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FIU fans invited to welcome team home at 7 a.m.

FIU fans are invited to greet the team when they arrive back in Miami. Fans can go to the field house next to FIU Stadium around 7 a.m.


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Congrats FIU Panther Football on your winning the Little Ceasars Bowl game tonight!!! Very Proud!! Luv u Joey #86!!

I am driving over there like so soon...

FIU beats a MAC team!

The u hires a coach from a MAC team that did not go bowling.

Good times are coming!

7 AM tonight?

So what is it "AM" or "tonight", although I'm guessing that no flight is arriving from up north by 7am.

FIU still has a coach from the SunBelt who still hasn't beaten a good team or even beaten a team who's beaten a good team.

And you have a coach out of the MAC who did not attend a Bowl Game.

Yes, I was obviously answering that comment.

I know!

Shame I didn't see this earlier!

You have a rapist wit Reality II - been hanging out with the baseball team?

Temple had a better record than fiu, so making fun of UM does not make any sense. You are sunbelt champs and little ceasars bowl champs and it is well deserved but don't act like you are a power house. The line up still goes. UF, UM, FSU, USF, UCF, FAU, FIU, FAMU.

Let me be the first to start the crying:

FIU just won it's first bowl game, why is the Herald talking about their superstar baseball player raping two underage girls???



Welcome FIU 2010 Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl Champion !

Sorry Temple does have a better record. That great victory over powerhouse Villanova gives them one more win.


@football fan UF and UM more better than FSU? I think not. FSU is the best team in Florida.

Garret Wittels arrested on rape charges. According to ESPN.

@ Reality II:
Didn't TEMPLE finish 8-4? You finished 6-6 and TEMPLE was not invited to a bowl.
@ Lemus: "more better" ? = FSU

@FootballFan, FIU finished 7-6 with a conference championship and bowl championship.

Hey Adam, see why it's good to be the FIU beat writer? It's never a dull day on Calle Ocho.


While we are still stuck in Detroit for another 24hours we wanted to share a couple things with the Golden Panther fans..

1) Just so everyone stops complaining about the Miami Cold its 23F right now (with a windshield of SUPER COLD)!!

2) Even though we were out numbered 30 to 1 with a crowd size of over 35,000 people I can honestly say it was A LOT louder when we won the game then it was when they THOUGHT they won the game..

3) Some local Detroit fans (mostly Lions fans) were converted during the game to start doing the T.Y. cheer.. They were all pleased once they saw our boy take one to the house for 6!!

4) Want to thank all the players for making it a point to shaking hands after the win with all the fans that stayed to watch them receive their trophies.. love how humble everyone was...Let's keep it that way.

5) To all the Seniors that have gone through MANY ugly games, this season and most importantly this win was FOR YOU!

Now we are going to go out to Dinner at "Greek Town" to continue our celebration that has been going on since Midnight last night..

Go FIU aka "Hot n Ready"

Just wanted to post that info just in case the Herlad did not know that we are Sunbelt Champs as well as WINNERS of our first Bowl Game.. They do such a "great" job covering good news about FIU that maybe this one slipped bye them.. BTW great job on making the "bad news" of FIU Front Page.. You guys are just to funny!

Last but not least, where are ALL the Haters.. We only have a couple idiots posting.. Come on bring on the haters! Go IRISH!

GO FIU aka "We know how to finish the job"

Wow...this Garrett Wittles story is very disappointing to see. I hope everything is resolved in the best way possible.

One last thing, the order of Florida teams goes:


THe line up is this:

1) UF 2) FSU 3) UCF 4) USF 5) UM 6) FIU 7) FAU

Also, for the baseball player lets reserve judgment until the case plays out.

Keep it in your pants Gooch7, if you want us to point out the obvious about your season and glorious Little Caesars bowl win I'd be glad to, although I'd rather not rain on your parade.

FIU is not in competition with UM, you're not close to being on their level.

"FIU panters" above said it best:

Hot and ready! Hot and ready! Hot and ready!

First a murderer on campus and now a rapist...FIU sure knows how to pick em...FIU Where poor low life go to school. Don´t GW will not get the record and next year UCF will wooppp yall in the season opener...OH yea and Isiah Thompson is a loser rapist himself and will never win anything at FIU.

