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Former FIU player Asprilla leaves KSU; No news on Phil Taylor

I found this searching on the internet, thought it would be of interest.

Sometime this weekend, former FIU basketball player Freddy Asprilla informed Kansas State University that he would be leaving the team. According to the Manhattan Mercury, Asprilla decided to end his college basketball career and play pro in his native Colombia. The Mercury quotes one of Arpilla's former coaches Art Alvarez saying "Freddy Aspilla is turning pro to help his very ill mother."  Full story here.

Phil Taylor

From FIU: There is no new news on Phil Taylor.

Basketball tomorrow

I'm planning on talking to coach Thomas after practice tomorrow. Check back for a basketball report.



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I was really starting to become sick of all the bashers that come on here and give you two a hard time but you guys do it to yourselves. This was posted on FIUGoldenPanthers.com a couple of days ago. 'Searching the internet' apparently means trolling the boards at FIUGP.

The recruiting blog was fantastic. Definitely a step forward but this is two steps back. Put some freaking effort into this blog and maybe the first three comments on everything you post won't be ripping you a new one.

I actually found that on the Herald sports wire, not fiugoldenpanthers.com.

How about something on how Phil Taylor has passed his ACT and may already be enrolled at FIU? Call the school and ask. Call his Prep School coach and ask. DO SOMETHING!!!!

LOL These guys are horrible. Look at Manny Navarro he actually gets the scoop on the team he follows, I wish these two were half as good as one man Navarro is. I don't even see them at the basketball games.

Navarro in one day covers more than you two combine do in an entire week!

Pike Danny,

Check zagsblog, Adam Zagoria was the one who had the story up a few days ago. Apparently he said Taylor was on his way to FIU.

"I actually found that on the Herald sports wire, not fiugoldenpanthers.com.

Posted by: Justin Azpiazu | January 17, 2011 at 03:46 PM"

Well Justin I think you need to visit fiugoldenpanthers.com, the snail mail that is the "Herald sports wire" not helping you much.

Lmao this is some funny stuff.

Justin, this just in from fiugoldenpanthers.com sports wire: Phil Taylor is on his way to FIU. Per his tweet (philbeenfly): Omw to the Airport. From Nyc to the MIA. My new home. Time to get this Mooga! Aint no turning back now. I'm n it till its over! *T.G.O.D.* about 4 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

This is hilariously bad.

As Homer would say "It's funny because it's true".

this blog is a train wreck. pelegrn would have had this updated info last month. maybe navarro should take over the fiu beat at the herald. oh, no wait, his heart's in texas.....LMAO

Editing Homer's quote:

"We bash you because its true!"

You haven't figured it out. We can't talk to the players, we can't talk to the coaches, we can't call their schools or contact the recruits...

But, we can search rivals & scout & espn, do online research, follow twitter, etc... SO, what you are saying, is that you are as good and in many cases much worse than the "good" people at http://www.fiugoldenpanthers.com.

One of the few (and I mean handful) stories you got before those "good" people was the Garrett rape accusation AND YOU STILL SCREWED (no pun intended!) that story up. And it's pretty evident now that you got that story out as a result of the other 3 contributing writers on the original story. Which BTW were the only guys man enough to revise the article with further information such as the video evidence, the girls behavior prior to the encounter...etc. BY THEN the damage was done and you had no further interest!!!

You guys need to relax. I don't understand why you all come on here everyday and read their stuff and then complain that it's bad. If you dont like what you read then dont read it. I go on many different sites looking for news on my panthers and i must say that I'm very happy with the coverage we're getting from the herald (unlike before) we're actually getting some coverage now. Keep it up Justin & Mr. Beasley.

CivilEng' it comes down to real fans having to get their info from undergrads as far as this paper is concerned.

It's a joke that every story on this blog has been covered for days over on the message board. Why are we breaking thier news? It's a joke.

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