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It's official: FIU to LC Bowl

AD Pete Garcia just formally accepted FIU's invitation to play in Dec. 26's Little Caesars Bowl in Detroit.

"We’re going to have a great time, and a great experience in Detroit."

More to come ...


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It's a start.

Blah, you were there? How did I miss seeing you? I would've laughed about more pizza jokes.

Apparently, I heard this from someone in FIU. They're trying to charter a plane for people to go but they will need at least 160 people to sign up. Get the word out.

have fun in beirut I mean deetroit you scrubs! this will be your first and last bowl game ever...


FAU is garbage. Ugly campus, zero school pride, horrible location, the library is awful, no law school, no med school (as of yet) and its often considered as the "13th grade" amongst boca kids. Pbcc is nicer than Find Another University.

I'm from boca and I chose to go to FIU instead of that dumpster known as FAU.

fa-boohoo your not playing in a bowl. sit down little bird.

@ goooomez

Far be it for me to come to the defense of an Owl, but let's address your issues. A) Both FIU and FAU are unranked 2nd-tier schools. B) Your law school? Sucks, and has no respect from any biglaw firms. Trust me, I'd know. C) Your med school? Don't make me laugh.

Your library is decent.

As for school pride? When your student body stops being fans of UM, and your games have more than 50% attendance comprised mostly of drunken frat boys, we can talk.

You keep UM out of this blog's mouth FIWho?

From Trojan Fan: Congrats to FIU on the championship and your first bowl game. You guys put a whipping on us but we returned the favor to FAU Saturday :). Keep the faith - our first bowl was in California but just making it their was a big deal to Trojan fans. Keep playing like you did this year and you'll gey your chance in the big easy. Best wishes in the game - look forward to next year! Go Trojans!

a) true, but FIU has only been around since 1965 and we already have law/med schools. FAU has been around since 1961 and has little to show for it. +1 FIU

b) our law program is only 10 years old and has had the state's highest bar-passing rates in 05, 07, and 09. i know the law program doesn't dominate discussions within the inner circles of law firms yet, but you have to remember FIU law is only 10 years old man.

c) FIUcom is ONLY 4 years old and the mere fact that you are trying to make fun of it is clear cut evidence that you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

school pride: you may not believe this, but FIU students have A LOT more school pride than FAU kids do. i've lived in boca for 19 years and i would like to think that i know more than you on this subject.

this is a comparison between FIU and FAU..not FIU and UCG

if you would like to speak about this in
person i'll be at the big cheese tomorrow night wearing an FIU hat

Hahahaha "the Big Cheese"! That's the most FIU thing I've ever heard! Enjoy friend, enjoy.

We were robbed... t.y.'s knee was down but who cares were bowl bound... Im up for going to Detroit... people who are going get at me maybe we can work something out...


I did not graduate from FIU. My son attends their Med School.

The law school does get respect from big law firms. TRUST ME I WOULD KNOW!

"Hahahaha "the Big Cheese"! That's the most FIU thing I've ever heard! Enjoy friend, enjoy."

.......its primarily a UM hangout

The Athletic Department won't say it, but even while everyone would like to be going to New Orleans, getting a $750K payout instead of the $325K they'd get in NO sounds pretty good for a first time bowl team.

And BTW you FAU folk, you can criticize and make fun all you want, but there's one thing Dr. Brogan has done that Drs. Maidique and Rosenberg haven't at FIU. He's turned FAU into a member of the second tier of Florida public universities who can't drum up the money to pay for anything.


Blatent disrespect for FIU getting passed over by not one, but two bowls with Sun Belt tie ins. Complete garbage. If it weren't for the seniors who worked their butts off I wouldn't go.

Let's go FIU ! Let's beat Toledo and get our first Bowl Win !

hey after an 0-4 start i wouldn't have thought they could be conference champs and going to a bowl game. I'm just glad this season has been a step in the right direction.

I love the school and hope for the best but our fans are insufferable. Now we are complaining about going to a bowl game? How do you think the players would feel if one of them would come here expecting to hear from an excited fan base but instead having to hear their accomplishment diminished. December 26 I will watch the only meaningful bowl game this season (at least in my opinion it is)

seriously eveyone needs to stop complaining.. we are going bolwing...

Does anybody know if Ford Field in an enclosed stadium??? does the roof close? Just wondering.... thanks and GO PANTHERS!!

It's an enclosed stadium and it's actually very nice.

I already bought my tickets on the 50 yd line.

cool!!!! Thanks....I'm a parent of a player so i hope we they give us some good Tickets!!!! I will be there! GO Panthers GO Joey #86 <3

Why would you travel all the way to Detroit to watch your kid sit on a bench?

Owl Power: Why would you go to another team's blog to be a jerk to a player's mom? Are you this bad of a person in real life? Or are you just like this on the internet? Did you see the Trojan fan's comment? That's a good general view of an FIU fan's online experience with other schools with the exception of FAU. Not that all FAU fans are like that. But you are like that. Go talk smack about your own football season. Oh, wait. Yours is over.

Can't believe the FIU (is that what it's called?) faithful are carping about "falling" from N.O. or Mobile to play in Detroit. How do you think the proud Rockets feel about playin' one of those mediocre 6-6 unknown nobodys as part of our rich bowl history? We schedule 4-5 top 25 teams annually and play in a tough Mid-Am conference. The Rockets are 7-1 in conference and beat a Big Ten team on the road. Think they feel good about slogging thru the toilet bowl with nobody? Do all the teams in your conference only have initials in their names? Now that's something to be proud of! Get ready to take your beatin' and crawl back to your third tier conference, just like Toledo did to you on your own field last year. Gimme a break - the Rockets get 'rewarded?' with a dump team?

i'm pretty sure we beat toledo a year or two ago rocketdawg...in toledo...yeah, u know us.

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