All about Da U!

FIU where murderers and rapist are welcome!

Just ignore the last two post, what ignorance...Anyway, I like how we ended 7-6 even tho we really had Rutgers, Texas AM, and Middle Tennessee beat (officials cheated)--. If u look at the past year we hung in there with the champs Alabama in the first half and prob could have had the upset if it was not for the lack of depth..But that was a year ago, this year we improved again and next year we will as well...

Got to like what Mario Cristobal is doing. He inherited a winless team that had a lack of scholarships..For FIU in only 4 years to be doing this is amazing...Only 9 years of college football! Got to love it! FIU baseball champs, football champs, now basketball has to bring home the trophy!!

Isiah Thomas is most definitely a rapist but UM's athletic program has had its share of scumbags as well. Ray Lewis' roomate was stabbed to death (I didn't see nothin'), Brandon Meriweather returns fire, Mike Irvin sold coke on campus, it's a long list.

Also hate.

Buc Nasty,
Happy you joined the "Idiot Club" aka "Haters".. The only obvious thing about our win was that this team does not quit... Lets stop talking about the "other" team and focus our energy on the Champs!

As most people know in the last 24hours the FIU recruiting class just got BETTER.. We will have the BEST class in the Sunbelt (again), but I think this year we will be able to pickup some of those big time 3 star players that want to come to a winning program that is being build the right way. This will be our FIRST full recruiting class and the entire FIU Nation is excited about that. Can't wait to see what the new 25 players will do for this team in 2011 when Duke, Troy, FAU, UCF, etc come to play us at the Cage..

Go FIU! (Hot N Ready)

A hater by trade but I try to keep it sporting - y'all need to drop that Little Caesar's Hot N Ready nonsense quick because that sh*t is both ridiculous and hilarious.

Their nasty a** pizza is hot and ready because they microwaved that sh*t at 9 o'clock that morning, there's a reason it's only 5 f*cking dollars.

Buc Nasty,

We are Hot N Ready...Ready for the haters and were sizzling hot! FIU on the Rise!! Keep hating, we will keep proving ur part of the idiot club.

Buc Nasty is the dumbest posters here. Una postalita

Hot and ready! Hot and ready! Hot and ready!


FIU is getting better quickly, just goes to show how much talent florida has.

THe line up is this:

1) UF 2) FSU 3) UCF 4) USF 5) UM 6) FIU 7) FAU

Also, for the baseball player lets reserve judgment until the case plays out.

Posted by: NYCFIUFan

Why? Did not FAU beat you this year again?
When you win 2 bowls or a third one; you might be ahead of FAU.
Look at the schools records and who beat who before jumping into who is first. UM's record is 9-3.
The real line up:

UCF was 10-3, FSU was 8-4 and UM's record was 7-5, same as UF and USF.

But UF's schedule was much harder than UM, FSU, or USF's schedule.

UCF, FAU, and FIU didn't have schedules that would allow for comparisons to the other four schools, any one of the schools from real conferences would have gone undefeated with UCF, FAU, or FIU's schedule.

Great win & season Panthers! Sunbelt 2-0. Come on MTSU.

Forget all these large U haters. I love being able to get a season ticket (great seats) for a few hundred bucks and watching great football!

FL Trojan (Coming to your house next year!)

FootballFan, your credibility just took a hit.

By your logic, since FAU with a losing record is better than FIU for their head to head win, shouldn't FSU be no. 1 for their blowout win against UF. and wouldn't USF be better than UM for their win on the road. Silly troll, don't you know hate kills.

Final post from the Dirty D..

Can't wait to get back to the MIA.. I promise never to complain about Miami traffic or Miami weather again.. Lol

Even though the Greek and Mexican food is amazing in Detroit and the people have been very nice, there is nothing else left.. I hope that FIU has plans to expand their trophy case in the near future. If our teams continue racking up championship after championship then they will need more room for the trophies that are coming soon!

One more congrats to all the players, coaches, football staff, etc for an outstanding 2010 Season!


