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Rampant rumors seem true: FIU to Detroit

Had a feeling as soon as the review on T.Y. Hilton's fumble Saturday night went against the Panthers.

Now, according to published reports, and people I trust, it's become a reality: FIU has been passed over by the New Orleans and GoDaddy.com bowls, and will spend Christmas in Detroit.

FIU-Toledo in the Little Caesars Bowl. Dec. 26.

Let the rightful sniping at the bowls -- and more justly, at the Sun Belt for letting this happen to a conference champ -- begin.



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I read that Toledo has retracted the release and negotiations are underway ... hence the time change for the FIU conference.

still hope maybe??

The sad truth is it's about money. FIU can't fill half their 20,000 seat stadium. Do you think the New Orleans Bowl representatives were impressed by FIU's attendance last night? If FIU can't fill its own little stadium, do you think they're going to travel in huge numbers? It's a shame because FIU had a great season and won its conference. But in the end, it's about money.

After reviewing the play it was clear that not only were BOTH knees down but I believe an elbow too. The other calls including a helmet to helmet hit and a clear pass interference are just other indications that the sunbelt is fraud and like Mario said We are the sunbelt champs we are not supposed to be on the third choice bowl. This is the last straw sunbelt. Time to shop around the future if fiu athletics.



So the reward for a good season, and first bowl ever in school history, is a trip to Detroit in December? Aint that a kick in the teeth?? I think I'd rather go 5-7 and stay home with family for the holidays, then be stuck in cold, drab Detroit for Christmas to play some bottom-feeder bowl game.

What people must not forget about FIU, my school, is we're located in a major city (Miami) on a Saturday night. It took UM years to compete with major sports down here. Let's not forget there was a Heat and we have so much going in Miami. This isn't a college town like South Bend, Indiana (Notre Dame) or Ann Arbor (Michigan).

Screw the Sunbelt Refs!!

Too much going on? Are we really going to use this excuse? FIU was coming off the biggest victory in school history. They had all the momentum going into last night's game. It was Senior Night and you had an outright conference title on the line. The stadium only seats 20,000. FIU was the only local football team in action yesterday. FIU has thousands of alumni locally and they can't fill half the stadium with so much at stake after winning a share of the conference. If they couldn't fill up the stadium last night, they never will.

Dr Long, don't use the Heat game as an excuse because that game didnt even attract a lot of people. The truth is that Miami is a terrible city with no civic pride. There are no such things as fans in Miami, only spectators. Actually, strike that because the Dolphins do have loyal fans. It ends there though.

FIU will go wherever it goes. I'm excited to see them play, regardless of where and when they play. Now I'd prefer that they play in the NO bowl because the game is on sooner and it's on a Saturday night, but I'll be happy with whatever we get.

To the people complaining that the SBC is terrible and that a NO bowl snub would be "the last straw", what are you going to do? FIU can't leave the SBC. They can't do anything to force the SBC hand. Yea it sucks if we get sent to some TTT bowl, but oh well. Thats one of the negatives of playing in a small conference. Small in terms of revenue, support and respect. So, don't blame the SBC. This isn't their fault.

Blahhh! Looks like its Detroit.


At least we know we can hang with Toledo, having beat them 2 years ago. Of course they beat us last year...

Time for FIU TO CHANGE CONFRENCES! We are the SunBelt Champs! WTF are we doing being Passed over for the Detroit 5 Dollar Greasy Pizza Bowl?! I am So furious! WE SHOULD BEING LOOKING TO MOVE INTO C-USA OR SOME OTHER CONFERENCE BECAUSE THIS IS UN-FUC*ING BELIEVABLE!

FIU fans need to stop complaining about the Sun Belt Conference. They had plenty of opportunities to win the game. FIU had a 14-0 lead. The play calling was conservative. They committed way too many dumb penalties at crucial times. Everybody talks about the controversial fumble. But the real costly play was when Junior Mertile gambled and tried to intercept an MTSU pass. He wiffed and the receivers went about 40 yards setting up the winning touchdown. Also, Cristobal made a huge mistake not going for 2-points after FIU's last touchdown. Just too many wasted opportunities and they beat themselves.

Alt is right I just got caught up with emotions while writing.

As much as it sucks, you really can't blame the Sun Belt. In the end it's all about business. Our team took care of business this season by going 6-6 and earning a trip to its first Bowl Game. The Sun Belt's taking care of business by taking teams that are more likely to fill a stadium and generate more revenue.

If there's anyone you should be mad at it's the thousands of students and alumni that don't pack the Cage on gamedays. If we had better attendance rates throughout the season there would be no reason to keep us out of a Bowl Game in New Orleans or Mobile. In the end, our team will only go as far as the support it receives.

I don't understand something, if we share the Sunbelt title with Troy then why are we going to the Little Ceasars Bowl??? shouldn't we at least be going to the GO Daddy bowl?? I just don't know how these things work...:((

Sharing a title with a team you kicked in the teeth and dropped a 50 spot on in their house? Has the Sunbelt ever heard of the head-to-head tie-breaker?

In any event, a highly successful season by FIU - no reasonable person predicted a Conference Championship this season. Nice work Panthers.

Panter Pride, you are absolutely right, I said the same thing in another site, the coaches, players and administration man it up and got it done, but the students, and alumni came up short, very short. Lets face it we wont win national championshipg any time soon, we wont go undefeated or win 10 games any time soon. We are a new program and we are doing well, this year our team over achieve, we took care of business is several games, our players played their hearts out and did their best in all games but one FAU.
Lets stop blaming the Sunbelt, the refs, the coaches, (there is no guarantee that a 2 convertion will be successful). The only things to blame are #1 the game against FAU, if we would've won that...
#2 Our fan apathy, we got snun because our fan base is very small and the bowls are a business and they are trying to make money, nothing wrong with that.
What we need to do is build on this experience and develop a stronger fan base, more school spirit and continue to develop a winning foorball program, get better recruits, and tight the screws so we can win 7 games next year.

It's not about attendance at FIU home games because I played for FIU and no SunBelt team fills stadiums.

Congrats to FIU on a great year as Co-champs -- see ya next year..... Got 5? Go Trojans!!!

So what is it about then?

Let's go FIU ! Let's beat Toledo and get our first Bowl Win !

Getting picked for a bowl is dependent on how many tickets you can sell. Michigan gets picked because it puts butts in the seats so it went to a higher bowl than it should have gone. Stanford was a team ranked number four in the country but no bowl wanted them because they could not sell out their stadium and only had 40,000 for their big games with a fan base that does not travel well. A friend says why should he go all the way across country to see a football game as an alumni. That is why Stanford only got in BCS as number four exception. You do not buy tickets you do not go to the bigger bowl games. The bowl took Toledo who was number two in conference when they should have taken the first place team!! Tickets guys. If you follow college football you know this is the reason. FIU will get to bigger bowls if they buy tickets!! If for first bowl you go and send 1000 people do you think GODADDY will want to take the risk next year? They lose money. Bowl games have to give conference at least $750K to $1MILLION to a team that goes to the bowl game. That is money the school gets. The game is on ESPN. Not the deuce. Not 3. ESPN and is the only bowl game of the night!! I had a chance to look at the bowls MVP lists and all are playing in the NFL or have in the past. Recruits look at that. Support the team. The game is played in the home of the NFL Detroit Lions so at least their fans can finally see how some real football is played. This is the chance to make a good first impression with the bowl selectors. Make it a good one. Temple and WMU finished with bowl eligible records that equaled FIU and they were not selected for a bowl. What happens if next year FIU finishes with seven wins and is staying home. Come on Fans!!!1

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