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Cristobal: Orlando hired as FIU's defensive coordinator

Just got word from FIU coach Mario Cristobal that University of Connecticut defensive coordinator Todd Orlando has officially accepted the same job with the Golden Panthers.

Working to get Orlando on the phone at some point, but here are Mario's thoughts on his new assistant:

"If you look at the history of the last five years of UConn football, they’ve done some amazing things. They faced a lot of spread offense, including Cincy and West Virginia, and had great success. He’s called a lot of big games, and just coming off a BCS bowl game. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and he's a great teacher."

UPDATE: FIU is holding off making a more formal annoucement for another 24 hours, as Orlando still needs to go through the standard screening process that all hires must. But I do know that Orlando is on campus, participating in department meetings, etc. So official, perhaps not. But essentially a done deal.


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