This is how the rank goes:


Btw Adam & Italian Shrek are the best Miami Herald writers by far! Yayyyy! And Buc Nasty is my lover!!! Yayyyyyy


After all, UCF did finish the season ranked in the top 25. Unfortunately, I think my canes only slightly ahead of FIU. Miami is in the middle of a very mediocre ACC conference, while FIU won their conference. Granted, its no ACC, but they are 2-0 against the MAC in bowl action. ACC isn't proving much in the post season thus far. And Notre Dame is going to spank us this weekend.

Nice try broham, no UM fan would say that Notre Dame is going to spank us under any circumstance.

UCF played no one, just like FIU and FAU. And the ACC is 1-1 with 7 better bowl games to go. UCF's conference USA is 1-2.


Just the fact UM fans are spending their time making ridiculous remarks on this blog confirms they are scared of FIU getting better. UM hasn't won a bowl game since Larry Coker's last game. They've never won the ACC, which is a crappy BCS conference.

UM has been stuck in mediocrity for a good 8 years. FIU has been slowly getting better. This is a program that couldn't win a game four years ago. Now they're winning a bowl game. They've got a young, energetic coach who has his kids playing hard. UM plays like zombies with no heart against the likes of Virginia and USF. I know what team I'd rather watch.

This Buc "the douche" nasty replied within the half hour to OB LOVE's very reasonable post. How often is this guy on this FIU blog refreshing, desperately waiting for more FIU news. He's our biggest fan! Or he has no life. Likely both.

UM has been stuck in mediocrity for a good 8 years. FIU has been slowly getting better. This is a program that couldn't win a game four years ago. Now they're winning a bowl game.

Posted by: MiamiSouthPaw |
Slowly getting better? Winning the Sunbelt and finishing 6-6 with a close win against Toledo? You lost to FAU a team that owns you. ACC is much better than the SunBelt. You have the chance of beating UM, but that has not been proven on the field. Relax panther nation, you are a baby and still one of the worst teams in the nation

I'm only one hater, I'm getting to these as fast as I can...

Wow! The reading comprehension skills of some people is really weak. Did you not read the part where I said FIU was winless just 4 years ago. Now they're winning a bowl game. When was the last time UM won any kind of bowl game? The answer is coincidently 4 years ago.

Nobody said FIU would beat UM. You're missing the point. By the way, you just hired a coach who was at Temple under the same circumstances as FIU. Temple was winless and Golden turned them respectable. Why is it so difficult for you to understand the progress FIU has made?

But your insecurity of FIU improving is showing. Why are UM fans so threatened by FIU getting better? Why are UM fans coming on an FIU blog to take shots? I know. It's because you're insecure and afraid to see FIU realize its potential.

"But your insecurity of FIU improving is showing. Why are UM fans so threatened by FIU getting better? Why are UM fans coming on an FIU blog to take shots? I know. It's because you're insecure and afraid to see FIU realize its potential."


The UM message board is the one with posts about FIU and Mario cristobal. They're the ones coming on here talking trash. Funny how much things change in 4 years.

Can't wait for our season next year! Our home opener vs UCF is sure to be a great game.


Does anyone know the order of the schedule for 2011? I know we open up with UCF (very hard team), but what else???

This is what we all know:

Home Games
North Texas
Louisiana Lafayette

Away Games:

What is the order of the schedule? And who is the last out of conference team?


Why? Did not FAU beat you this year again?
When you win 2 bowls or a third one; you might be ahead of FAU.
Look at the schools records and who beat who before jumping into who is first. UM's record is 9-3.
The real line up:

Posted by: FootballFan | December 28, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Okay, so since FAU beat FIU they should be ahead, YET on your list you have UM over USF even though USF beat UM, at their own house to. I don't get it.

Gooch7, we also play Louisville away.

fiu got lucky and beat toledo..So what it is still a lower case school for a lower case budget.

Me im on a bigger budget, its called the U! Enjoy ur $5 dollar pizza u low budget fools! Hahahaaaa Pizza Pizza

Also, Hate.

It seems the bowl victory is already paying off in recruiting. FIU has gotten two verbal commitments this week from quality local players: DB Corey Tindal from Boyd Anderson and receiver Dominique Rhymes from Miami Northwestern.

I'm hearing rumors Howard Schnellenberger may retire from FAU and Randy Shannon would be his replacement. This is so funny if true.

