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FIU-WKU, live blog

Join tonight's live blog starting a few minutes before tip-off from U.S. Century Bank Arena on the campus of Florida International University. Fans are welcomed to talk about anything in the world of FIU sports, from hoops to recruiting.



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I'm very happy that Justin will be covering tonight's live blog and not Adam "Douchebag" Beasley

FIU needs to retire TY's jersey on senior day. Don't wait FIU. Show all these recruits how much FIU respects and appreciates program-changing talent. TY's done more for this program than anyone in our brief history of football. Anyone.

FIUer completely agree. FIU should do an event the entire day dedicating it to the seniors.

I don't think you should retire ANY players jersey before he ends his college career. FIU needs to Retire Barnes jersey before TY.. He is the FIRST NFL player that was drafted, and currently is having a pretty darn good NFL career. TY should be given a little something special during our final Home football game next year (he has earned that). FIU has over 8 months to come up with an idea.

BTW the Spring game should be amazing this year. They are thinking about doing it Friday Night (around 6pm). Its going to be under the lights, and players might be getting their CHAMPIONSHIP rings.. Don't be supprise to see 10K people show up.. For a Spring game I will take that..


Barnes was great but he's no TY. TY carries this team to victory, to a conference championship, to our first bowl win. He's our D Wade. Maybe it doesn't get retired while he's still here but he's hands down the best player in this programs history, no one should have their number retired before him.

And retiring a jersey should have nothing to do with whether someone was drafted to the NFL or plays well in the NFL, it's about what they've done on the field of play at FIU.

Antwan Barnes got traded for a 7th round pick this year and then was cut two weeks later.

We've never gotten 20,000 people to come watch a real game, no way we get 10,000 for a scrimmage!


I guess I will try to find answers for everyone..

1) I totally agree that TY is by far our best player in school history but that does NOT mean he gets his jersey retired before graduation.. I have NEVER heard of a team that would be stupid enough to do that. There is some AMAZING players that go through 2, 3, 4, even 10 years before they get their number retired. I hope FIU does not take that long to hang up # 4..

2) As for Barnes.. I understand that the important thing is what he did for FIU not the NFL, but being the FIRST player to be drafted (in any round, for the haters) is something pretty darn special. Since he still hold a couple Defensive Record even though he graduated over 3 years ago says something about the kind of player he was.

Please do NOT confuse my opinion about TY.. The kid is the BEST! I even bought a $45 (TY jersey at the book store).. but that does NOT give him the opportunity to retire his jersey 9 months before his final FIU game.. As a former athlete I would not want my jersey to be retired 3/4 into my career.. What is that!?!?!?!


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