goggans (Troy, Jr., P); Michael Taylor (Troy, Jr., K); Orlando Misaalefua (WKU, Sr., LB); Mychal Patterson (WKU, Sr., OL)

The All-Sun Belt Conference Teams are selected by each team’s head coach and a media representative from each institution.


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i meant COACH CRISTABAL!!!! lol

Congrats to FIU, TY, Coach and all the players. Now, let's focus on Toledo and win our first bowl game.

Your dumbass name doesn't even make any sense - everyone knows what the University of Miami is, what point are you trying to make? That you can take a pun that makes fun of FIU's lack of national recognition and apply it to UM because both schools have the word "University" in their name?

And "Oral" Gables? Seriously? There's just nothing clever or funny about that, stop making the FIU fanbase look like a bunch of 12 year olds.

why don't you go and post on your blog...about how soft the S.Fl. players are, like the rest of the so-called UM Fans... here's the link for you:

I guess you guys forgot what made UM... the S.fl athlete and we are the S.fl. University!!!

SO after you finish MDCC we'll welcome you with open arms...

Posted by: FIWho? | December 08, 2010 at 03:53 PM

Boy you sure do check this blog pretty often for someone who doesn't even know our name. I'd go spend more time rapidly refreshing your blog and worry less about what's going on over here - especially now that the Gators will have 1st pickings on any coach crazy enough to even consider duh U.

I love how FIU fans don't believe that anyone went to UM - I know how impossible it must seem to you guys but trust me, a couple thousand do it every single year...

According to UM's website, 83% of incoming freshman live in dorms. Thats an insanely HUGE amount of people. My guess is that theres a LOT of non south florida people that go to UM. Well, most people from Miami already know that most of UM's students are out of state kids.

Besides, the real UM alumni/"fans" are on Canesports and other blogs talking about their coaching search and decommits, not on an FIU blog trying to stir stuff up.

Of course most UM students come from the northeast, it's not a state school...

I am a burrito...I am a FIU

I am a legend...I am the U

what what u better recognize, u heard...

The U= money, primetime
The I= broke, no time

I am now a joke in college football....I am duh U

I play in a rented 80% empty stadium 35 miles from campus each week...I am duh U

My next head coach will be someone no one in Miami has ever heard of....I am duh U.

Coaches would rather stay in Mississippi than come here....I am duh U

It makes me feel better about UM's irrelevancy when I diminish the conference championships of others.... I am duh U.

This is your U. Now. And. Forever. Enjoy watching your upcoming "Reliving the Glory Days Bowl."

love how FIU fans don't believe that anyone went to UM - I know how impossible it must seem to you guys but trust me, a couple thousand do it every single year...

Posted by: FIWho? | December 08, 2010 at 04:30 PM

The reason why we do not believe that anyone attended UM is not because it is an achievement to do so, but because the majority of UM fans did not attend. Case in point "FIU Fan tasticky", I hope for your sake and the value of your degree he is not an alumnus.

Just like the reason most UM students think FIU fans hate on us for no reason is that most FIU alumni couldn't get into UM or couldn't afford it and are just bitter.

Got in did not want to be in debt the rest of my life!

Good call then, nobody should be taking out loans for an education from UM or FIU.

Also got in to UCG. Got paid to go to FIU. No brainer. And I wouldn't have it any other way. GO PANTHERS!!!

I don't know a single FIU fan/student that hates UM students. We dislike the large number of UM fans that are not UM student but have a sense of entitlement and look down upon FIU students simply because they root for(not attend) UM, which is just the most ridiculous and delusional idea one can espouse.

Personally I want UM to succeed. I believe FIU will become relevant nationally, and what could be better for college football and Miami than to have 2 relevant programs

Please ban FIWho? from this blog

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