I hope its true.. Then we can finally beat FAU.. The only thing that team has going for them is their Head Coach.. He truly is a Hall of Fame coach.. Get the job Randy..


lets go by history first and current records as a supplemental approach..

Gators and their fans simply suck.. Go FIU

Today watch a real team on cbs at 2pm...

FIU sucky sucky...Never will be the U!

When is the university going to step up and publicly announce an extension for Cristobal? This is going to be key if we want to keep him and the coaching staff together for next year and years to come. MTSU did it last year and NT did it this year- what are we waiting for???

It is time to pay up. Need to continue to show the school is committed to the program. FIU is on the verge of something big. What is it- 9 years of football????? And cristobal only in his 4th??? This could blow up fast- time to show that we are ready!!!!

I hate to break it to you. But if FIU has a great season next year, Cristobal is going to get job offers from BCS conference schools with more money. The FIU coaching job is a stepping stone position, not a final destination. Hell, UM is also a stepping stone position. If Golden does well at UM, he's gone to Penn State or the NFL. Neither of these coaches are going to retire at their current universities.

I say the athletic department and rest of FIU step up and lock up Coach Cristobal and his staff. We are on the verge of something HUGE!!! There is no price that we can pay Coach that equals the amount of $$$ FIU brings in with national exposure of a bowl win on ESPN. Let's pay now and it'll pay off in the end with more bowl wins and conference wins.

Pay up FIU, don't let Mario get away when the big boys start calling him in to interview . . .

FIU Community College go away!

Thanks for alerting me to watch a real team play on CBS!

I agree with you Reality II. Thank god these scUMlovers convinced us to watch a "real" college football team today on cbs. Looks like this version of the Convicts don't workout in the yard too much, rather get passed from cell to cell if you know what i mean.

This is the time to be an FIU fan. Right now. Those FIU alums/students who are scUM fans should pay close attention to the differences and trajectories of these two programs and choose your allegiance wisely.

Are you going to delete this post of mine's too Herald????

For the full 15min that I watched the N.D game I must say that UM simply SUCKS! They were down by 17point (the same amount of points FIU was done to Toledo) but showed no HEART.. If that is a "real team" then I rather be something else.. Both of those schools have great history but N.D has a big heart and UM has 80 individuals playing for them self. After 50 years of football history you guys are ONLY the FIFTH best team in the State.. And no we are not better then UM YET (key word YET).. LMAO! Good luck in 2011 because you are going to need it.. Things are only getting worst before they get better..

As for UCF,they played a pretty darn good game.. Its going to be another tough start to our 2011 Season when they come down to play us.. UCF is starting to look like the USF of 2 years ago..

Go FIU! aka Hot n Ready!

Heard that TY might be talking to the NFL Draft committee to see where he would go if he would enter the draft this year! So he might not be returning to FIU next season :(( GO Panthers.....!!!

I think T.Y. and most juniors will stay in school. There may not be an NFL season next year with the impending lockout. If he leaves, he won't get paid or play football.

Watching the Canes today really makes me appreciate Cristobal and this FIU team. UM plays with no heart, passion and they lack any kind of leadership. Al Golden will have his work cut out for him. That roster is filled with selfish and mentally soft primadonnas.

Great headline in todays Sun Sentinel. "Catholics vs. Cupcakes" To quote Mario Cristobal after the Little Caesar's Bowl. "That is awesome!"

I think they were too cold to play!!!!!!! not used to the freezing temps. Did u see the players on the sidelines, they were all bundled up and acting like they were freezing...lol (makes u appreciate that we had a bowl game inside!) GO FIU Panthers
oh, and btw, what happened to FIU Who?? i haven't seen him on this blog, i guess he went running with his tail between his legs.....

the previous post is a comment to miamisouthpaw

I can remember seeing UM players huddling around a heater last year at the Champs Sports Bowl and that game was in Orlando! They're soft, play with no emotion or passion. It's a program that's a reflection of its previous coach.

All FIU fans should count their blessings that we have a guy like Cristobal. When FIU fell behind 24-7 in the bowl game, you didn't see the team quit and fold up the tent. They kept fighting and playing hard. It's great to be a Panther.

I was just checking up on Joey Harris' meeting with the draft committee to make sure he'd still be around next year to keep the bench nice and warm so that the real players don't have to huddle around a heater.

