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Rhodes, Davis named to SBC All-Freshman Team

(Created by Sun Belt newspaper beat writers)

QB - Corey Robinson, Troy
QB - Kolton Browning, ULM
RB - Kedrick Rhodes, FIU
RB - Sirgregory Thornton, ASU
RB - Aaron Spikes, ULL
WR - Jamel Johnson, Troy
WR - Tavarese Maye, ULM
TE - Demetrius Coley, WKU
OL - Jimmie Colley, FAU
OL - Jadareius Hamlin, MTSU
OL - Josh Allen, ULM
OL - Ceedrick Davis, FIU
OL - Andre Huval, ULL

DL - Amos Draper, ASU
DL - Justin Anderson, ULL
DL - Cory Henry, FAU
LB - Randell Johnson, FAU
LB - Corey Carmichael, MTSU
LB - Zach Orr, North Texas
DB - Otis Peterson, ULM
DB - Isaiah Newsome, ULM
DB - Tyree Robinson, WKU
DB - Arius Wright, WKU
DB - Kiante Young, WKU
DB - Chris Pickett, Troy
DB - Cooper Gerami, ULL

K - Zach Olen, North Texas
P - Josh Davis, MTSU
RET - Brelan Chancellor, North Texas
AP - Jyruss Edwards, ULM


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another quality copy and paste blog post.

hard work always prevails.

Hello FIU fans,

I must say congratulations on FIU football becoming the SunBelt Champs and reaching a bowl. Ever since my beloved Orange Bowl was demolished, I've been angry at the U and the people who made that decision. The OB was my comfort & place of pride. The U lost several games at the OB in its final year and forgot its legacy. I felt disrespected, hurt, and angry that the decision was made to demolish it in favor of a "Pro" stadium. Well I just want to say thanks to FIU football for winning its last game at the OB and letting it die with pride. FIU understood what the OB meant for Miami, obviously the U didn't. I have ever since cursed the U...They will never win another championship unless my demands are met. Anyway, I saw what happened the day of the U and FIU fight and it was truly distasteful. The U was picking on the lil guy and bullying them. Taunting them throughout the game. It was disgraceful! After I saw FIU win the last game at the OB, I realized they understood the importance of the OB. After that I learned FIU would be constructing a football stadium modeled after the OB. The FIU AD understood how special the OB was & that a "pro" stadium was not the answer. I will finish off here by saying thank you FIU for respecting the OB in its final game. FIU will continue to rise...The U will continue to lose. I have tried reaching out to President Shalala and their AD and they gave me no other choice but to curse them. The only way they will ever beat the curse is if and when they play FIU @FIU stadium. That way they will see @FIU stadium, what made the OB so special. Thats when I will get my revenge. Until they keep ignoring me and calling me crazy, I will continue the curse. Oh and just for kicks, I made they're coach become Al "Golden". Until they play the Golden Panthers, they will not be very Golden at all. Hahahaaaaa. Long live the memory of my beloved OB. FIU Stadium will become the new OB. Thank you FIU...

You did not see what happened the day of the U and FIU fight because if you had you would have seen that one of FIU's d-linemen tackled UM's backup quarterback WHO WAS HOLDING THE BALL FOR THE EXTRA POINT and another one of you cowardly lions kicked him in the head while he was on the ground.

Yep, that fight sure was caused by "picking on the little guy".

UM will never play FIU again, your players are just too bitter about not being recruited to UM, they can't handle themselves. They lost their minds because UM's tight end took a bow after scoring a touchdown (don't give me that bowing to the FIU fans crap, he caught the ball and bowed where he stood).

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!

And by the way, none of that is open to interpretation, it was all on video.



Quite a few WKU and ULM players on that team. Will be interesting to see how they fair over the next few years.

Buc Nasty,

Here is a secret...I was actually there watching from the sideline. The video does not tell the whole story. Throughout the game, the U players were taunting and laughing at the FIU players. But regardless, the point is that the U destroyed my beloved OB and must now pay.

Oh and one more thing, I would be careful what u say to me.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate! Write one more time on this blog and ur life will be full of it! As Babalawo does not like to be disrespected...

UM didn't destroy the Orange Bowl, they didn't own the stadium and they didn't have half a billion dollars on hand to bring it up to code.

Is very bad to steal Jo-Buu's gin. Is very bad.

Congrats to Rhodes and Davis. I wish Hickman had seen some more time on the field during conference play as I think he could been on that list too given how he blowing guys up in the OOC part of our schedule. We have a lot of talent on this team, and more coming in every year. Let's win versus Toledo and then pull in our best recruiting class yet.

fiu stinks! playling in the pizza bowl! what a joke...

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