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FIU named one of five 'exclusive' Adidas schools

In the world of sports merchandising, FIU will be keeping some pretty good company next fall.

Adidas has selected the Golden Panthers as one of five 'exclusive' teams, meaning FIU will wear specially-designed uniforms for the 2011 season. The other schools selected were Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Cincinnati and Tennessee.

Combined, those schools have won 18 national titles.


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I think we already have some of the best looking uniforms in FBS. Maybe this new uniform will encourage the school to sell a replica version of the actual jersey instead of some generic blue jersey with a number on it.

18 titles????!!!

Well we can't lose now!

Great story by Adam Beasley about how FIU can only exist if it is compared nonstop to UM.

Not one of the three players FIU signed from Northwestern got an offer from another school, and none of the three were recruited by UM.

Yea, that "talent pipeline" sure has been "rerouted from Coral Gables to 8th street". That's why the only two players UM considered from Northwestern didn't even think about talking to FIU.

What a schmuck this Beasley is - I don't understand why FIU fans would even want to be compared to UM at every turn.

Please take your post and name, both of which are in poor taste, and keep your comments to yourself.

I wish FIU would change to Nike.

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