This is not a university of miami blog- they are awful anyways. Played with no heart.... but this isnt about them. This is about the AMAZING season that FIU had and the even more amazing years to come!!!!

I really hope the university continues to show committment to the program. I would hate to see this thing not followed through and Mario leave.


You can say what you want about FIU but since day one under Mario Cristobal this team has never quit. 1-11 and 3-9 but NEVER quitters. The players play hard and the coaches coach hard. The sky is limit with that combination... DONT HATE!!!!

If Mario is successful, he will leave for a higher profile job. But it will be no fault of the university. FIU simply doesn't have the money nor the prestige to keep a top notch head coach. You have to remember FIU plays in a 20,000 seat stadium that is almost half empty on gameday. They don't play on national TV unless they're in a bowl game. So the revenue stream is very limited. This is a place where you build your resume. It's not a final destination job.

I agree with MiamiSouthPaw. FIU is a stepping stone. MC will leave in time.

I love our fans. I really do. You are all so enthusiastic and loyal. However, some of you are really dumb. Yes we won a bowl game, but it was 1) A lower tier bowl that gave us a negligible payout and 2) Contrary to popular belief, this game does not change the fact that most people don't know who we are:



The game, pitting Florida International (6-6) and Toledo (8-4), did a 1.6 rating with 1.629 million viewers. Considering half the nation was snowed in, considering it was the only football telecast airing at the time, those are horrible numbers. In fact, they're down 48 percent from last year's Little Caesars Bowl that matched Marshall and Ohio University."

Only 1.6 million people watched our game? In the entire country?! Hell, Miami Dade has over 2 million people alone.

FIU has a very long way to go. This bowl win is not a guarantee that our program will be "good" from now on. Optimism is good, but we have to be cautiously optimistic. Everyone on here is acting as if though FIU is the best and greatest, but that's far from the truth.

Yes, UM was destroyed in its bowl game, but they still are a better team than us from a talent standpoint. Heart and commitment? We win by miles, but there's only so far that that can take a team.

So, relax everyone. All this talk about how FIU is on the verge of something amazing and how MC is the greatest coach needs to quell down a bit. I'll remind you all that just 2 months ago many of you were calling for MC's job. I'm so excited for the future of FIU football and I know we're definitely an improved team, but we need to remain humble.

So, bandwagoners STFU and stop hyping up FIU.

I agree that we need a bit of perspective here as there's an incredibly thin line b/w success and failure. The game was riveting and exciting and obviously the outcome is what we wanted.

It was an incredibly positive first step, got an audience of folks (even if just new fans in Florida) who have never watched an FIU game and showcased what they're all about. However, some perspective.

I've seen the replay and I still think we got a favorable spot. Mario was gutsy by going on 4th down twice but he continues to learn on the job. His decision to challenge the refs on the spotting of the ball when our runner was clearly at least two yards shy of the first down earlier in the second half was baffling and the lost timeout almost came back to bite him in the butt.

Bottom line we're going to have to win consistently and against marquee opponents before we're able to increase our national exposure. Mario has a couple of options with regards to FIU. He can truly try to build something here (and he can) a la Jim Leavitt (before the chokehold) at USF. I get the stepping stone logic but that will depend on what kind of lifestyle he'd like.

Finally let's stop the continuous comparisons with UM. This doesn't have to be a zero sum game. At the end of the day there'll probably be a bunch of folks who'll root for both. Ultimately our benchmark should be UF, a sold-out stadium every Saturday and a broad and die-hard alumni base.

BTW, what's up with the blog, when are we getting a new post?

Mario Cristobal isn't going anywhere. He still hasn't won an out of conference regular season game, and no state school with money would try to hire him away. He was an offensive line coach before this job, and most of the reason he's been successful is that he's a Miami guy and he knows the city and the kids.

Only thing we need to worry about is if Golden doesn't work out at UM.

"Ultimately our benchmark should be UF, a sold-out stadium every Saturday and a broad and die-hard alumni base."

