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Updates from Friday's FIU Football practice

If you were following me on Twitter @AdamHBeasley -- and at this point, why are you not? -- you'd already know this:

Looks like Jeremiah Harden (toe) is out there, too, but in an orange (meaning limited) practice jersey.
3 minutes ago

At first glance, practice looks pretty well attended. Wes Carroll, whose face got cut up against MTSU, is throwing, but in a baseball hat.

After a week off, FIU returns to practice Friday for a light, shorts-and-helmets practice. Heavy Toledo preparation begins Monday.

Interesting non-FB news: FIU to grow by 10k students in 5 yrs. With athletics reliant on student fee, that means more $ http://bit.ly/f0gjPj


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I read that story yesterday...

I cant say I agree with this plan. Seems like a great way to further devalue the worth of a degree from FIU. I understand the revenue part of it, but this surely means FIU is going to be accepting subpar applicants. The President even said that the SAT/GPA medians arent going to be raised. Bad move.

UF, UCF, UTexas and more public u's have enrollments north of 50K - are the degress from those schools devalued? Bad post.

Yes, yes they are.

UF is the flagship university of Florida. It's well respected nationwide. No comparison there.

UCF is UCF. lol. Come on.

Don't even try to compare FIU to UT. Geez.

Want to know what the aforementioned schools have that FIU doesnt? HUGE campuses, great sports programs (well maybe not UCF) and most of all amazing alumni support.

FIU should at least increase its admissions criteria. If Ramon from Hialeah wants to come to FIU, he better have a good GPA and SAT score. If not, go to Miami Dade and reapply with better numbers.

alt7787 dont pick on Ramon from Hialeah cuz ur a burrito urself! haahaaa

All about da U!

Degrees from big state schools are devalued, nobody is impressed with an undergraduate degree from UT or UF because anyone can and does get an undergraduate degree from UT or UF.


FIU is considered one of the toughest schools to earn an (A) at....grading system at private schools well....read the article.

Unless you're going into academia nobody's going to be looking at your grades, just the degree.

Not true Buc Nasty. I work in HR for a huge fortune 500 company and my network is with other well respected recruiters from other huge organizations. Trust me we look at grades and coursework.

Hmm, that's unfortunate for FIU alumni then, why is it so hard to get an A at FIU?

Ash Parker has be nominated for this years Rudy awards. I would love for Adam H. Beasley or Justin Azpiazu to write an article about this and ask people to vote for one of our own as he deserves our support.
Here is the link to for him.


Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/12/cato-still-mulling-options.html#ixzz17q0JAwpz

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