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Detroit-bound? Here's what you need to know

Give FIU's small, but loyal fanbase this: They're not afraid of the cold.

The school's external relations department Tweeted Monday that there has been "overwhelming response" for the university's bowl travel packages, and the school is negotiating more group rates.

In the meantime, check out the athletic department's Bowl Central page, which has links for ticket sales and hotels.

Good news: Motels and hotels are relatively cheap, considering it's Christmas weekend.

Bad news: flights are not.

Will have more when I get it, but next on my itinerary: Picking the All-Sun Belt team.


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Thanks for proving to Pete P. and the other FIU idiots who tried to downgrade the potential of FIU playing in Detroit was a real possibility. U have always been fair and non bias towards your coverage and for that I want to say thank you. Pete is an FIU evangilical who will soon be out of a job when FIU can no longer pay his minimal wage blog job. This blog here is so much better without him....

F-F... I-I... U-U... FIU!!!

This is why the BCS is pure garbage. If there was a playoff system, we would be playing Auburn. AUBURN! Sure, we would be demolished, but wow what a fun game that would be.


Sooo...anyone else think the BCS needs to go? I do!

Read Death to the BCS. Its a great book that deconstructs what the BCS really is.

Petehater in my e-disguise.

I just looked at that book online, I'm ordering it today, thanks alt7787.

Also, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

I wish i could make it. Ill be watching the game in Tel Aviv Israel... lol that should be interesting. Go Panthers!

Getting picked for a bowl is dependent on how many tickets you can sell. Michigan gets picked because it puts butts in the seats so it went to a higher bowl than it should have gone. Stanford was a team ranked number four in the country but no bowl wanted them because they could not sell out their stadium and only had 40,000 for their big games with a fan base that does not travel well. A friend says why should he go all the way across country to see a football game as an alumni. That is why Stanford only got in BCS as number four exception. You do not buy tickets you do not go to the bigger bowl games. The bowl took Toledo who was number two in conference when they should have taken the first place team!! Tickets guys. If you follow college football you know this is the reason. FIU will get to bigger bowls if they buy tickets!! If for first bowl you go and send 1000 people do you think GODADDY will want to take the risk next year? They lose money. Bowl games have to give conference at least $750K to $1MILLION to a team that goes to the bowl game. That is money the school gets. The game is on ESPN. Not the deuce. Not 3. ESPN and is the only bowl game of the night!! I had a chance to look at the bowls MVP lists and all are playing in the NFL or have in the past. Chester Taylor, Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, Deangelo Williams, Byron Leftwich. Recruits look at that. Support the team. The game is played in the home of the NFL Detroit Lions so at least their fans can finally see how some real football is played. This is the chance to make a good first impression with the bowl selectors. Make it a good one. Temple and WMU finished with bowl eligible records that equaled FIU and they were not selected for a bowl. What happens if next year FIU finishes with seven wins and is staying home. Come on Fans!!!

Randy Moss and Chad Pennington were on the same team, only one could be MVP (it was Pennington).

And let me round that list out for you: Stewart Patridge, Doug Chapman, Brian St. Pierre, Josh Harris, Jason Wright, Dan Orlovsky, Dan LeFevour, Curtis Painter, Rusty Smith, Martin Ward.

Recruits - take note, this program is going nowhere, come to FAU and make history!

Owl power - allow me to rephrase that for you...Recruits, come to FAU and BE history...as in forgotten, remember that guy, I think he lives in Boca now, where? Exactly.

FIUer... hate to rain on your parade but Rusty Smith is now a starting QB in the NFL. ;)

But you're right FAU sucks.

Rusty Smith is not a starter in the NFL, he started 1 game when the other 2 QBs on the roster went down and went 0 TD and 3 int against the 32nd pass defense. For the season he has 0 TD 4 int and a rating of 25. If you haven't seen Rusty play in the NFL yet then you missed his entire career, next stop AFL.

The U finishes 7-5 and plays Notre Dame. FIU plays finishes 6-6 and plays Toledo in Detroit. Haha!!

Its all about the U!! U will never catch up suckaaa

The Sunbelt doesn't even respect ya fools!!

FIU is a joke,

They should call it the "Glory Days are Over" bowl. Two once powerful football programs that are now the laughing stalk of college football in head to head action (or lack thereof).