Definitely Puma! Definitely! UM is a poor school to compare ourselves to. We should be striving to be like UF, tOSU, OU, Texas, etc etc. Like Puma said, these are schools that sell out their stadiums and have loyal fans. They also win on a consistent basis. UM hasn't been in a significant bowl game since 2003, they play in front of an empty NFL stadium and their "fans" jump ship the second the team suffers a loss. This is not what FIU should be striving for.

However, the UM comparisons arise from the fact that we're in the same city. It's tough NOT to compare when we're fighting (and losing) the battle for "fans", recruits and respect. In the end, we have a very long way to go. Even with our bowl win, we still get almost no respect. Barry Jackson decided to be cute yesterday in his top "local sports stories" story when he included Garrett Wittles' hitting streak, but then (unnecessarily) included a sentence about Wittles alleged rape charges.

So, its going to be a tough process, but FIU can make it if its alumni and current students support it. Support. Thats what our school needs.

Alt7787 I respectfully disagree with u!

First, FIU is on the rise! If u can't see that, then ur blind. Second, T.Y. clearly made the first down in the bowl game. Third, next year we can beat a ranked UCF team and everyone else on our schedule. That means the possiblity is shiny. Fourth, the only problem with FIU is the fan base, and that will grow as we continue to win. Stop being so damn negative and narrow minded.

Let's go FIU!! We will make the Nation know us and respect us...

FIU La bomba must be a troll. I know some of our fans are dumb, but this person is just too obvious. I'll respond anyway since I've read some pretty stupid stuff so far:

1) FIU is definitely on the rise. However, a 6-6 season with a bowl win against a mediocre team from the MAC does not make us the greatest team in college football.

2) I dont think TY made the first down, but I'm glad the refs ruled in our favor.

3) We MAY beat UCF, but considering that we barely beat some SBC teams this year, I dont see us going 12-0 next year. That's quite laughable if you really think about it.

4) Our lack of a fanbase is ONE of our problems, not the only problem. However, this problem may be the biggest one to overcome.

I will say that I love FIU. I jumped for joy when Jack Griffin made the winning field goal, I actively followed our team during the season, I always people to attend FIU games support the university, etc etc. I love my school. I will NOT be a blind and foolish cheerleader though. This season was far from perfect and while I am happy for our team, I'm not satisfied.

Alt7787 ur mother is a troll and honestly i think u are a moron!!

1) We almost beat Rutgers and Texas A&M. The game against MTSU the refs cheated. So if it wasn't for that we would only have 3 loses. The year before, we hung in there with Alabama in the first half (the champions that year) and obviously we didn't have any depth in the second half to compete. Also, I need to mention that the game was played @Alabama.

2) U are a moron a half if u can't see that clearly T.Y. made the first down in the bowl game. He made it by a yard at least. His foot never went out of bounds. It was obvious, ask anybody else dummy.

3)We will beat UCF next year asswipe. If we can get FIU fans at the game. Which number 4...

4) Is our only problem right now!! Getting fans into the games.

We got a great coaching staff...Hard knox players that fight to the end...Remember we just are starting to see the benefits from having an actual weight room and having full scholarships. Did u forget asswipe? Also, as the University continues to grow, that will mean more money to pay the coaches. Currently we are the 15 biggest univerity in the USA dumbass. The school is growing and at a rapid pace. Just sit back, enjoy next year, and come back and say I was right...

Happy New Year! Marikita

FIU, USF, UCF, FSU, UF all win their bowls. All florida schools minus the U aka the Cupcakes

Alt7787 no need to be calling fellow FIU fans names. That hook and ladder play was first down. Very close but he was not 2 yards shy. This is time we need to get more fans to our stadium...that should be FIU's priority. Next year cage should be rocking! Go FIU!

For FIU to consistently draw sellout crowds, they must win. But what concerns me is the attendance was still poor despite winning a conference championship. Beating Sun Belt teams will not be enough. Miami is an event town with fickle fans. That includes FIU students and alumni. FIU must start beating OOC teams. Most lamen fans don't care about beating Troy and Middle Tennessee State.

I hate to use the UM comparison. But when the Canes were winning championships, they still drew poorly unless they were playing FSU, UF, Notre Dame or a big name opponent.

