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FIU-MTSU Live blog; TV Info

Live blog starts at 5:45. Check back for live updates and commentary.

Game kick off at 6 p.m. and is on ESPN3.com and 1080AM (Since the Heat game starts at 7:30).

Post your predictions below. I'll give mine before game time.


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FIU 28

You're 6-5, you're struggling against all SUN BELT CONFERENCE TEAMS...you lost to FAU, who was blown out by TROY, 44-7 (another big football power)...you're struggling at home today vs Middle Tennessee State University (??), and you're BRAGGING and TALKING SMACK TO UM FANS about how UM sucks?
You people are WHACKED, really!!
It's laughable how sad you FIU'er sre, really.

So uneducated when it comes to college football...I'm beginning to think that what all my UM fans, who ATTEND FIU say about those who actually attend FIU games, is true...she says: The ONLY people who go to FIU games are the frats and sororities, so they can get drunk and make fools of themselves in the parking lot!
That MUST BE THE CASE, because you people have to be WHACKED/DRUNK to talk smack about UM when you're having trouble with MTSU...what the H*LL is a "MTSU" anyway?

Too funny, really.

UMike you are exactly why the University of Miami fans are regarded as complete buffoons... Don't care how much you claim to know about football.... you have a cranial rectum inversion and your lack of breeding shows. Your friend must not be sitting where the rest of us are....families with kids, students, faculty etc. But then you wouldn't know what that is like to sit in your home stadium and enjoy a Saturday night game....

But then again... the U isn't about education or Shannon would still be there!

and FIU chokes.. OH boy.. Incredible..

How can you take the word of a UM fan that goes to FIU. People like that don't even know what loyalty is. That's like a UM student rooting for UF because they're better.

UMike UM losing to USF is worst than FIU losing to MTSU. MTSU is a top team in the conference which the equivalent would be UM losing to Virginia Tech. UM losing to USF which is in a bottom barrel bcs conference is like FIU losing to a d1aa team which they haven't.

Interesting point pantherman. I think UMike's point is that the FIU trolls should stop coming on UM blogs to tell us how bad UM sucks while pounding their chest about the Sun Belt accomplishment and then losing to MTSU.

Yep, I don't agree with trolling, but most FIU trolls typically roam around greg cotes blog. Which is technically a neutral board, I've only read the canes blogs a few times but haven't seen too many FIU trolls on them when I have.


I just saw the end of the game on the ESPN3 replay and there is NO DOUBT that TY's knee was down. Politics of SunBelt clearly at play here since the conference wants three teams to go to bowls so they can stuff their f'in greedy selfish faces.

Soon enough, we'll receive an invitation from another conference and although the SunBelt will beg us to stay since we're their largest market asset BY FAR, we'll spit in their faces. NEVER FORGET the implications of this call.

"MTSU" is Middle Tennessee.

BTW, cane troll, miami of florida is 0-2 against Middle Tennessee in football. Look it up.

Greg Cote does a Hurricanes gameday blog and a Canes Satisfaction meter blog every Saturday, those are not at all neutral.

And pantherman, Middle Tennessee and South Florida are in the same position in their respective conferences. Losing to South Florida is like losing to South Florida and losing to MTSU is like losing to MTSU. Both are embarrassing, only one is surprising.

A piece of a worthless championship is a start but you'll need more than that to get invited to the Big East.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Let's break down UMike once and for all. He is(assuming its a "he"):

1. a UM student or alum, in which case he paid 10 times what it would have cost to get the same or better education at FIU (of course, he probably couldn't get in to FIU).

2. a guy that never went to college who needed to feel better about himself by affiliating himself with UM back in the '80's when they actually won some football games. If U didn't graduate from the U and U associate yourself with the U then U are a lUser. Period.

So which one are you, UMike.

It'd take a second rate public education for someone to think that they can get a "better" education at FIU than UM:

US News and World Report 2010 College Academic Rankings:

University of Miami - 47
University of Florida - 53
Florida State University - 104
Florida Institute of Technology - 159
University of South Florida - 179
Florida International University - Second tier, not ranked

Which category do you fall into, Buc Nasty, #1 or #2? Everyone knows that the US News and World Report rankings are based mostly on size of endowment, opinions of college administrators, and political influence. It clearly favors private institutions who rely on morons to pay 10-20 times the cost of public schools for the same or often inferior educations.

But it would take some reading and education for you to know that.

Well #1 in that I went to UM but I sure as hell didn't pay 10 times the tuition of FIU to do it.

I'm sure every magazine has their own biases, I haven't read that many - if you could just put a link up to a single magazine, poll, or FIU-based propaganda - anything that shows that FIU is a better academic institute than UM I'll go ahead and accept my mistake in my selection for higher education.

And by the way I don't think that an education from FIU or UM is thought of highly in any circles that matter.

And I'm a UM-based FIU hater - you'll note there is no glorifying in a loss to MTwhatever, my hating stays at bay until the UM bashing gets too egregious.

Lol. Guys please. You're embarassing FIU fans. UM, as an educational institute, is light years ahead of FIU. There is no comparison. UM far surpasses FIU in terms of endowment, support from both alumni and non alumni, sports programs and local respect. I hate USNWR for all the reasons that were cited, but there's no doubting that UM is much better than FIU in the things it measures.

FIU grants its students a great education, but there's a reason why UM students consistently perform better than FIU students on national standardized tests like the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT and GRE. Better education? Maybe. "Smarter" students? Maybe. Its a tough call. However, I would still pick FIU over UM because it's extrememly difficult to justify paying $30k+/yr for a degree from a school that isnt an Ivy or at least very strong and nationally recognized school.

So, lets put this FIU's education is better than UM's discussion to rest. Please.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go put some water in Buc Nasty's mama's dish.

alt7787, UM as an educational institue is light years ahead of FIU? Everything you then go on to cite (endowment, support from alumni and non-alumni, sports programs, and local respect have NOTHING to do with education. Seriously, you're better than that.

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