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Cristobal: Orlando hired as FIU's defensive coordinator

Just got word from FIU coach Mario Cristobal that University of Connecticut defensive coordinator Todd Orlando has officially accepted the same job with the Golden Panthers.

Working to get Orlando on the phone at some point, but here are Mario's thoughts on his new assistant:

"If you look at the history of the last five years of UConn football, they’ve done some amazing things. They faced a lot of spread offense, including Cincy and West Virginia, and had great success. He’s called a lot of big games, and just coming off a BCS bowl game. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and he's a great teacher."

UPDATE: FIU is holding off making a more formal annoucement for another 24 hours, as Orlando still needs to go through the standard screening process that all hires must. But I do know that Orlando is on campus, participating in department meetings, etc. So official, perhaps not. But essentially a done deal.


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Nice job fellas....

Nice scoop! Any reason why FIU has not announced this? Are they waiting till after NSD?


I know that 2011 Class is going to be amazing but this has to be one of the biggest steps that FIU has taken for their Football team. I don't know much about Coach Orlando but we all know that his resume is pretty damn good. The guy has coached against some of the Top 10 teams in the Nation and pulled off a good game.. That says a lot in my personal opinion. Very excited to see what he does with what we already started last year..

Bring on the Welcome Interview..


Quite the coup for FIU. Dude's got one impressive resume. He's ready to step in and head coach should MC bounce in the near future.

Thanks for the update! Solid info...

The guy coached against one top 10 team and UConn gave up 48 points in a blowout.

Justin, is Coach Orlando actively recruiting for FIU already? Is he trying to bring some UConn commits over here?


Awesome work! This is the stuff we've been asking for.

Orlando will carry u?!s into C-USA and beyond... Go panthers.

This is huge for FIU, and a further evolution of our program. To get a BCS conference DC to come to our program means that he sees potential at FIU, and it means that even more high caliber recruits will begin to look our way as we continue to build our program. Thank you Coach Orlando, and welcome to FIU!

The guy coached against one top 10 team and UConn gave up 48 points in a blowout.

Posted by: Cooch7 | January 25, 2011 at 12:26 PM


And where's scUM's fired DC heading off to next? Oh, yeah, that's right, just home.

Yea, he sucked, that's why they fired him...

Fired the OC too - he's interviewing for college head coach and NFL OC jobs, but who cares? What point are you trying to make about the coaches UM fires?

I don't know anything about your coordinator, but if it's true that he gave up 48 points against the only top 10 team he played then Sr. Gooch's personal opinion is about as informed as ever.

And since I have nothing better to do until checking out of work today - a quick ESPN search confirms it, UConn played 2 top 10 teams with that guy as their defensive coordinator, couldn't hold either one under 40 points.

But whatever, FIU doesn't need to beat top 10 teams, they need to beat FAU and North Middle Texas State.

The two top 10 teams that UConn played had more to do with the talent level and overall team was outmatched not just D. If your offense can't score well enough it will wear out your D. The QB in the oklahoma bowl game went 19/39 no TD's and 2 picks which is horrible.

The coordinator does have something to do with that but cant take all the blame.

IMO this is a demotion, to be at a Big East school and then go to the Sun Belt, and yeah UConn got smacked against OU but heck that is Bob Stoops not many people can say they beat Bob Stoops. Now UConn had a weaker team than Michigan and Oklahoma, but they have only played FBS football for around 8-10 years (also they jumped straight up to the Big East they were not a weaker FBS conference).

the 48 points given up to okla.2 where pick sixes with a uconn offensive that sucked!!Orlando is the real deal!!

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