Fortunately, FIU doesn't have to worry about selling 70,000 seats. You just have to get a good core of students and alumni. There's no excuse with all the alumni FIU has in South Florida not to be able to fill a 20,000 seat stadium.

alt7787 - obviously we weren't watching the same team this year. Because I saw a team that played 60 minute ballgames with a ton of heart.

Duke, Louisville, Texas A&M, and UCF - FIU is going to beat them all. And of course we're going to coast through the Sunbelt again. They probably won't let us play in the national championship game, but trust me, we're going to be undefeated and looking at the Orange bowl or the Rose bowl in 2011!

Yea now I know that people are just trolling. This is all too ridiculous to take seriously.

However, Fiu labomba may not be troll. He/she may be serious. If so, dear god we sure do have dumb fans.

What I see here from people is a lot of wouldve, couldve, shouldve. Unfortunately, the only result that matters is wins. Us "almost" beating Rutgers and TAMU is not a sufficient baromoter to use in concluding that we will win our OOC games next year. People keep bringing up us "hanging" with Alabama last year, but at the beginning of next year that game will be 2 years old. It sounds really pathetic and sad to keep mentioning a game that we didn't win.

The fact is that we are something like 2-23 against out of conference opponents in the last 5 years. Those two wins came against Toledo, a mid tier team from the MAC. In most of the other games, we were blown out.

FIU has a long way to go and people need to stay humble. I am very excited for FIU and I do think we are headed in the right direction. However, its important to note that we did not dominate this year and midway through the season most "fans" had given up and were calling for Mario Cristobal's job.

FIU got better and better every single game this year - if you honestly don't think they could've beaten Texas A&M if they played at the end of the season then I think we all know who the nonfan "troll" is here.

It's not a sure thing that they'll go undefeated but they have an easy schedule and they'll be better than every single team they play. Louisville will be the only tough matchup but I think if they get over that hump they'll run the table.

Louisville will be the only tough matchup? Did you watch UCF? They are for real and finished in the top 25, beating an SEC team (Georgia) in a bowl game. Don't sleep on Troy either. They will be better and are the tradition power of the Sun Belt. We still haven't beaten FAU since 2005 and that's the only time FIU was victorious in that rivalry.

We had to hold for dear life against Western Kentucky and T.Y. Hilton saved us against Arkansas State. I think FIU will be good next year. But they're not a dominant team that will go 10-2. I think 8-4 is realistic.

Lets summarize this Bowl Season:

UF - Win
UCF- Win
USF - Win
FIU - Win

Ranking in the state:
1) FSU 2) UF 3) UCF 4) USF 5) FIU 6) FAU and UM tied

UM, no bowl win, no conference championship, no on campus stadium...FIU has both, envious yet UM?


I can live with that line up NYCFIUFan, but ONLY for this year. In a general sense, it goes:


Still, this is all moot since next year is another year. I think 8-4 is definitely possible, but so is 4-8 or 1-11. If not for some lucky breaks this season, we wouldve gone 3-9.



No RECRUITING NEWS AT ALL??? Jeez, do your homework Adam.

Unless of course your next article is going to be about the APR being lower than "that school which we shall not name"... it seems that the only crap your good at Adam.

Give me sometime and I'm going to do a write up tonight. Sorry guys, been off for the new year.

Alt and southpaw, just letting you know I'm not dumb. I aswell respectively disagree with both of you. Mario Cristobal isn't going anywher YET, panthers are on the rise and if you ever talk to him you know the commitment he has to this program and his commitment to BUILDING a program in competition with the university of Miami. I do believe that if later down the road if/when we change conferences and have some defining wins under his belt, THEN he might consider leaving to what all you call a "final destination". In all honesty I believe he will wait it out to the end. Both of you are underrating his commitment to building. So please don't compare him to a Randy Edsall or an Al Golden yet. There is a big diference between them, that being the areas in which they coached and since the both of you aren't "dumb" I'm guessing I don't have to explain this. Another thing is TY. In my opinion it would be the smarter thing for him to stay, the reason for this is because almost all the receivers before him for his respective class and that's probabely what the draft comitees will tell him. Lastly stop adding a negetive to the positive energy during recruiting time, let people be unrealastic. Even though in my opinion we CAN sweep the sunbelt next year and we WILL win against Akron and we will push and fight the other three games and we have a good chance of winning them all. GO FIU!

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