It will be interesting to see which one of the two programs is the more irrelevant one. Guess we'll know soon enough...it'll be the "U". lolol

Guys it says the pizza bowl team gets $750 thousand the the NO bowl gets you $325 thousand per team. Because FIU gets more money going to this bowl do we have to share it with the Sun Belt Conference?


Good question football guy. I was thinking the same thing. How does the money get distributed amongst the team and conference?. If we keep all of it or a decent percentage maybe going to Detroit wasnt such a bad thing after all

Ironic calling someone a laughing "stalk" when you can't even spell the word. UM is irrelevant this year, along with every other school save about 8. UM has been relevant before, FIU has not, is not now. UM is more relevant than part time champions FIU this year with a much bigger bowl matchup.

"Who"niversity of Miami at Oral Gables. Witty and bitingly caustic all at once. In one word? Ingenious. You just keep being you my man, should work out terrific for you.

And hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Can't believe the FIU (is that what it's called?) faithful are carping about "falling" from N.O. or Mobile to play in Detroit. How do you think the proud Rockets feel about playin' one of those mediocre 6-6 unknown nobodys as part of our rich bowl history? We schedule 4-5 top 25 teams annually and play in a tough Mid-Am conference. The Rockets are 7-1 in conference and beat a Big Ten team on the road. Think they feel good about slogging thru the toilet bowl with nobody? Do all the teams in your conference only have initials in their names? Now that's something to be proud of! Get ready to take your beatin' and crawl back to your third tier conference, just like Toledo did to you on your own field last year. Gimme a break - the Rockets get 'rewarded?' with a dump team?

Who the sh*t are the "Rockets"???


If losing by 10 is considered a "beatin" what what would you call the 35-16 loss we handed you boys 2 years ago...on YOUR field.

Toledo.. the pocket rockets...


You sure pound your chest, errr breasts pretty hard considering we spanked you guys two years ago.

You have a rich bowl history? MAC and "Rich Bowl History" should NEVER be used in the same paragraph. "Since the inception of the AP Poll in 1936 Toledo has finished in the Top 25 four times." Wow, in nearly 75 years, you've only managed to crack the top 25 four times?! LOL In only our fifth year in Division I FBS, we've already won the conference championship. At this pace, we'll certainly crack the top 25 several times over the number you've accomplished, in a quarter of the time.

Try again.


What is the payout for the L.C. Bowl? And how does the "payout" actually work? Does the winner take all, and is the money divided between the Sunbelt or would it be for FIU to keep. In other words, if we win how much money are we looking at for FIU?

Any word on the Charter plane that FIU wants to buy out to take fans? So far I have NOT seen a full "package" deal any where. FIU is starting to drop the ball on these one.. Do they understand people have to take time off from work if they plan to go. This can't be a last minute thing.. How hard is it to put FULL package together?

Last question, does Toledo even have a newspaper or official blog? It seems we have three different blogs and they have NOTHING!

Go Golden Panthers!

For the love of God or whatever you believe in....folks please learn, especially if you are representing FIU - to spell check and put together sentences with correct grammar. Wow some of you are just down right embarrassing.

I uhm go to fiu (lower cased because it's a lower case school)! How tho u xpect me to put togeher senceses. Hopefuli won day i can go to the U...


Both teams get $750k. It is not a winner gets all but rather a participation. I hear it goes to the cost of travel for the team and hotel and anything left goes to the team but not sure if the league keeps some or what. If so going to NO would have been a loss of $425K!!!. I mentioned too we are the only game on ESPN that day for college football in primetime. Can use it for recruiting. Look at the wikipedia page and found out randy moss, chad pennington, deangelo williams, Byron Leftwich, bruce gradkowski all played in this game. Must start out somewhere. We are on ESPN and they rated this bowl as the highest game for all the teams from the Sun Belt with the best matchup and most interesting today.

Yeuh I agrees wit ma homeboy fiu-lower case. May b 1 day U fiu guyz will keep it realz and be fans of duh U. Cuz its all bout da U. Its uh U thang. We soldjaz! Get @ at me yo.

Wow. South Florida fans, FIU and UM alike, are all bags.

You know what kind of bags I'm talking about. Jeez.

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