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FIU defensive coordinator search update

Inquiries abound FIU’s vacant defensive coordinator position have poured in from far and wide, and Mario Cristobal’s biggest challenge might be finding time for all the interviews.

Cristobal has spoken to “lots of real good candidates” about the position, and expects to chat with several more before deciding on a replacement to Geoff Collins, who left the team last week to take a similar position with Mississippi State.

Out of respect to the candidates, Cristobal declined to make the names public, but at least one high-profile coach has expressed interest in the job.

He’s looking at coaches at all levels, and is intrigued with a couple of guys from the Division I-AA level, because of their familiarity with spread offenses, which is the predominant system in the Sun Belt.

The unprecedented level of interest is a reflection on just how far the program has come in the last year, with its first conference title and bowl win.

More when we hear it …


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Why dont you go on FIUGOLDENPANTHERS.COM and copy and paste the candidates that us regular people not so called "journalist" like you have found.

BTW this post is in no way an update!!!

get back to us when there is news

oh thats right you guys cant get exclusive info because you have burned any and every bridge when it comes to FIU because of Bitchley's yellow journalism.

Come on, really. The bashing is incessant even by my standards.

trueblue is a moron

TrueBlue has a point

Go get Randy Shannon for the DC position. He will help the defense and recruiting.

Remember when the Miami Herald published that dissing and inaccurately defaming our boy Garrett Wittels literally HOURS after FIU won our bowl game?

A few days later, a follow up article lessened the figurative blow that Mr. Wittels character received by stating that several authorities were downplaying the accusations.

The character defaming article was authored by Adam Beasley. However, Adam's name was nowhere to be found in the follow up article.

This example is NOT an isolated incident and therefore I support TrueBlue's consistent bashing.


TrueBlue has it right... MiamiHerald's current FIU beat writer has burned all his bridges.

Time for a new beat writer please/


AB stop saying Randy Shannon to be the new DC at FIU, why would Randy Shannon who was the head coach at Miami an ACC school (BCS conference) go to the Sun Belt?
Don't type stupid things and be rational.
Anyways Shannon couldn't recruit at Miami how would he help at FIU? All those former "U" guys are not top coaches, look at Popovich (not a good coach).

Everyone is talking off subject. The good news is that there is good candidates for the position. Let's just hope the man who lands the job is worthy and deserving, and who brings further recognition to the already sucessful program. Let us not talk trash about Beasley.

Lemus - How can you say that Coach popovich is not a good coach. Out of all of the positions on the field, DB and WR have been the two most successful recruited positions at FIU in recent years. In addition, arguably our most consistent position in terms of productivity has been DB. Popovich isn't just a good coach, he is a great one.

Hey Lemus, where did Mario Cristobal go to school? Where was he hired from? Where was our athletic director hired from? I guess you don't think they're any good.

Never forget!

I agree 100%, they released the Garrett story abridged while having all the info from the start. There were 5 names on the original article that was picked up by every news outlet. A more complete article comes out and rather than revise the original, both are left up.
On the DC job, it is great to hear that there's is interest in the program! Two ways people want our coaches and coaches want to come here.
Go panthers!

Hey Lemus, where did UM's head coach prior to RS end up? Yeah, that's right, he's trying to start up an FCS program at UT-SA (University of Texas at San Antonio).

So going to FIU as the DC would be a heckuvalot better than what Coker is waiting around to do. That said, we have many very good candidates to choose from as we quickly close the gap between these two schools.

Lemus - you're an idiot, FIU's head coach and AD are both "former 'U' guys".

But I love how you're all excited about the head coach saying that there were "good candidates" for the job, as if he could say anything else.

Not saying that there aren't good candidates interested, but you're all right that this coverage is absolutely pathetic. Why don't these writers ever talk to anyone from FIU? If I was an FIU fan and not just a hater I would be hating that.

First the reason that FIU had some close games was because the secondary was horrible, the only reason why FIU had problems winning games.
Now just because Cristobal went to Miami he has to hire Miami coaches? That would mean Jimbo Fisher would hire guys from Samford, Nick Saban would hire guys from Kent State? that is a weak argument just because Cristobal is from the "U" he has to hire "U" guys? very comical.
And the difference between Coker and Shannon is that when Coker left Miami was a joke especially on academics, and with Shannon they just a joke on the football field

... One more things.
When you are trying to build a program you don't hire guys that when to your rival just because you know them, you hire the best candidates that will bring you success. Look at Mark Stoops he is the FSU defensive coordinator and doesn't really have a history with Fisher, same thing with Muschamp and Weiss.

I agree with your my boy "tru" blue. FIU and chia excellent as always. Beasley mama tremenda salchicha with his journalism skills. That screen name of Buc Nasty is awesome. Just reminds me of the player haters ball chapelle's skit.

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