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Little Caesars Pizza Bowl Opening Press Conference Photos

These are courtesy of the Pizza Pizza Bowl...

7B99 7BA9 7BAA


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I appreciate the pictures Adam, but where did this take place? Who are the people in the pictures? Background information please.


His name is "creepy pizza pizza guy" and they were taken in your worst nightmare.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

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What is the difference between a loser and FIU? Uhm I have no idea hahaha

FIU low budget losers!

All about da U!!

fiu-lower case now i have attended and graduated from fiu with my undergrad and UM with my mba and i have to say this..FIU has something at UM doesnt have in the past 9 years and that is a conference title

Da U is the NFL homeboy..

FIU is the joke of college football.

5 national championships homeboy...

FIU has one conference championship & a soon to be first lost a bowl. hahaha

FIU will never never catch up!!! The powers that be will never let it happen hahahahaa

Its ok we all know only a selected few can afford to go to da U!!! hahahaa

Fiu-LOWER CASE is relegated to posting to an FIU article because all they have done is go down hill. Um is living in the past and goes to FIU articles to try to feel good about themselves. Hopefully they will stop worrying about an up and coming program and start to worry about a declining program with 5 PREVIOUS national championships and nothing to look forward to!

Kind of like Notre dame and Army, huh?

fui golden shower football playing in the pizza bowl... what a joke!

what a bunch of jive turkeys... fiu golden shower football stinks!

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