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Live blog from sort of warm Miami

Live blog kicks off at 8 tonight, live from my living room. Game is on ESPN. Check Back



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Couldn't happen to a better bunch of guys. Awesome and I am proud to be a member of the FIU alumni. Just 9 years from the birth of a football team to win their first bowl game!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Today the pizza bowl, tomorrow a BCS bowl win.

At least one south Florida team that plays with pride (hint hint, dolphins).

GO FIU!!!!!!Crazy game..

One of the best games that I have seen in a long time. The first half had me a little worried, but talk about stepping up. Hook n Ladder on 4th and 17. Incredible!!! I only wish that I could have made it to Detroit and be there for the celebration. GO PANTHERS!!!

What a game. Unbelievable ups and downs! Congratulations Panthers!! You've made me one proud alum tonight.

I said it since FIU was 0-4... The opponents they went against and HOW they played those first four opponents led me to say what I've said ALL ALONG this season: "FIU should win the Sun Belt, go to their first bowl game AND WIN that bowl game"... People thought I was crazy... Again, I was saying that in Posts since OCTOBER and was dismissed with laughter and ridicule... Tonight I am vindicated and I applaud FIU for introducing the rest of the nation to just how serious this football program is...! Yeeeeeee Haaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!


congratulations panther nation!

Great game, love the way the defense came out in the second half and just dominated. History, look like I left a year too early (LOL), but these guys worked for this and it finally happened.

FIU are champions


listen to this link to a great song for FIU football great season.

its great to be a golden panther... GO section 112 and FF II UU

Where are the haters from Oral Gables ??? I'm sure they would be writing all kinds of s*** if we lost the bowl game....

can we please make our win about us and not about anything to do with UM

please just this once

i want to savor this for us and not relate it to any other school

we won

we did it



and let's LEAVE IT AT THAT (and to a ton of partying afterwards to be honest)

Toledo just embarrassed the MAC with this tripe. Well done, Florida International. Oven-baked vindication.

Still around "Who?niversity", wasn't going to say anything but ask again and I'll be the one to point out the obvious.

Please do! once your mom lets you out of her basement

Ain't no basements in Miami chuckles.

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