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Men's basketball: FIU-UALR game report, live blog, Phil Taylor activated

Right before tonight's game Phil Taylor was activated.


The FIU men's basketball team faces the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Thursday night at U.S. Century Bank Arena. The game is set for a 7 p.m. start.

The live blog will start a few minutes before the game begins.

The Golden Panthers are coming off two consecutive road losses against two of the top teams in the SBC, Denver 79-70 (OT) and North Texas 87-77.

FIU was competitive in both games, losing on late rallies. The Panthers narrowly missed a chance to upset Denver (9-9, 5-0 SBC), failing to convert multiple late-game free-throw opportunities.

The Panthers were ahead for much of the game till late in the second-half when the Pioneers took a 59-58 lead. FIU stayed on the attack, battling back to send the game to overtime. Denver outscored FIU in the extra-period 14-5, picking up its fifth SBC win.

"We played a good basketball game with the exception of converting from the foul-line," FIU coach Isiah Thomas said. "If we can get better from the foul-line those [games] can become wins."

The Panthers shot 20 of 36 from the free-throw line. FIU ranks seventh in the SBC in free-throw percentage.

Junior guard DeJuan Wright had a team-high 21 points against North Texas and senior guard Phil Gary had a team-high 22 points against Denver.

With 11 games to play before the conference tournament, FIU is hoping to end its two-game conference skid against UALR.

The Panthers (8-9, 3-2 SBC) are second in the East Division of the SBC standings, trailing rival FAU (14-6, 6-0 SBC).

"We are a couple of free-throw shots away and a couple of turnovers away from being undefeated in the conference," Thomas said.

The Trojans (11-9, 3-2 SBC) are on a three-game winning streak, beating Troy, ULM and ULL.

UALR is lead by senior guard Solomon Bozeman, who is averaging a team-high 15.7 points a game and is shooting 48 percent from three-point land. Bozeman dropped 26 points on ULM last week.

"It's going to be tough game for us. They shoot the three-ball well," Thomas said. "We have to do a good job of contesting the three-point shot."

The Trojans are shooting 43 percent from three-point range.




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I hope Justin covers the game instead of Adam "Douchebag" Beasley.

JHC dude, way to make us look bad! Can we please stop with the attacks, it really does make us look very bad.

FIU = poor man's college, no fans, never

The U = Prestige, legacy, The big boys

^^^^ LMAO. Way to live in the present. Duh U is a joke, pinning all their hopes of a return to glory on a coach from Temple. Again, Temple. Scurry off now rat.

Bad lose to a BAD team.. No Defense and very poor shooting will usually result in a lose 99% of the time.. The boys need to rebound with a couple wins next week. Two Home games coming up Thur and Sat..

So is Coach Orlando going to be the Man in charge of our defensive players or are they still going through interviews.. Im hoping they have someone signed by Monday at the latest..

When does Spring Practice Start and have they picked out a Date for the Spring Game?


Yep, living in the present, talking about how your 40,000 ON CAMPUS (as if anyone lived on your campus and not at home with their parents) stadium is going to be packed, whenever that's finished. And how y'all are going to join the Big East after a couple more Sunbelt co-championships, right?

Understandable though, no one would want to live in a present where you can't beat a team outside your pathetic conference and have the best season ever being invited to the Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl in Detroit against Tulane or whoever.

Love how this guy knows it's a new ON CAMPUS stadium.....The same guy with different names...Pathetic.

I'm not liking what I'm seeing here.

Pack it in troller(s).

The final Massey ratings for 2010 have Temple ranked #64, 17 spot ahead of FIU. Take a look in the mirror and use those sanitary napkins to take care of your own scum before you start worrying about what real teams are doing.

So much hate.

It really must be quite humbling as a scUM fan to have to now hold mighty Temple in such high regards in order to ease your inner angst. Oh what a "real team" you have on your hands.

Maybe when that "real team"of yours fires that golden boy in 3 years they should look into the head coach at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I hear he's really building a heck of a program out there. Massy might rate them in the top 96 teams by next year. That'll really show us FIU fans how a "real team" does it.

Temple still sucks hard, they're just better than FIU.

Must be quite humbling to have to bring up UT San Antonio (who?) because that's the only team worse than FIU that you can find some vague connection to UM with.

Lets go ahead and skip the next step where you talk about how UM is falling and FIU is rising with their on campus stadium and thousands of alumni and sunbelt championships because until your football team is better than UM's you're talking ifs and buts with no candy and no nuts.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Bravo, quite the soliloquy. And a blog refresh in just a wee over 3 hours.


I hate what I can.

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