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Legion cleared to play, no word yet on Ferguson

FIU, riding a four-game losing streak and in desperate need of some good news, got it Friday, when two-time transfer Alex Legion was cleared to play in Saturday’s game against Sam Houston State.

Legion, who began his career at Kentucky before transferring to Illinois, and ultimately FIU, had to sit out a year, per NCAA regulations.

The 6-foot-5 shooter out of Detroit has apparently met all academic requirements, and will add depth to an already talented Golden Panthers backcourt.

However, no word yet on the availability of super freshman Dominique Ferguson, a top-100 recruit who was not cleared to play during the fall semester.


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FIU gets to their first Bowl game after an amazing season and the ONLY thing you guys can write about is ticket sales.. Are you guys for real?!?!? Who can expect a big crowed of ANY Sunbelt team the day AFTER CHRISTMAS.. Think before you write.. The story should actually be that FIU has only sold 300 less tickets then Middle even though they have a Bowl game that is placed in a better date.

I said it before, and I will say it again. This is why I canceled my membership with the Herald this June.. They can only write negative and BS stories about FIU and make other schools sound like heaven when in reality they are far from it! Make me happy that everyday Im saving $0.50 and not supporting a newspaper that does not support the ONLY public University in the ENTIRE city!

Im very happy Pete moved out into a better job then the trash that this paper writes everyday!


Don't be mad at Adam. It's reality. A school that brags about an alumni base of over 100,000 that can't sell 200 tickets. It's embarrassing and in top of it all the AD will not return calls because he's to proud to accept responsability.

It doesn’t matter if the game is in Detroit or Timbuktu. PG has to realize that it is his fault and he should face its critics.

Adam and Cote point to the reality of FIU. A school with horrible academic students and second a school with no fans. Thanks to them, our community if more informed and we can justify getting rid of the school. Who needs a second community college?

It's all about da U!!


It's a conspiracy! It's everyone else's fault that FIU can't sell 200 tickets! WHY AREN'T THEY WRITING ABOUT OUR GLORIOUS VICTORIES OVER ARKANSAS STATE AND MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE??!! That's a story that people will be interested in reading!


Got to LOVE the FIU Haters...

How about FIU Realist. I'm not a hater.

fiu the joke of the country..We don't need MD community college part II.

Second community college ?

Didnt your new head coach come from a community college that got kicked out of the big east.


No one wants to coach the u anymore.

Florida got a real coach !!!!


another year another coach another insignificant u!!

Hmmm...Panther 2001 admits he is FIU Realist...Hmm...Pathetic board.

UM's hire is better than UF's, no reason to hang your hat on the Gators just because your team is the definition of irrelevancy.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

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